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14. Randall Friend – Challenging Assumptions *****

Posted on 08.31.08 1:46PM under Podcast, Randall Friend

Randall Friend is “Challenging Assumptions” in this Urban Guru Cafe interview. Our assumptions are based on beliefs.

The voice and music of George Harrison at the head of the program. Other musicians appearing, the Beatles, Arabesque and Carlos Nunez.

Randalls website is located at You Are Dreaming

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  1. Posted by Bob Seal on 08.31.08 5:35 pm

    Beautifully expressed, Randall.

    There’s nothing left to say.


  2. Posted by Sergio on 08.31.08 6:37 pm


  3. Posted by Mike in SF on 09.01.08 6:21 am

    That was awesome.

  4. Posted by David on 09.04.08 4:03 pm

    The part about trying to separate a cubic centimeter of water out of the sea struck something. It’s like Ramesh says: “Consciousness is all there is.” Thoughts create distinctions. One could say that the mind makes distinctions but as Gilbert has said (paraphrasing the message): “There is no such thing as mind, can anyone show me a mind?” U.G. Krishnamurti said the same thing, there is no such thing as mind. So, thoughts about the appearance create distinction/duality, but these thoughts don’t come from the so-called entity nor belong to a so-called entity so thoughts must come from somewhere (certainly not a doer, creating thoughts) and Ramesh says that somewhere is God. God sends an input to the body-mind organism and it reacts to that input according to it’s programming. No doer. The ‘mind’ which I guess could be called strung-together-thoughts-to-create-continuity, comes in a nanosecond later to interpret, claim ownership of the action, etc.

    The intro with George Harrison speaking struck something too. The whole script has been written, stamped at the moment of conception, the movie is playing; you are the Screen, not affected by the drama that appears in the screen. Relax in Being. Thanks Randall and Gilbert, Areti and all who seemingly make the appearance of this site and the direct pointing in it possible.

  5. Posted by audrey on 09.04.08 6:27 pm

    something David said – ‘thoughts about the appearance create distinction’. ‘Aboutness’ always intriqued me, that small step into ownership keeps the engine running, fuelling a little seminar for one – or – there’s a charge, felt in the nervous system, which when looked at reveals a hidden agenda, a want, a position to defend. But its only ever a small step (and of course its not even that), the nano second its seen its over, gone, right there. Seen by who? I can only ever have ideas about that, and there’s the relief.As Randall said in some previous podcast, ‘anything we say/think is automatically false’.

  6. Posted by gilbert on 09.04.08 6:31 pm

    Yeah, The word seemingly divides THAT which cannot be divided.
    The words ‘Ramesh’ and ‘God’ (he mentions God a lot – maybe they are partners in crime?) it is, of course, all in appearance, all in duality – including humor.
    THAT which KNOWS is beyond definition or words – it is Non Dual.
    It is THAT – it is Non-Duality.
    In finding ‘your way’ to THAT – ‘you’ disappear – BUT the KNOWING remains.
    That revelation is the ‘Decisive Experiencing’ that demolishes the concept of separation.
    No one can give it to you – no guru, no darshan or shaktipat can ‘do it’ for you.
    You ARE THAT but this must be pure knowing, not a conceptual belief.
    The ‘proof’ of it all is the clear and obvious dissolution of all doubts.
    That cannot be contrived.
    P.S. The irony of it all is that most gurus emphasize their unique individuality and wallow in their special-ness. It smells so much of ego, it is surprising that so many fall for it. That display appeals to the spiritual ego only and the illusion of separation is energized over and over.
    But that is all in the appearance of ‘things’. As the ancient Chinese saying says: “Water finds its own level”. – There is only One ‘Ocean’.

  7. Posted by tomasz on 09.04.08 8:59 pm

    Hi Audrey.
    Can say something more about that?

  8. Posted by Pendragon on 09.04.08 10:39 pm

    The call is made, the last divider,
    twixt Truth on sleeve or shifty hider~

    What Is, behind, within, prior to, dormant, exquisitely alive, decaying, coming from Now-here, enlivened in, destroyed by…… alpha and omega…. Just This~!
    Bla Bla Bla bla, words, conjecture, praise, criticism…………………Just THIS~!

    Randall, you are Not understood, only witnessed, and you do That so well~
    And as My Papa used to say… A Well is a deep subject, Mark~~lol
    Thank you,

  9. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 09.05.08 4:14 am

    Just keep coming back to that Awareness. That Knowing that You Are. How are you ever going to find yourself in these pieces and scraps of information? What if there were a showdown among the top ten greatest gurus alive and you had a private audience and all they did for 12hours straight was to provide the best pointers to you over and over–what would all the talk be registering on–would what they were saying even matter or change you in the slightest (no, it wouldn’t) What would the so-called resonating from their pointing be appearing on? You don’t have to do anything to be that Presence. And nothing, yes I said nothing, you can learn and nothing you can do will ever change what you are or improve what you are or detract from what you are. That same knowing is always there; the unchanging factor. Not owned by a person. Anything “you do” or “achieve” will only ever seemingly appear on That. Can’t you see you’re just wasting your time looking for something? That something that you could find may seemingly provide a temporary boost or kick, but what would it all be appearing on? It could only ever appear on That. See this and the seeking ends.

  10. Posted by Ralph on 09.05.08 7:27 am

    This is for the seekers out there who claim that they are Awake but secretly still suffer and are in denial or do admit their suffering and are looking for a way out.

    ‘Conditioning’ is a process that took place in ‘time’ and ‘unconditioning’ will also be a process that takes place in ‘time’ but who we truly are is ‘outside time’. Paradox? yes.

    Don’t fool yourself (yes, Gilbert I said it again) that awakening will undo this conditioning once and for all in a split second. You may have glimpses of awakening but there is work to be done to see that the repressed thoughts are still there and show up from time to time and do have a hold on you. Be brutally honest with yourself and face these uncomfortable thoughts when they arise and believe me they will arise and see them for what they truly are ‘just believed thoughts’ but until you do this they will continue to have a hold on you and seen as real. There is no way out.
    So my message here is be fucking honest and truthful with yourself, there are no shortcuts. Your fears are controlling your so called life. Investigate and face these ugly thoughts when they arise because this is who you still believe you are.

    Okay Gilbert, fire away ! I think I gave you enough ammunition to destroy what I just said but somehow I know what your going to say, more nonduality jargon which I cannot disagree with but unforunately does not deal with the so called suffering that is still there with most of us and probably yourself included.

    ‘Earnestness’ is the way, baby !

  11. Posted by gilbert on 09.05.08 8:01 am

    Sorry Baby, I am out of ammo – wasted it before on the straw dummies. (Dare everywhere, dare everywhere) Anyway, it is clear what you say. Anything that rousts out the belief in a ‘me’ is totally valid. Whatever the catalyst is, as long as it works. ‘Self calming’ is the one to roust out and vapourize. Self-delusion. Anyway – ‘Looks like’ my rousting of ‘you’ stirred away some froth on top. Good to see some comments flowing.

  12. Posted by Armando on 09.05.08 8:32 am

    I’m curious how much time Randall has spent with Sailor Bob — this sorta sounds like neo-Auzvaita. Were there any visits to Melbourne, or perhaps phone consultations?

    Who knows, maybe it was Gilbert who popped Randall’s coconut…?

  13. Posted by tomasz on 09.05.08 8:40 am

    ‘Uncomfortbale thoughts” ; that”‘s the ‘aboutness’ again.
    Can thoughts be uncomfortable?
    But sometimes you see/hear/feel something and then : ahhhhhh …. pain.
    It’s fast as lightning. Then you suffer. Suffering is already there, unbidden.
    No time to process, to have a neat stratagem; You suffer.
    But, but, but, …
    You suffer.
    that simple.

  14. Posted by tomvds on 09.05.08 10:24 am

    Thanks for the unrelenting pointing G. Your posts are very much appreciated. I ‘re-cognise’ that what you say is truly uncompromising. And that’s the hallmark of the non-dual truth.

    “Sei guter Dinge, der Stein im Sumpf macht keine Ringe.” as Shopenhauer used to say.

    9. Jesus said, “Look, the sower went out, took a handful (of seeds), and scattered (them). Some fell on the road, and the birds came and gathered them. Others fell on rock, and they didn’t take root in the soil and didn’t produce heads of grain. Others fell on thorns, and they choked the seeds and worms ate them. And others fell on good soil, and it produced a good crop: it yielded sixty per measure and one hundred twenty per measure.”

    Strange remark maybe but a few days ago I saw a movie whereby a chariot was cut off from the horse. And instantaniously I thought about what you communicate :-) (sorry, strange mind appearing)
    You just cut the whole idea of attainment and time and methods … in one word ‘ego’ … in one swift blow off. Like Bob says; start from the idea that you already are that. Or Ramana who says that all ‘how’s’ imply the limitation that you want to get rid off. The way you communicate that, and stand firmly as That, just bypasses all that endless stuff, cuts of that chariot wich represents the accumulation of the past wich is the assumed driver. Maybe this is appropriate:

    I will cut off the chariot from Ephraim, and the horse from Jerusalem, I will cut off the battle bow; and He shall speak peace unto the nations (Zech. 9:10).

    In fact there never was a chariot, just a horse dreaming of one … and not even that.
    Anyway, just some words (That) appearing on That.

    warm regards,

  15. Posted by No-Thing on 09.05.08 11:30 am

    As soon as the mouth opens, the Gates of Hell are exposed,
    Knowledge gained within a dream is still a dream.

    Describing the taste of water retrieved from a mirage,
    can our thirsts ever be quenched?

    Randal cuts off his own tongue,
    and shows us his heart

    Gilbert slices our hands off,
    and then offers us tea

    With what will you hold the cup?

  16. Posted by gilbert on 09.05.08 8:31 pm

    The ‘being’ that I am (that each of us is) is nourished by the pure functioning of ALL the senses – the ‘me’ (the ego) cannot drink of the ‘living waters’ because it has no mouth or stomach. It is all ‘image’ made of erroneous beliefs, it has NO being at all. Intuition is in being not the ego. What is referred to as ‘inner wisdom’ is intuition but we ignore it mostly and listen to the overbearing ‘me’ habit – self-centered activity. The seed of potentiality is not for any ego. For the ego bound mind, these words will only be mumbo jumbo.
    The germination of ‘the seed’ is the subtle living presence that you are, it is the all inclusive expression of this ‘immediate body’ (the universe) and it exists only in THIS instant. All the rest is conceptual, including the ‘past’ ‘present’ and ‘future’.
    This is why it is often said about ‘realization’ – that ‘it feels like coming home’. The resonance felt in hearing the ‘message’ is the sprouting of pure being and inevitably in such moments the ‘mind content’ has taken a backseat. A balance has re-emerged.
    The center of gravity has shifted away from belief in thought – as pure being-ness shines.
    Difficult to describe and so easily misunderstood – yet some hear the message however jumbled up it may appear to be. – What you seek – you ALREADY ARE.

    In reply to other comments: Heaven and Hell are the dualistic poles, the last outposts, of the mind – both are unreal. They both appear in non dual awareness. – Gilbert cuts of your hands? What a load of poetic nonsense. There is no spoon or cup. No tea – only coke a cola, sorry. The yanks flooded the place with it and big macs, little macs and in between macs. Randall’s coconut is too thick. Had to drill with heavy duty diamond tipped bit. Ha.
    All stories are time. This instant is indescribable and no word can be uttered of it. Like invisible ink only reveals itself in certain conditions – wisdom (its essence is pure knowing) is only recognized when viewed without a ‘viewer’.

  17. Posted by audrey on 09.05.08 11:06 pm

    Someone, I think it was Ralph said, ‘be fucking honest’. For years I was ruthlessly fucking honest (or so I thought) and all it brought, at best, was psychological sophistocation. Unexpectedly, tone matters..’childlike’ was heard, honest was seen to equal unbiased, innocent, innocent to me implies no answer required, nothing expected. What is going on is going on regardless, how astonishing. Its not a matter of acquiring the right tone, I just know when its off.
    ‘Being is nourished’.. I never thought I’d hear you say that Gilbert. Full, eased, its what is sought, no? the me thinks it can help provide and is reluctant to give up trying.
    If you’ve had alot invested in being right or if you’ve been a lazy so-and-so all your life, an earnest tone might be the key. If you’ve had the bejeezus scared out of you it might not.
    One thing I know for sure is, That is unbiased, no commentary or point of view on whats arising appears to help, like meets like. Gilbert, might that be a condition for revelation?

  18. Posted by gilbert on 09.06.08 12:09 am

    The revelation is wordless understanding – it is ‘no mind’. The habit is to ‘go with’ what the mind translates this empty mind into. We name ‘things’ and believe that that is knowledge. It is not knowledge at all – it is labels and words. You cannot drink the word ‘water’. Being-ness is nourished by oxygen, water, food, sex and sound, impressions.
    It is just a way of expressing something – to bring the mind back to the pure functioning of all the senses. You cannot divide the seeing from the hearing or touch, smell etc.
    Why not? In attempting to find a place of division for these different ‘senses’ one may realize that the space in which these pure functions are ‘happening’ is undivided. Seeing that there is no center to it, no ‘I’ or ‘me’ sitting smack in the middle – that perception is uniquely informative. The ‘me’ always ‘thinks’ that it can offer something of value.
    But Nothing can be added nor taken away from ‘what is’. The ancients call it ‘space-like awareness’. It is a very good ‘pointer’. Awareness is like space. Space has no boundary or center. It cannot be measured. The measuring stick is an appearance in space. Any chosen datum starting point is an appearance in space. “Give me a fulcrum point and a lever long enough and I will move the whole world (universe)” – quote from some ‘smart dude’ from ancient times. Where will I move the universe to? Mmm. Good question.
    Endless words cannot reveal the ‘space of knowing’ in which they and everything else appears. It seems odd to me that it does not matter how patiently it is explained, almost everyone misses it – and almost instantly ‘they’ jump back into believing what the mind is translating the pure immediate experiencing into -(into labels and words etc). As Bob so simply says: “The word is not the real”. Or “The answer is NOT in the mind”. Belief in being a ‘person’ is the core issue, the one that hooks us back into the whole realm of belief – and we miss the subtleness of ‘space-like awareness’. That is the true nourishment – it fills one with awe and wonder – wordlessly. It is what is being pointed at that is ‘important’ not the words or the one saying them. The messenger is just a ‘telegram boy’ – he is not one to be turned into a God of worshipped. Idolatry is a huge obstacle – the idolatry of ‘ME’ is the main culprit. Enough words.

  19. Posted by Kirk on 09.06.08 12:25 am

    This mouse is finally finished bangin’ his head. Thanks Randall.


  20. Posted by tomvds on 09.06.08 1:14 am

    19. Jesus said, “Congratulations to the one who came into being before coming into being.

    If you become my disciples and pay attention to my sayings, these stones will serve you.

    For there are five trees in Paradise for you; they do not change, summer or winter, and their leaves do not fall. Whoever knows them will not taste death.”

    PS: five trees = the senses

  21. Posted by Mark on 09.06.08 1:48 am

    “The messenger is just a ‘telegram boy’ – he is not one to be turned into a God of worshipped. Idolatry is a huge obstacle ”

    That is absolutely true, but mere mortals like myself can be benefitted by this ‘idolatry’ as long as we are not pure enough.
    Personally I have found doing prostrations before your picture to be very helpfull and gives momentary glimpses of the Absolute of wich you speak. Experiencing this on a continual basis would be dangerous so that’s why this indirect way of worshipping is to be preferred.

  22. Posted by gilbert on 09.06.08 11:44 am

    With the words ‘mere mortals like myself’ you bind that clear and empty nature of pure knowing into a fraudulent contract. You must dismember all those binding words yourself – break them down into nothing. And watch out when prostrating, because if I catch you, you will get a good kick up the Kyber. They say the complete devotion works – in the moment that the idol and the devotee are recognized as ‘appearances’ – recognized from beyond all phenomena – by that which IS. There is no benefit for mere mortals except the removal of fear – and fear is of some ‘thing’ in the future – a dream of non-existence – a theory. Being and non being are ONE and the same. One does not fear the other – being does not fear non being. The form knows nothing – it is an appearance. You are the seeing – not the seer nor the seen. Whatever you can see is not what you are. Go that way and investigate.

  23. Posted by Carmine on 09.06.08 6:49 pm

    But what if you guys are full of hogwash?

  24. Posted by Mark on 09.06.08 9:41 pm

    If you look at nature all bodies fear non-being, it’s ingrained ; the fight or flight, even miniscule organisms know it.
    Being, I AM, … equals the love to be. At wich ‘point’ does it turn-around and becomes it opposite?

  25. Posted by tomvds on 09.07.08 12:58 am

    “But what if you guys are full of hogwash?”

    It’s all Hogwash if you’re looking for knowledge, something to gain, if you’re looking at the content. It’s just fingers pointing at the moon. If Hogwash is appearing then
    “it is an appearance. You are the seeing – not the seer nor the seen. Whatever you can see is not what you are. Go that way and investigate.”
    “Where are you truly seeing from” It’s not something you have to believe in.

  26. Posted by gilbert on 09.07.08 6:32 pm

    Correct: It is not about belief. It is not about believing what anyone says.
    It is about recognizing what I am.
    It is about that which cannot be denied – THIS KNOWING – totally beyond the forms that appear in it (the knower and the known). All the drama is about differentiations in belief and apparent (usually dubious) ‘self-knowledge’.
    The accumulated self-knowledge is usually belief only.
    The essential nature of Self-Knowledge is really self-knowing – ALWAYS this immediacy.
    It does not stand upon words or experiences (all of the past). It IS PRESENCE – irrefutable knowing – neither positive or negative – it is totally reconciling of all the opposites – all inclusive without an once of dependence. Totally independent of circumstances and forms.
    (It has been called) Self-shining presence awareness – just this and nothing else.
    Reality is self-evident – yet it is ignored in favor of stories – time bound notions all revolving around a central character ‘me’. The joys of life flow with great ease without that ‘stick in the mud’ ‘ME’. Oddly enough it is so easily seen through – it is actually transparent – yet see how much angst gets thrown about all over its apparent substance. Can you find it?
    If it is real, then surely you can find the critter. In looking for it, the revelation dawns that it does not actually exist. But the SEEING is happening – formless and alive. Could that be what you are?

  27. Posted by Randall Friend on 09.08.08 5:23 am

    If we don’t use any words or thoughts. If we don’t use any beliefs or concepts. If we simply rest in what IS right now, without describing or labeling, without judging or conceptualizing.

    Pure observing without thought.

    Can you notice this non-conceptual presence? Don’t the sounds and the appearances and the sensations and smells and ALL perceptions appear immediately, instantaneously, effortlessly, as a totality, as a solid block of NOW?

    If we go into the idea of time and space, we can imagine a ME and a WORLD, existing yesterday and tomorrow, existing independently, having it’s own essence.

    But what is the essence of NOW? Isn’t it ALL of it? Right NOW? Isn’t THAT this immediate and effortless knowing presence, in which all these perceptions come and go?

    Isn’t that very “body” and those “thoughts” simply a flow of perceptions coming and going, which have been conceptualized/labeled as “my body”, “my thoughts”? Hasn’t concept created the idea of the form and existence of these appearances of perceptions?

    Can you be simple enough, honest enough, to notice this? Can you set aside these mental constructions long enough to just sit still in silence and non-judgement to notice this?

    Just notice. Just BE. No need to be “something”. Just BE. Just rest in THIS, this moment, this presence. No need to figure anything out. No need to attain or accumulate. Nothing to get or lose. Nothing to change. Nothing to find.

    Just BE what you are – this wordless, choiceless, timeless being/awareness – the appearance, whatever it is, comes and goes in this presence that you already ARE, that you don’t need to figure out, that you can’t escape.


  28. Posted by MARGO on 09.08.08 10:13 am

    I have listen to Randall’s podcast many times, read his blog, read Gilbert’s writings, and listen to other non-duality talks. At times it seems like I am getting it-the meaning of there is no “me” (no separate person), there is no world out there, only PRESENT AWARENESS. But then I try to explain back to my self what I understand and again I am lost-nothing makes sense and fit together, just many words-I drown in those words and explanations. Is this world that I see out there as it appears ,or in the back of my brain? Why do I feel like I am inside this body if I am not? Randall explains that there is no “me ” listening to the bird, but just experience happening-no me and no bird-just listening. How do I apply this in every day life? – how does this knowing change anything.
    If there is no separate “me” and separate “money”, but just ONE awareness that is experiencing all – then what does this mean?

  29. Posted by gilbert on 09.08.08 6:20 pm

    All the mind does is translate experiencing into words, concepts and ideas. Do not try to explain it to yourself – that is all based on the past, words and labels learned. Who is explaining what to whom? Randall will probably give a reply here about the points he has made. I would just clearly state that if you go back into that place where SEEING is happening, it will be obvious that it is clear and empty. Keep looking until it is clear and empty. Stay with that clear open space for as long as you can. It will be revealed that EVERYTHING – Absolutely everything is appearing – is an appearance – in THAT. Once tasted clearly, one cannot forget this direct and immediate experiencing – in other words, it will not leave you – even though it may appear to leave, because of habitual belief returning. However, once seen clearly, you can never believe in the old ideas and points of view again. No one can convince you of this – it must be direct and immediate experiencing – AS IT truly IS – right now. It is not a concept. It can never be a concept and yet all concepts appear and disappear in it.

  30. Posted by Sergio on 09.08.08 10:30 pm


  31. Posted by gilbert on 09.08.08 11:12 pm

    There is no duality in Non Duality. ONE without a second.
    From my website note from today: Enlightenment is never a personal achievement – it is the very nature of All Existence – without a single exception. – It is ALL Inclusive – It is ALL Light. – Ever fresh – and it never compounds into anything that is separate from itself.
    It is ALL THAT – Just AS IT IS. http://www.shiningthroughthemind.net

  32. Posted by MARGO on 09.09.08 1:56 am

    Gilbert-thanks for your pointer. You say; “go back to the place where SEEING is happening. It will be obvious that it is clear and empty,and absolutely everything is an appearance in THAT”. Does that mean that EXPERIENCING-SEEING happens before the eyes see anything ,before the mind translates this SEEING into picture-appearance?That would mean that the appearance of the “person” is a chain reaction in appearances , and it can not be change or corrected.Who chooses the initial SEEING ?Is it Awareness? or is it all just happening and we ( body-people ) are here just for the ride? The world and the body is a result of the initial SEEING–EXPERIENCING of CONSCIOUSNESS?

  33. Posted by gilbert on 09.09.08 7:44 am

    All these answers are just appearances. The eyes themselves, the instruments of seeing are also appearances in SEEING. All I am doing is pointing. Whatever the mind comes up with is not it. What is being pointed at is ‘prior’ to everything…everything is transient and THAT, the ‘container’ of every appearance, is timeless.. AND yet there is no time…..time is an appearance in the timeless. One may be filled with a sense of wonder, once the mind reaches its own state of poverty regarding this ‘matter’.
    Words fail….but they do or can point beyond themselves. One could say that the most profound pointer is “where are you seeing from?” The ‘true answer’ is SEEING itself – it can never be a mere appearance in the mind, a concept, word or idea – because they are all transient appearances, appearing in SEEING. Basically you cannot negate the SEEING – the KNOWING.

  34. Posted by Ralph on 09.09.08 9:22 am


    ” time is an appearance in the timeless ”

    and in time is where appearances arise
    and in time is where habitual beliefs are formed in
    and in time is where the process of conditioning takes place
    and in time is where the process of unconditoning will take place
    and in time is where one discovers their true nature
    and in time is where the pointers point
    and in time is where all the doing and undoing will take place
    and in time etc.. etc… etc…

    …. and yet there is no time ….. its just an appearance

  35. Posted by Ralph on 09.09.08 10:21 am

    Gilbert, I just read your latest post you posted on your website
    titled: The Immediate nature of Presence and I must say that
    I recognized my true nature in those words .
    It sure resonated and hit home.

    Thank you.

  36. Posted by gilbert on 09.09.08 6:18 pm

    Believing that I am these things that appear in ‘time’ the true essence of what I am is missed (or it appears that way). Not missed by any entity because there is no entity and never was. The recognition that I am nothing that is appearing leaves me with no thing.
    Yet this no thing has the infinitely subtle capacity (nature) of KNOWING. This mystery can never be solved by the mind. It resolves itself within the SEEING, within the recognition as this recognition (revelation) dissolves into pure cognition (knowing). No one can convince you of this. This direct and immediate experiencing remains – no matter what appears or disappears – THIS is the case right NOW as it always IS.
    Knowing is the unquestionable factor that rests totally undisturbed, beyond all conditions.
    Belief is not knowing – belief is something held onto (by an imagined entity) even when the clear evidence is overwhelmingly obvious that it is merely a belief and nothing more. The apparent ‘entity’ depends on the belief remaining undisturbed – this is why so many get pissed off by the ‘truth’.
    What you are is not an entity. What you are is that ‘cognizing factor’. Naming it is inconsequential. Knowing it is this un-mediated knowing itself.
    Total confidence in KNOWING is because it is not belief – it is Knowing. This knowing does not need to assert itself as being a guru or teacher – it is simply knowing – formless knowing – timelessly beyond all conditions.
    Do you see why the conditions placed upon ‘seekers’ are totally unnecessary? – can you see why years of practice are unnecessary? The direct introduction to your own true nature is immediate and in the recognition of it, it is immediately fulfilled.
    The bonded seekers have been tricked by those who do not know – yet they pretend to know. Isn’t that what we have all done to ourselves? We have taken knowledge to be knowing and we have bound ourselves in concepts – completely unnecessarily so – yet this must be pointed out for us – and it must be recognized. Infinite patience and compassion arises spontaneously as the ‘pointing’ and it does not require any payback or fees to be paid. ‘Please send your checks to…..’ Just kidding. – Warm regards – Gilbert (of) http://www.shiningthroughthemind.net

  37. Posted by Ralph on 09.09.08 9:07 pm

    How can I send a check to someone who claims he does not exist :)

    Years of practice is not necessary and yet years of practice is what appears to be necessary to awake from the dream of separation.
    Have you not spent many years to see that who you truly are is ‘outside time’ ?

    …… and yet ‘time’ is just an appearance …. paradox indeed.

  38. Posted by gilbert on 09.09.08 9:55 pm

    It ‘appears’ to be so – yet the SEEING has always been here – it is undeviating – so the ‘years of trying’ did nothing at all, except keep the mind busy with stuff. The SEEING that is clear now, was actually ‘always’ clear. The ‘trying to see’ did nothing at all. The preconceived ideas about HOW this ‘present moment’ should appear to be – that is the obscuration. Simply dropping all concept – SEEING clearly and presently is obvious. Yet see how difficult the mind makes it – it re-creates endless problems. The only way out of the mind is full stop. Well, talking about it endlessly does not help. Goodnight.

  39. Posted by susana on 09.11.08 2:49 am

    Gilbert, thanking you for appearing and for this platform. Amazing presentation and that bird song at the end – shew.

    And thank you for linking to Randall who arises.
    For example walking down the road, I smell the jasmine, and in a split second there is identification with me and the flower, and wanting to pick the flower etc.
    And then there is just a reminder of seeing, of hearing, of their being no subject and object.
    With that comes an ease of being.
    All happening in this.
    And thanks to Ramesh who keeps whispering in my ear, in that most beautiful voice,
    All there is consciousness, consciousness is all there is.


  40. Posted by gilbert on 09.11.08 7:47 am

    Yes, the remembering and the forgetting are just appearances. They will fade away leaving KNOWING – all there is is knowing.
    Don’t make the messenger into an idol whispering in your ear though. It will become a habit and the image will be a requirement for remembering and forgetting will be the dual nature of consciousness – drop the images and SEE without conditions and preconceived ideas and heroes. Devotees are devotees and devotion is dualistic by its nature. SEEING is non dual – KNOWING is non dual. The guru is an appearance only. Just a few suggestions here. No offense intended. Birds are the alarm clocks in nature.

  41. Posted by Ralph on 09.11.08 10:48 am

    Okay, end of game. Full stop. All there is is ‘Just seeng’ and ‘just knowing’.
    But really, is it game over or just a glimpse of one’s true nature. Isn’t the answer yes and no.
    Yes….. it is all just appearances and’ time’ is also just an appearance
    No…… the illusion of ‘time’ and ‘separation’ and ‘beliefs’ is what still holds many hostage.

    What I see is that there are many seekers who get a glimpse of this and then quickly claim that ‘their search is over’. Bullshit.

    Are you true to yourself when you say that your search and suffering is over but overlook the fact that your conditioned past and habitual beliefs accumulated in ‘time’ may still have a hold on you ? Only a true ‘earnest’ reply will answer that .

    Words will fail but is it not an ‘ongoing process’ and investigation or enquiry is necessary when beliefs are still there that control and direct you in how you live your so called life. In other words to undo these beliefs.

    Even though ‘time’ is just an appearance, is it not so that our so called life is lived in this ‘appearance’ we call ‘time’.

    In conclusion, its all just appearances but beliefs is what holds it together.

  42. Posted by Bob Seal on 09.11.08 4:25 pm

    I was just watching Conscious TV, YouTube interviews with Jeff Foster.
    Thought I’d pass it on.

    Very clear expression happening there too.


  43. Posted by Ralph on 09.11.08 5:06 pm

    You know what, I am just totally ‘exhausted’ with all this ‘endless’ mind stuff.
    There is such freedom and peace when all of this is just dropped. This is where I wish to stay (in the present moment instead of lost in thoughts).

    Why complicate the simplicity of what is. I am done. Thanks Gilbert with your great pointers. You sure can see the bulshit when it arises. Well done.

    Full stop .

  44. Posted by gilbert on 09.11.08 6:07 pm

    One WITHOUT a second.
    What is that ONE? It is this presence that you ARE. What you are – what you truly are cannot not be THAT.
    Everything (the multiplicity) is an appearance in THAT.
    Whether ‘you’ know this or not, it makes absolutely no difference.
    One WITHOUT a second is undifferentiated PRESENCE. It NEVER divides into TWO.
    All the stories about getting it and losing it are just reference points appearing in what we call ‘the mind’. There is no separation – there is no one that is separate. It is ALL THAT. I call it THE FIRST INSTANT (the only instant) This timeless presence. It is totally empty and full – it is the absolute potentiality which is un-manifested – clear and empty – yet it is full of all possibilities – all in the APPEARANCE – they are all only appearances in emptiness.
    ‘Who’ can argue with that? Can an appearance argue with emptiness? For what purpose?
    To gain what? Security for its own insubstantial nature? Yes, relax and be. There never was a problem.
    If (what you call) ‘time’ collapsed – where would that leave you? Right here, right now. What time is there if you do not think about time? What past is there if you do not think about it? What future is there if you do not think about it? Is your whole world composed of thoughts? Without a subject and an object, can you divide this presence into two? With what do you make the division? A thought? How can a thought divide anything? The brain may have two hemispheres – does awareness have two sides? Is awareness localized anywhere? Can you find a point where it is located? Where are you SEEING from? Mental gymnastics in emptiness is ‘a private one man circus show’ all apparently going on inside the brain. ‘Who’ or what is the witness of it all? What substance does this witness have? If it is what you are, surely you must know what it is. The symbol for infinity is a clue. The ‘crossing point’ is an illusion – it is not a ‘point’ in space. Awareness is infinite – all inclusive. Decades of our measly contemplations and conclusions may fill the City Library with 500 thousand books, containing billions of sentences and trillions of letters and spaces, full stops and indentations. It all appears in something totally indescribable – AWARENESS. AND – That is what you are. It is ALL contained in what you are. We take on a limited view and wrestle with biased points of view – for what purpose? To prove what? – to whom? You cannot negate this existence that you are. It already IS, just as it is.
    One WHOLE – perfect as it is. Relax and BE what you ARE. Everything reveals itself ever so naturally once you give up trying to work it all out with the mind. A ‘person’ is a petty non event with no horizons – completely limited to being nothing but a belief, a thought. Awareness is ALL inclusive.
    What you seek – you already are.

  45. Posted by MARGO on 09.12.08 1:44 am

    For the first time after reading those comments and other non-duality postings I was able to make a distinction between three different things happening all at once. Life living ITSELF (physical reality ), Awareness being aware-SEEING , and the mind running its own show (the interpretation of it) .Being able to see the mind’s commentary ( interpretation) of what is seen as NOT REAL is an awakening itself.This fictional character to which the mind attaches the explanation to, this “me” to who all this is happening,does not exists and jet it tries to make decisions and run this life.The initial understanding was BIG,but now few months later the feeling comes “and so what” I still have to go to work,make money,take care of this body,deal with situations.I may not suffer as much,because I don’t dwell on the “problem” obsessively as I used to,but still! I have always been puzzled by the saying ” accept what is-don’t resist”-the meaning of it escaped me.
    Today I read:
    You are NOT meant to surrender or accept “what’s happening”.
    All that surrendering and accepting means is to accept, surrender or BE THE SPACE IN WHICH EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING.
    “What’s happening” is simply an interpretation. When you are simply present, “what’s happening” disappears and there is simply “happening”. When you are present to yourself, the “happening” disappears and there is simply “is”.

    So my understanding is that before “problems” were happening to the fictional “me”-I took it personally,and now I am the space where the situation is arising.It is not about me, but I still have to take next step,I still have to go on with life and its daily “doings”.It is not personal but it still is. Could you please comment on this.

  46. Posted by tomvds on 09.12.08 7:22 am

    “three different things happening all at once. Life living ITSELF (physical reality ), Awareness being aware-SEEING , and the mind running its own show (the interpretation of it)”

    Could this (w’holy’ trinity) just simply be happening IN Life and Only in Life; Wich is not separable from the Knowing thereof?

    “It is not personal but it still is”

    What you call personal, isn’t it just only a thought appearing presently. No person appearing, just a thought as a fleeting transparent appearance? Thoughts like sandgrains passing through your fingers never having the chance to accumulate into an entity. Leaving you always empty-handed = potentiality for whatever arises?

  47. Posted by Preston on 09.12.08 7:55 am

    Borrowing heavily from John Wheeler…All you can know is what appears to you in immediate experience. Appearances (thoughts, feelings, perceptions, etc.,) have no separate independent existence apart from the awareness that cognizes them. How many thoughts, etc. can anyone have outside of awareness? Every appearance manifests from, exists upon/in and returns into awareness. Even time, space and seeming external objects are present experiences contained in your knowing presence. Can you say it has ever been otherwise? Nothing is separate or apart from this…ever…just presence awareness that you are. And you’re not doing any of it. It’s all arising spontaneously.

  48. Posted by gilbert on 09.12.08 8:00 am

    Margo here is my ‘Comment on your question:
    In brief it is this: One without a second.
    The multiplicity – all eons and all worlds are the nature of the appearance – which is endless change – not one fragment stands still and motionless – it is ALL appearances – a movement upon stillness. (You contain both – the resolution of movement is back into stillness)
    That which does not change is REALITY.
    The mind is attracted to the changing phenomena – the minds activity is that changing phenomena.
    Awareness is the changeless presence – KNOWING.
    Your true identity is THIS knowing. Realization is the resolution of apparent duality. There is NO duality in Non Duality.
    That is the absolute stability – no thing – it is THIS changeless EXPERIENCING – always RIGHT NOW.
    No entity HERE in this pure knowing.
    The mind could be said to be the erroneous identification with experiences, which forms into eddies and swirling patterns (more apparent entities) and they gather into clusters and the idea of ‘me’ is SEEMINGLY born in time and space.
    The MIND is endlessly in a state of ‘becoming’ – anticipation and expectation. Memory is its adviser. The mind never arrives at its imagined destination. NEVER. This is obvious in this immediate SEEING right now – as it always IS.
    The so-called past is dead and gone. The future is only ever a concept.
    The view is clear when mind is not.
    This IMMEDIATE living presence spans across all space and time – space and time are contained in THIS presence – it is ALL inclusive.
    Whatever the mind translates THIS into, is always secondary – when the mind comes close to pure cognition it vanishes leaving pure KNOWING.
    Find the first principle….find that which does not change. The ‘you’ cannot get there – and what you truly ARE is already ‘there’.
    Cognition – immediate un-mediated cognition. KNOWING is all that is happening. It is indescribable. All we can do is point to it.

  49. Posted by tomvds on 09.12.08 6:58 pm

    Jesus said, If they ask you, ‘What is the evidence of your Father in you?’ say to them, ‘It is motion (the personal) and rest.'”

    Podcast 10: G.: “The personal cannot be impersonal, the impersonal appears as the personal without changing in its essence.”

    “… before “problems” were happening to the fictional “me”-I took it personally”

    It’s not that ‘things aren’t happening to “me”.
    When you see that Me to be Everything.
    Take It completely,without a second,’personally’ then ‘things’ is just what’s happening to You as You.

  50. Posted by tomvds on 09.12.08 7:35 pm

    Hi Margo, maybe you like reading this from Annette Nibley?:


    In Lak’ech Ala K’in

    “In Mayan tradition, there is a greeting:”In Lak’ech Ala K’in”, which means I am another yourself (A modern day interpretation). It also means I am you, and you are me (A traditional Mayan interpretation). This Mayan greeting is an honoring for each other. It is a statement of unity and “In Lak’ech Ala K’in” mirrors the same sentiment of other beautiful greetings such as Namaste for East India”

  51. Posted by gilbert on 09.12.08 9:36 pm

    “It is not that things are not happening to me” says Tom.
    No….it is not clear pointing to say this. The habit of mind is to weave a new story that will preserve the old story in some form.
    Nothing is happening to anyone – that is duality. It is an idea.
    There is no duality in non duality.
    The unchanging factor is SEEING-KNOWING.
    Everything is contained in THAT.
    These words express something yet it remains inexpressible – and yet it is expressing ITSELF as EVERYTHING right NOW – as it always IS.
    The ‘form’ that takes a stand for or against anything is simply an appearance – no more than a broom leaning against a wall. It falls over – so what? It is ALL contained in the ONE. Just saying it is all One is meaningless. Where are you SEEING from?
    That is the ONLY ‘answer’ to this mystery – and no answer can be it.
    Find this motion and this rest (in yourself) – as the ‘pointer’ Jesus used says: “I and the Father are ONE”.
    ‘I’ and the Source of ‘I’ are ONE and the SAME – NO separation.
    It is extremely easy and natural to KNOW this (before a thought arises) – but it is not any of the thoughts that arise.
    In SEEING, in witnessing, the ‘life force’, you KNOW that you are actually ‘beyond it’ and yet you cannot separate ‘yourself’ from it – BECAUSE it is ONE.
    The Buddha is reported to have said that “Nirvana and Samsara (including Dukkha – ‘suffering’) are not two”.

  52. Posted by MARGO on 09.13.08 3:18 am

    Thank You all for your response.
    Although I had the initial understanding ( not the experience ) of no separate person-no “me”, I guess I am stuck on trying to make ” my life ” better despite the understanding. Thanks Tom for Annette Nibley’s site, it was helpful in making it clear what Randall said in his podcast – that awareness is not active, it is just witnessing, knowing, there is no doer here. Life is living itself without my help, I am only observing it without judgment or preferences.
    I see your pointing Gilbert, to this SEEING-KNOWING, unchanging container, this awareness that contains all.
    Not having the experience, I am afraid of letting go of the “illusory” control. I don’t want the” broom to fall down”. I cannot say that it does not matter that it falls down and I will just observe it. I guess my question would be how can I turn this understanding into EXPERIENCE and KNOWING.
    Yes, I know that there is nothing that I – the fictional character can do. Annette Nibley said to put the attention on attention itself, unfortunately as good as it sounds, it is as impossible as stopping my thoughts and sitting in silence so the mystery can reveal itself.
    Thank you Gilbert, your pointing is precise and clean without any unnecessary words to distract or confuse, yet it seems that I need some additional points here. – Thanks for all your writings.

  53. Posted by Randall Friend on 09.13.08 3:41 am


    You said “not having the experience, I am afraid of letting go…”

    You’re looking for an experience, an object, an appearance, some validating “thing”.

    Simply notice that EXPERIENCING is happening – SEEING/KNOWING is obvious, effortless, registering all ‘experiences’ and the idea of an ‘experienc-ER’.

    Direct “experience” is nothing but experiencing – the subject/object equation comes “after”, in conceptual thinking. And then those ‘thoughts’ also arise IN experiencing.

    The “activity of KNOWING” is what is being pointed to – NOT anything that appears IN the knowing. The simple FACT of being/knowing.

    So we look for an experience and miss the pure experiencing. We look for an object – and in that we assume the reality of a separate “subject”. This still stems from the “belief in” a SEER, a DOER – doing the SEEING. We look and miss the fact of SEE-ING – what you’re looking FOR is what is DOING the LOOKING.

    Yet it’s clear and obvious, with honesty, with a pure desire to recognize what we REALLY are without the conceptual attachments and overlays, it’s fully 100% present and NEVER something we GET or ATTAIN. It’s instantaneously and effortlessly, simply and obviously the LOOKING itself, the SEE-ING, the KNOW-ING.

    That is what we really mean when we say/think “I AM”. This presence of knowing.

  54. Posted by MARGO on 09.13.08 5:57 am

    Thank you for your response.
    What you are saying is that because I am looking for an experience (object) I am missing the experiencing itself and creating duality where there is none.
    So, this impersonal consciousness (that I am-ness) is experiencing this human being character, it is watching a movie called “Life of Margo”.
    Although the body -person is faced with many choices through the day, all of them are just an ILLUSION, it does not matter what decision I make and what steps I take – because I am not the doer. I am this SEEING presence ONLY ?

  55. Posted by Randall Friend on 09.13.08 6:58 am

    The “I am looking for an experience” is another thought-story about a “someone”, a thought-story arising in pure experiencing.

    That thought, along with all the others about “Margo”, is not what you are – you are not a “thought”. You are not the Mind. You are the SEEING of thoughts, thoughts about “Margo”, the KNOWING of the constant memory and imagination which is the very foundation of this “Margo”-story.

    Nothing is actually missed simply because all is clearly arising, can only be known BECAUSE OF, the ever-present SEEING/KNOWING. Only the thoughts ABOUT IT seem to “create the appearance” of a “Margo”.

    Thoughts create the “story of duality”, the “concept of subject/object” – yet thought can never actually separate, Nonduality is never broken up.

    The only way we know of a “Margo” or a “world” is through direct experiencing, the appearance of “chairs” and “trees” and “cats and dogs”, through the appearance of sensations we bundle up and CALL a “body”, through the appearance of sensations we CALL “thoughts”.

    These sensations are known, as one solid block or totality of PRESENT appearance, because of the presence of that pure experiencing, that non-conceptual seeing/knowing. And the “thought” which describes these sensations is itself another sensation. Yet we go in the direction of thought, holding on to the conceptual “descriptions” of these sensations, breaking up the totality into “this and that”, instead of simply recognizing that SEEING is happening, without which we would know nothing.

    You are only the SEEING, only pure experiencing – formless, without characteristic or attribute, without personality or individuality – and IN YOU, IN this aware-space – these appearances, these sensations, these thoughts about this or that, come and go.

    Simply BE the SEEING – there is nothing else to know, nothing else to learn, to understand, to find, to attain. There is literally NOTHING outside of THIS MOMENT, THIS immediacy… just THIS.

    No “Margo” to become anything, to make decisions, to take steps… “Margo” is a concept – yet you KNOW YOU ARE.

  56. Posted by David on 09.13.08 11:22 am

    Regarding the last sentence of Gilbert’s last post. I was just reading that quote by the Buddha in a book by Ramesh. Here it is:

    “The Buddha is supposed to have said:

    “Samsara is dukkha (misery). Nirvana is shanti (peace). But nirvana and samsara are not two.”

    What could the Buddha have meant?

    What else could he have meant than that there is samsara when the perceive-ing is done on the basis of a subject-object relationship – that there is nirvana when the perceiving is real, impersonal, in the absence of a perceiver individually doing the perceiving as the subject of an object?”

    Beautiful Gilbert. Namaste.

  57. Posted by gilbert on 09.13.08 12:29 pm

    The simplicity of its meaning (how it is expressed here and now) is this:
    The movement (of anything and everything) is a movement in emptiness.
    This fundamental activity of any movement is KNOWING.
    What else is there, without the KNOWING?
    The triad is positive-negative-neutral. Space-Time-Knowing. Father-Son-Holy Spirit. X-Y-Z.
    Not Three – Not Two – Not One.
    Just THIS clear presence.

    Some additional comments:
    The duality is an appearance only – In THIS ACTUALITY the polar opposites are resolved without incident. REALITY is THAT which never changes.
    What appears – disappears. No trace.
    What appears is also disappearing in ONE instant.
    All that is happening is KNOWING.
    There is no knower and nothing known.
    The space-like awareness is neutral.
    The peace beyond all understanding is NO MIND – it is beyond the dualistic nature of mind.
    THAT is where the SEEING is happening.
    No one is seeing. Everyone appears in the SEEING.
    Nothing accrues or compounds into any form – any ‘thing’.
    It is ALL No Thing appearing as everything.
    Undifferentiated presence appears as differentiated ‘presences’.
    TWO-ness (or multiplicity) is an appearance only within ONE PRESENCE.
    The ALL Knowing ONE – appears to become ‘many’ and thus apparent ignorance – the ‘personal point of view’.
    Yet the ‘person’ cannot SEE or KNOW anything at all – it is just a conceptual appearance.
    Vidya and Avidya – Knowing and not knowing.
    Dvaita and Advaita. Two and Not Two.
    SEEING is the fact – it is not a benefit to anyone – and yet ‘for us’ the drama of grasping consciousness MUST be absent for this open view to REGISTER cleanly and precisely. One glimpse is enough – the ‘impact’ destroys beliefs without mercy. The spin off is the mind panics because its game is undermined.
    This open VIEW is always present – not for a ‘someone’ – it is CLEAR and so everything is clear and obvious AS the ACTUALITY.
    Not for someone. That is ‘the resolution of all paradox’ which ‘everyone’ misses – because of a clinging to a ‘personal point of view’.
    As Ramana says: “You are the Infinite BEING – then you take yourself to be a limited creature……..”…..etc.
    This cannot be worked out in the mind – the mind only divides this Oneness into multiplicity. That division is actually impossible. In knowing that, the problems of mind fade away. AND you have no inclination to invite them back – why would you?
    A resonance in being – a recognition is necessary and that ‘comes’ directly ‘from’ (IS) the KNOWING intelligence that I am.
    It is nothing but SEEING-KNOWING.

  58. Posted by tomvds on 09.13.08 8:51 pm

    Yeah, the coffee is good and strong, I like It like THAT ;-)

  59. Posted by gilbert on 09.14.08 12:16 am

    The content and the creative manner in which these podcasts are presented is fairly unique. As far as I know, what is happening here is pretty well unprecedented. The aim is to present speakers who are clear and clean – not on any ‘personal trip’ of being a guru or teacher. These ‘individuals’ are rare and to have them gathering in ‘one place’ is remarkable. I don’t know if this fact is recognized or all that appreciated ‘out there’ apart from the few who make it known. Speaking in a relative sense, I would say that this urban guru cafe will ‘become a force to be reckoned with’ in due course, if not already.
    I am please to have been associated with its inception and its continuance. Stay tuned, a new episode is about to appear. Areti has done a superb job in pulling things together each time, for every episode. It is a totally free service and a couple of us use our free time and apply our various skills to the task in hand – maybe just because we love it.
    Warm regards – Gilbert.

  60. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 09.14.08 6:39 am

    I agree, Gilbert. UGC is still the only non-duality site I have tabbed. This understanding is available to all. Is there awareness? Yes! Then, the seeker says “big deal, there’s awareness; especially awareness of ‘my problems'”. Then when you really look, you see there’s absolutely nothing independent of that awareness or any separate controlling entity whatsoever. No need to turn any of this into a thesis project or for folks to feel fear about losing their minds or their egos. Those things are just ideas or concepts appearing on what you are. Everyone who doubts this, just try to find one thing, anything, separate from awareness (including yourself).

  61. Posted by Randall Friend on 09.14.08 7:57 am

    Yes, the concept of “awareness” may lead to confusion, simply because it’s already a preconceived notion, “my awareness”, “awareness which is caused by or a product of this body/brain”.

    Discard the word “awareness” – what you’re thinking of or conceptualizing as awareness is not what’s being pointed to.

    “Awareness” is experienc-ING – the FACT of experiencing – the FACT that this experiencing is happening. Even when thoughts pause, that experiencing goes on, effortlessly, undeniably, obviously.

    And in this experiencing, concepts appear about an “I-subject” who is the “experience-ER” and the “object” that is “experienced”.

    This “subject/object equation” is purely conceptual, purely imagination, purely illusion.

    Without relying or depending on a description of this immediate experiencing, this present activity of knowing, this presence of “witnessing”, all we REALLY know is that experiencing/seeing/knowing is happening.

    And this CONTAINS ALL of the supposed subjects and objects, CONTAINS ALL of the concepts ABOUT it. This pure non-conceptual experiencing is without a doer, an experienc-er – because that doer arises as an appearance, an experience, that idea of a ME, the concept of a “person”, this typical vague uncertainty about what-I-really-AM arises as another “thing” experienced, witnessed.

    Non-conceptual experiencing is really the only thing we can know without any words or concepts, preconceived notions, imagination, thought-stories.

    There IS no uncertainty about what you are – you already KNOW this – that’s why it’s simply called a “recognition”, recognizing that which has been overlooked, in the mistaken placement of identification with the “appearance” or “experience” of that body-mind.

    Rest in that – SEE that anything else is an unnecessary addition – that’s really all there is to it.

    Your true nature, which has nothing at all to do with Spirituality or Advaita or any other concept, is already shining, already present, already 100% here – it is present as the PRESENCE of experiencing.

  62. Posted by gilbert on 09.14.08 7:35 pm

    Bob Seal may get a nice little surprise here very soon. It’s a hint for anyone who reads these comment pages. Bob is a cool creative cartoonist and has been to see Bob Adamson a few times. He lit up like a Christmas tree when the message found its bullseye, so I was told.

  63. Posted by audrey on 09.14.08 9:06 pm

    Thank you for the unwavering precision of the message. Its obvious that you, Gilbert and Randall especially, love what you do, to be able to express this radical simplicity over and and over so that it might be ‘heard’ and not tire of it (maybe you get a headache now and again). Anyway I deeply appreciate the offering, it resonates way beyond the minds capacity to know why.
    I live in a very pretty little market town in west sussex(uk). What about a franchise? I think an UGC would go down a storm..I’d save a little floor space for the occasional tango to let off some steam…hmmm

  64. Posted by gilbert on 09.15.08 2:32 am

    Tenders will be asked for at the appropriate time. At present we only serve virtual coffee but it is strong and tasty. The Urban Guru Cafe will eventually be in every major city around the globe. We are just waiting for the right multi-millionaire to turn up. Dreams come easy. Letting off steam is hard work. Anyway, save the last dance for me Audrey.
    But, hang on, it takes two to tango – and all we have is One without a second….hmmm.
    I guess it will have to be the solo shuffle.

  65. Posted by Pendragon on 09.15.08 8:35 pm

    Yes, thank you all~

    Randall wrote:
    Your true nature, which has nothing at all to do with Spirituality or Advaita or any other concept, is already shining, already present, already 100% here – it is present as the PRESENCE of experiencing.

    THAT, kinda summed it all up nicely~

  66. Posted by susana on 09.16.08 2:30 am

    It sure does dragon.
    As he says it all appears in and as this……..
    Joyfully bouncing around.

    Gilbert you mentioned the need to be aware that devotion is always to other, and is duality.

    For me it is like this:
    i walk along the dirt roads
    the mountains surround me in a circle
    the snow is on top
    the jasmine and wisteria are in blossom,
    their scents dance in the air.
    walking in this space, devotion arises,
    there is no story, or words, just love arises –
    and yes it is mind putting a name or a story to it.
    there is nothing i can do to stop this devotion arising.
    there is nothing i can do full stop.
    and as long as i believe that i can remain in duality by an
    action that is unfolding spontaneously, then is that not the spiritual
    carrot on the stick?

    right now, absolute gratitude is arising right now, for this in front of me
    and the sharing of pointers.
    and as i obviously am programmed to respond to others, i see this gratitude arising to gilbert.

    of course then the question arises “what is gilbert?” take away the words around gilbert and what do i have?
    then the whole question of gratitude or this page or gilbert is suddenly faded into the bird calling outside the window, the drops of rain falling on the panes and roof.
    the children making a fire. the fridge humming. the plates clattering. the thoughts thoughting….

    urban guru cafe offers such profound pointers i wish it abundance and vitality and a prayer that it may reach so many ready to hear the truth.
    for those who are tired of myths and parables and gatvol of beliefs.

  67. Posted by gilbert on 09.16.08 8:09 am

    It is not true…..you are not programmed. It is a story, a very silly story. It is a concept tossed around by teachers who lost their way, who are too busy preening their eyebrows or their feathers. And they love being devotional objects usually.
    All there is is EXPERIENCING. So, staying with that…….
    ….Where does the label devotion come from?
    What is the label adding? – and to ‘what’ is it adding it to?
    Duality is a ping pong game. – Back and forth – and duality is the way the mind functions. ‘Yes-no’ – ‘good-bad’ – ‘right-wrong’.
    Awareness is non dual.

    One without a second.
    See that it is all stories…….’once upon a time’……stories of two-ness….of separation…. and of coming together again.
    It is nothing but a motion, a stirring, a swirling in the emptiness, a ripple across the milk pale as the milkmaid brushes away a speck of dust on her skirt.

    Do not be afraid of the emptiness.
    You are alone – yet you have the whole universe as an ever fresh display of every conceivable thing, place and time.

    There is no separation.
    This ONE without a second is not a myth or a story – it is what you are. Yes…you.
    No, YOU, the one reading this. There is NO Other.
    In being totally with THIS presence, as this presence, there is nothing that one need say about it or that one can say about it.
    – Yet, talking happens or not.

    Remove the belief in being separate and the LOVE shines of itself. It does not NEED something to be devoted to.

  68. Posted by Charlie on 10.02.08 2:26 am

    Brilliant Stillness

  69. Posted by susana on 11.07.08 4:47 am

    A re-listen to this takes my breath away.
    The untouchable “knowing” which has never been touched or hurt, or had anything taken away.
    thank you friend

  70. Posted by JMac on 01.27.11 5:42 am

    The mistake a lot of people make… the mistake a lot of bricks make… the mistakes a lot of water makes… the mistake a lot of breaths make… the mistake a lot of thoughts make…. the mistake a lot of the sky makes…