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65. William Samuel – One Heart

Posted on 12.11.09 11:01PM under William Samuel

The Urban Guru Cafe is dedicated to spreading a clear message from a variety of clear ‘speakers’, speakers who do not make compromises or ask for you to believe in them or in anything. The proof that they are genuine is in the fact that many ‘hear’ the message and their habit of seeking slips away silently. Many find William’s expression refreshing and free of a lot of the terminology we are used to. The voice of William is taken from a tape recording that he himself recorded in his study. CD’s of similar recordings are available from his website, which is managed by Sandy. Sandy appears in the comment pages also. William’s delivery may appear just a little dated now but what he is saying is from the ever-fresh ‘knowing’ which is authentic and definitely genuine. Many may be surprised to learn that he was sharing this message regularly for many years in their own country, the USA.

William’s website is HERE.

Music includes: Cello piece from a film called “Departures”, Andreas Vollenweider (flute) and Mozart’s Quartet Number 7 in E Flat KV160 and KV 159 in B Flat.

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  1. Posted by gilbert on 12.11.09 11:20 pm

    Enjoy – and have a jolly Christmas.

  2. Posted by Sandy Jones on 12.12.09 3:45 am

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Sandy Jones and I am the ‘care taker’ of all of William Samuel’s work. If you want to know more about him, perhaps I can be of help–He was my teacher and friend since the early 1970’s. I knew him well. As his ‘literary executor’ I host his website and do all the upkeep and the reprinting of his books.

    And also, a Big Thank You to Gilbert and Areti for sharing William with all of you—As you can tell from the Podcast, William is very truely a rare gem, and the Child I Am is delighted that he is being discovered by so many now.

    Thank you to all, Sandy Jones

  3. Posted by Ronna on 12.12.09 5:51 am

    Very simply said, good description of ‘me’ and how ‘everything’ is happening within awareness and not the other way round as it is usually perceived to be. Thanks again for all you do in providing clear pointers.

  4. Posted by Jacob on 12.12.09 6:33 am

    Beautiful , great find amegos

  5. Posted by NotClyde on 12.12.09 8:45 am

    Hi Sandy,

    Thank you for sharing Mr. Samuel’s work with those of us who frequent the Urban Guru Cafe. I was very taken with the clarity and warmth of his message.

    Which of Mr. Samuel’s works would you recommend for those of us wishing to explore further?

  6. Posted by Sandy Jones on 12.12.09 10:35 am

    I am so happy to hear that many of you are responding with that wonderful most beautiful word “Yes, Yes, Yes”—

    Most people begin there study with William’s work by reading his book titled “A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity”—If you only got one book, this would be It—

    But, of course, I love all his books, every one of them is truly remarkable–Each one has Something you shouldn’t miss.

    Cds are all good too, and the DVD is remarkable—You can read a little about ‘how the DVD’ came to be–on his website


    You can get the books et al from me, sometimes you can get them on Amazon Sandy

  7. Posted by Jeremy on 12.12.09 11:42 am

    (The ‘me sense’ is) “A few days and full of trouble”.
    Really lovely.

  8. Posted by gilbert on 12.12.09 12:44 pm

    Things appear to get very busy around this time of year. It appears that tensions build up and they spill out all over the place from time to time. We at the UGC wish you ‘all the best’ and ‘let that peaceful light shine’ amidst the apparent chaos of this ‘silly season’.
    The waxing and waning through the solar year just happen according to nature – the details vary immensely. By not buying into the drama of it all the ‘goodwill to all men’ can express itself without favor or preference. The Star of David is a geometric symbol – the star called Sol (our Sun) is the Livingness – it shines out of your ‘solar plexus’.
    The body is made from the elements of the Earth. It is an instrument, an expression of the same livingness, which pervades the WHOLE.
    No separation.
    In the appearance of things a ‘teacher’ prepares a place for you.
    In the actuality you are already THAT.
    The apparent preparation is only useful in bringing about the recognition of your true nature. You have always been THAT.

  9. Posted by zenclouded on 12.12.09 2:25 pm

    And belated wishes for Eid ul-Fitr, let all humans follow their paths in peace and let not religion be used as an excuse for violence and prejudice.

  10. Posted by Sandy Jones on 12.12.09 2:52 pm

    Gilberts Christmas note made me think that you all might like this little bit from William Samuel on Christmas. If you have gone to his website, you can tell, his writing is not “advaita” but it is most certainly and clearly Non-Duality at its best—Back when he was teaching I am not sure anyone had even heard the word “advaita”—though he tells the story that he visited some Eastern Indian Gurus in the late 1940’s and sat with one who was silent, said nothing to Bill for the whole week (he tells us that this Guru became very well known years later, but never tells us who it was)–He also tells us that Something had been transmitted, that Bill recognized this was certain after some months later.

    Oh, I digress, as they say— Anyway, here is Bill’s little message to all of you–I oft get these little nudges from Bill–things to share–for you from him.

    “This Christmas Season finds a New Star in the Heavens–this one to tell those with ears to hear of the New Jerusalem wherein there is neither sorrow nor darkness, nor age nor death.

    The Holy City is already the fact, you know.

    Isness is the totality of all Being within which there is nothing to make it dual, and we do not have to wait to see this fact!

    While there presently appear to be an inside and an outside, a here and a not-here, a now and a not-now, all these things are only aspects of the Whole, the All—for which this Awareness “we” are is the activity. Mind (1) aware (2) of Itself (3) is a Holy Trinity to Itself.

    “Itself” knows these three are One Mind, One Love.

    Well, this started out as a simple Christmas greeting. Don’t you forget that all the carols and bright lights, decorations and happy children are for you! Who else is the Christ?

    Happy Christmas, William Samuel (1970 )

  11. Posted by zenclouded on 12.12.09 4:52 pm

    Thanks Sandy, you show a lot of love for Mr Samuel – and it was an absolute pleasure to hear his message.

  12. Posted by su on 12.12.09 9:10 pm

    cor gru that is beautiful

  13. Posted by Sunyata on 12.13.09 1:25 am

    During this beautiful season, may everyone thrust aside all “silly” definitions of LOVE, all concepts of LOVE and may everyone discover LOVE, allowing IT to sneak in by surprise. Intimacy is foreign to instinct, so let’s all commemorate our sentience and its beautiful and natural proclivity to “union,” awe-inspiring states of Oneness. Thank you UCG for the generosity, the sharing and the provision of the “sine qua non” condition for awakening: relationship.

  14. Posted by Sunyata on 12.13.09 1:53 am

    Typo, UGC!

  15. Posted by claudia on 12.13.09 7:50 am

    Another wonderful podcast! – What has been ignored and overseen for seemingly so long, the only mystery – being-presence – finally shining in full brightness. All that longing, striving and struggling blown away with one blow. Hokuspokus, the puzzle resolved all by itself.
    I have never done a single thing. I have never been away from home, only seemingly wandered out into the world to find myself, like the prodigal son. And in place of that sense of “me”, wonderment and ease and contentment pouring out like from a fresh water spring.
    The greatest of all Christmas gifts given from nobody – to nobody.
    I have no words to express my gratitude!
    (Ed: You already have expressed it )

  16. Posted by gilbert on 12.13.09 12:02 pm


  17. Posted by gilbert on 12.13.09 12:06 pm

    It shines effortlessly – even the darkest cloud cannot obscure the light. What is seemingly obscured is a limited ‘point’ in space and time and even that is revealed by the light of knowing.
    There is nothing outside of this seeing-knowing.

  18. Posted by claudia on 12.13.09 12:46 pm

    It is always, ever available, right here, right now, fully and unhindred – so gentle, so gentle: timeless presence awareness. I can’t hide from it, or fall out of it and there is nowhere to go. Thoughts come up, but they have lost their grip. What has to be done, is done, spontaneously and effortlessly… Just this, just this. And yet the greatest of all wonders.

  19. Posted by Sandy Jones on 12.13.09 12:47 pm

    I have never studied “advaita” but when this beautiful new way of seeing began to bloom so recently like a huge field of wild flowers—I took notice. I realized that this “advaita” thing was the exact same teaching that I had found many years ago when I studied William Samuel’s messages—Back then this study of Reality/ Identity/ Truth/Oneness really had no name, but those interested in it would call it something like The Metaphysics of the Absolute.

    I also notice that these wonderful and enlightened “advaita” gurus seemed to shy away from the word “God”. They use words like Being, Source, Brahman, Pure Awareness but they do not use the word “God” so much. I understand why; I know that too many folks get hung up on words and the word “God” can be an enormously sticky one. Advaita is ‘trying to clean the slate of conditioning” so that we might see with Fresh New Eyes.

    So, it occurs to me that this might be a big help to those who are a little confused by William’s use of the word “God” in context of non-duality: William wrote a little booklet back in 1958 that explains through wonderful analogies a most marvelous “non-dual” definition of “God”—

    As the story goes, William owned a little bakery and many would stop by to discuss “Truth” with him—He would always have to explain what he meant by the word “God” so he wrote this little booklet to give to those who came to him with The Perennial Questions—He also wrote it for “The California Atheist Club” that would stop by his bakery twice a year on their way to and from Florida for the winter—They loved to talk to Bill about his “Absolute” metaphysics–

    The booklet is called Two Plus Two Equals Reality—I have it posted as a free PDF that can be downloaded (books section of his website: http://www.williamsamuel.com )—It is really a most amazing little book, although written in an old fashion kind of 1950’s Down South way—-The Truth is the Truth—I have a feeling that many of you would really like it.

    Anyway, The Truth isn’t bound to meet human expectations and we all know that This Unbound, Unlimited, Unrestricted Light-I-Am (you are) is beyond words–So, go get that little book and I think you will find his ‘analogies’ to be really some of the best and truely helpful as you travel This Loving Path of Self-discovery.

  20. Posted by Richard on 12.13.09 6:07 pm

    William Samuel’s speaking of ‘the me-sense’ assuming ownership of awareness gives word to the foolishness of saying something similar to “I have IT. You think you have IT but are mistaken”.

    (Note: I speak here of ignorant ideas and make comment on such, leaving out childish personal attacks. I welcome all discussion and correction pertaining to the ISSUES. Am not moved by opinions of what someone thinks I think about myself. I am not what you think I am. Hopefully we can respect each other’s freedom of speech without the personal attacks to anyone who has a differing perspective. “Some may say I’m a dreamer…”)

    IT has you, IT has me. There is only IT….no more or less or other to be found in anyone, anywhere, anytime or beyond where or time.

  21. Posted by gilbert on 12.13.09 6:32 pm

    Exactimo. Well said.

  22. Posted by fernando on 12.14.09 12:39 am

    How could be a path from HERE to HERE, from NOW to NOW?

  23. Posted by fernando on 12.14.09 2:55 am

    «The frustrated longing of the seeker is the sweetest, most apropos feeling, the clearest reflection of life’s yearning to be. How strange and paradoxical that we cannot see what we are, when what we are is all we are.» (Suzanne Foxton)

  24. Posted by fernando on 12.14.09 3:14 am

    Hey ‘thumbdown-er’, EVEN you are THAT!

  25. Posted by Sandy Jones on 12.14.09 3:40 am

    Yes, Here is Here and there is no Path, loving or otherwise— Yet, at least for me, in order to know there is Only Here and Now, This No-Place, No Time, No Thing Way of Isness, I started with desire and longing to be free from the human condition—Where did That Sweet Beauty of longing come from, what made me think there was something besides this ‘human condition’ I was seemed stuck in, what was that Life Force that got me searching, and climbing, where did it come from?—It makes no sense to deny the real beauty of climb and climber, at least to me—Yes, There is not time and no climb–And Yet one day, we look back and we see that in order to stand Here feeling The Timeless Presence, standing Here between Ineffabilitly and the world, finding That Freedom, Seeing both the tangibile time space world and knowing This Immediate Peace Beyond Understanding all at once — we had to make this paradoxical climb in linear time.

    Life/God is still a mystery to me, but the Self-I-Am, made in the perfect IMAGE of God, grows clearer every day–Now that is one heck of paradox, but for me, so far, it is true —

  26. Posted by Ronna on 12.14.09 5:21 am

    Thanks Sandy I appreciate these heart-felt, direct pointers, very clear and simple.

  27. Posted by admin on 12.14.09 5:24 am

    Paul Hedderman will be hosting a talk and Q&A in Second Life on Tuesday, December 22nd 7:00 PM Pacific, at the Virtual UGC. Paul’s avatar is named “Paulo Uldarmann”. Paul’s website is http://www.zenbitchslap.com. Go to the Virtual UGC link to read more about getting into SL for all these meetings.

  28. Posted by Scarfox on 12.14.09 7:25 am

    I read some William Samuel and he said that he only sleeps for a few minutes, as that is all you will need when you know yourself. Is this true, and if so why do you all drink coffee!

  29. Posted by Jacob on 12.14.09 8:44 am

    Thanks Sandy for the link to williams 2+2 book a real beauty , a fantastic expression of this ,thanks again man love Jacob

  30. Posted by billtys on 12.14.09 9:19 am

    Sandy…thank you for the free link…it is a great read.

    William Samuel’s heartfelt pointers in the book and this podcast are excellent.

  31. Posted by Sandy Jones on 12.14.09 12:11 pm

    Yes, sipping my nice hot espresso, while pondering coffee as I commune on an ‘awakening’ forum—seems fitting to me–(paste silly chuckle face here)-

    As to William not sleeping, I have no idea–I never heard or read that—I have no idea about that– But, I do notice that sometimes people pick up on entirely different things than others do-So, perhaps he did say that but I missed it–It seems kind of irrelevent to me—I am not sure why you mention this? and also not sure whether some one driks coffee or not has to do with ‘knowing your Self”? Do you imply that if one was understanding the True Identity, he would not drink coffee?–From what I gather, I don’t think Awareness really cares what anyone of us does, or drinks, or doesn’t do, or think or sleep or not sleep–the images within Awareness have no affect on Awareness.

    Awareness is All That Is and This Light of Life is Infinite Allness–It is unbound, unrestricted, ungovernable, Unlimited All Inclusive All (which includes this time-space-world-image of Its Self)–Life Is All–What All actually means is, to me, Simply Inconceivable–How All is All? I came from the ‘old school’ where we would “God Is ALl in all” and that was just enough Light for me to Trust This Allness-

    Just that little bit of clarity seemed to put an end to being overly concerned about ‘the images’. It’s the Wonder Behind this Tangible world scene that is the Real Value and Only Value, Always and Forever–at least for me—

    “Whither shall I go from thy spirit? Or wither shall I flee from thy presence? If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there; if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.” (Psalms 139:7-10).

    Even here, sipping my coffee–cliking away at words–Even Here–

  32. Posted by Sandy Jones on 12.14.09 12:15 pm

    Oops, too much coffee–

    a few typos, but the one I really wanted to get right was this one

    —Where we would say “God IS All in all” (not God is Ali, but that might work to!)

  33. Posted by fernando on 12.14.09 12:41 pm

    «Self-Realizing is happening.» (Gilbert Schultz)
    IT is going ON right here, right now…
    ‘You’ don’t need to add (or take off) any damn thing to IT!
    Rest on IT. Relax on IT… IT is EVER there (here).
    It doesn’t matter ‘how’ IT works.
    Paraphrasing William: «It IS All in all” (thanks Sandy)

  34. Posted by areti on 12.14.09 12:59 pm

    Sorry all, I made a mistake about when Paul Hedderman (Aka Paulo Uldarmann in SL) will be hosting the meeting in the virtual urban guru cafe. The meeting will be on the 22nd of December (a Tuesday Pacific time).

  35. Posted by Scarfox on 12.14.09 1:38 pm

    Well I guess for me, knowing that would be one benefit for earnestness. Like so much available energy that one does not even need much sleep is very interesting. The coffee thing was a joke, although I would guess that means since they drink coffee their bodies are tired. Also, if someone could function without sleep or minimal sleep they could be scientifically researched and it would put the message our there more about non-duality. Imagine you never knew of non-duality and read that you need only a few minutes of sleep, it would be very interesting… I guess he was just giving a false benefit so that people would ‘pursue’ it more. Because really, the body cannot function without normal hours of sleep.

  36. Posted by Sandy Jones on 12.14.09 2:33 pm

    Umm, well, this I know for sure–William would have NEVER enticed anyone with something ‘dishonest’ So, if you heard him say he needed only a little sleep, then it would be true—

    The thing is, you cannot ‘want’ the Truth as a means to a ‘better life’—So, don’t get too side lined by the ‘prizes’—Sometimes the Real Prizes are more like Surprizes and ones you hadn’t asked for nore would you have ever put in the personal-“me and my” plans at all. Some Holy Surprizes knock all that ‘me suffing’ right out of us–whether we wanted it or not.

    Back to the coffee thing—I know he drank coffee–Only because a few his papers include some mentions of the joy of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning—He didn’t have any ‘Eastern kinds of ‘practices’ exactly, no meditaion, or food restrictions–He uses the word “mentation” which means that we are to be pondering upon this Oneness stuff–Thinking is allowed– but not the ‘old man-belief-me-sense’ kinda thinking that just makes for more “old man”—

    No, he recommends Top Down Thinking or mentation—You start with All Being All, One Being All That Is, One, Single All Inclusive Presence, Right Here and Now– and then answer your own questions from that View– One other practice he advocates is Journal Tending—It is fully described in his last book which is titled “The Child Within Us Lives!” — I know, such an ‘un-neo-advaita title—Yikes! But I feel that this book is his masterpiece–What he really ‘came here to do’–A brilliant book–but I suspect he wrote it only for those who have studied this for many years,but remain somehow stuck and unhappy. This book is for those. He’s got the ‘what to do about it’ in this book–

  37. Posted by gilbert on 12.14.09 3:44 pm

    We all talk about this (THAT) and the talking happens naturally.
    Conflicting reference points bring dis-ease to the body and mind.
    The constant referencing of everything to the ‘me’ along with the dis-ease of conflicting concepts and ideas gives this ‘me-sense’ some apparent substance. “Three days and a lot of trouble” as William would say. Three days = yesterday, today and tomorrow.
    The immediacy of SEEING-KNOWING is the ‘sword of truth’.
    This space-like awareness appears for the mind as an open window – a view that is unencumbered by the mind’s usual adherence to thought.
    In realizing that this clear space-like awareness is what I am, so all problems lose their apparent problem ‘causing’ capabilities.
    Nothing sticks to this clear space-like awareness.
    The mind’s translation is not the understanding.
    Understanding is truly wordless and silent.
    Emptiness is not a void – everything is animated within this space-like awareness. Everything appears IN the SEEING.

  38. Posted by ricnz1 on 12.15.09 6:19 am

    Quite a common pointer is: you are “presence-awareness”. This points beautifully, because it’s literally the case. Right now it’s the only thing you don’t need thought to recognize. Are you present and aware reading these words?

    “I” remember being a kid at school, the teacher would do the role call:
    Teacher: “John”
    Student: “Present”
    Teacher: “Lisa”
    Student: “Present”

    You didn’t even have to think about it to know you are “present”, your aware presence was illuminating the whole classroom. Calling a particular body a name is not a problem, it’s quite useful for relative functioning. It’s the identification with what you are(presence-awareness) as being identical to the appearance of a “body” called “John”. This is just simply not true, you know these appearances.

    You already are what you are, so have a look at your most intimate sense of “I am here-ness”, and see if that is a body or a mind. You can’t actually know what or where it is, because it’s not an object, but you don’t need to. It is just simply present and aware. Unknowable pure knowingness. It’s not something to attain, it’s already the case. Get interested in this. When grasping concepts arise use them as a pointer to the doubtless fact of your aware presence to know them. It’s always immediately right here, even now.

    It’s really a matter of noticing something you already know.

  39. Posted by peter on 12.15.09 6:43 am

    Sandy, thank you so much for this wonderful gift ‘Two plus two Equals Reality’. It’s incredible.

    And thank you again UGC for this site, what a wonderful gift too.

  40. Posted by fernando on 12.15.09 6:47 am

    Hi Gilbert,
    There are those who say: “There is nothing you can do to ‘awaken’. There is no one who can do any thing about it.” (UG Krishnamurti, Tony Parsons et al). There are those who say: “You can do something: meditate, inquire, investigate what is this ‘I’, etc.” (John Wheeler, J. Krishnamurti et al). Finally, there are those who say: “Everything is perfect just as it is. Period.” (Suzanne Foxton).
    I would like some clearing about this thorny subject.

  41. Posted by gilbert on 12.15.09 7:17 am

    Stop BELIEVING everything you are told and find out for yourself.
    Every expression you hear or read about ‘it’ – registers in the immediacy of pure cognition.
    Right there is the clarity you ask for. Prior to whatever the mind ‘does’ with the info.
    Jostling opinions around in the mind will never bring any new clarity.
    The different camps of thought are on opposite sides of the same river – the RIVER of LIFE.
    Listen to my interview again…..
    If the horse wont drink the water – what can be done?

    P.S. The assumption that there needs to be some ‘awakening’ is the error.
    Are you asleep right now?
    Do you have to look for this wakefulness?
    If you try to find it – it will recede – and it is not an object to be found.
    Without wakefulness you could NOT go looking for anything at all, least of all wakefulness.
    Start from the fact that you are this wakefulness – then the search ceases in toto.

  42. Posted by Cheryl on 12.15.09 11:25 am

    In your intro to William Samuel you said ‘spontaneous love for everything took him by surprise’. It does seem like there is some kind of awakening, even if You are that awakening already, you just don’t know it yet. There does appear to be an obivious difference between the two states, otherwise why would William have been surprised?

  43. Posted by fernando on 12.15.09 12:36 pm

    Thank you.

  44. Posted by gilbert on 12.15.09 1:38 pm

    They are my words and William may put it a completely different way. (I have now removed those words from the program description – thank you)
    Even so, there is no point in theorizing about it. You are awake – so what awakening is needed?
    What can be added to this wakefulness can never enhance the wakefulness – there is no more wakefulness than what there already is and it is not a matter of quantity.
    We ignore the natural state and look for something in the mind, some abstract ‘thing’ that we have heard or read about. Start from the fact that you are awake right now. It may surprise you – what is re-discovered is what has always been here.
    Words will alway complicate things…..and the word is never the ‘thing’ it points to. Enough words.

  45. Posted by gilbert on 12.16.09 12:59 am

    Some folks speak quietly and politely when conveying the message – gentle men and ladies. I don’t see any need for politeness, simply because if the seeker is sick of seeking, the last thing they need is politeness. A good shake up is what some need. Many hide behind a facade of endless excuses as to why they can’t ‘get this non duality thing’ and frankly that is just absurdity in a nutshell.
    Of course no one ever ‘gets it’ but as long as there is a concept that ‘I will get it someday’ then that little blockage needs to be knocked out the window and the sooner the better.
    William speaks quietly and with a genuine knowledge of what he is pointing at. Warm regards – Gilbert.

  46. Posted by Sandy Jones on 12.16.09 3:55 am

    Thank you So Much Gilbert–You say it exactly right–

    Here is a very wise little quote from William Samuel:

    “—Spend no time worshiping the fountain, rather, drink the water”

  47. Posted by Cheryl on 12.16.09 4:46 am

    The word is not the thing, you already are that which you seek, I trust those words. It just means there’s a discovery to be had of what’s already there/here. No further seeking required. And then there’s the all important ‘you can only know by direct experience’. In Williams 2+2 booklet he talked of a young woman who felt intellectually inferior amongst her fellows. Once she discovered who she was in Reality all that fell away. I merely trust these stories and pointers. No worries Gilbert, your bluntness is refreshing and much appreciated, I trust your words. Thank you.

  48. Posted by gilbert on 12.16.09 8:45 am

    We use words to ‘point’. A child learns to point at what it wants before language is learned.
    In our pointing activities words may appear to contradict themselves very often. Such is the nature of language.
    We say ‘You can only know by direct experience’ and a lot of fuss is made about ‘direct experience’ by quite a few teachers. But is there anything other than direct experience? There is no in-direct experiencing. There is no in-direct cognition either.
    We imagine that the description or the mind’s translation is reality.
    Thoughtless reality is ever abiding, like a witness of the Cosmic Display or Parade of this endless unfolding of phenomenal appearance(s).
    Fixations upon ‘the witness’ is just another thought with added belief – apparently a sticky substance indeed.
    SEEING that the ‘thinker’ is merely another thought is (unexpected) IN-SEEING.
    There is no point in pretending to KNOW. The majority of spiritual aspirants are pretenders caught in their own belief system.
    This IN-SEEING cannot be contrived by the mind – but once it ‘happens’ it cannot be forgotten.
    There is no one to remember and no one to forget.
    Remembering and forgetting are simply the activities of mind.
    ‘Mind’ is thought, image and memory, they all appear and disappear in this naked awareness – this Clear and Present Wakefulness.

  49. Posted by gilbert on 12.16.09 11:54 pm

    What can possibly be said that has not already been said?
    Who will be our next guest speaker?
    Can this subject ever be exhausted?
    What is delightfully obvious is that new expressions are appearing ‘out of the blue’. The 66th program is almost ready and the UGC is finding new listeners every day. It will never be “everyone’s cup of tea” (or coffee) but I am pleased to let you know that the message is truly finding ‘home base’ with some lucky ones. There will always be a few who suffer from envy and jealousy, those who imagine that they can’t get it and who want to ‘argue the point’ because they don’t recognize their own biased view is erroneous. Spurring them on with comments like that last one keep their blood boiling and they get hopping mad from time to time.
    It is quite absurd, given the nature of what we are pointing at.
    We won’t bore you all with Christmas carols and silly season greetings. We will just say have a Jolly One, whatever that is.

  50. Posted by Cheryl on 12.17.09 7:04 am

    “The majority of spiritual aspirants are pretenders caught in their own belief system”. Not to be a downer in this delightful season of well wishes, but in an ironic twist the group I use to belong to organized many protests ‘against’ the Dalai Lama and his teachings. Anyone I tried to explain that to couldn’t understand it as they viewed the DL as a great spiritual leader. To each his own. I like Nisargadatta who merely said trust what I am saying and not nescessarily who is saying it. Go right to the source of the problem which is an unexamined belief in an I that is this or that…it’s just not true!

    I would like to speak as eloquently as you and your listners on the subject of nonduality, but all I know for sure is it’s true…I already am that in presence awareness. There is nothing hiding that truth except imagination and a belief in a limited person. I don’t really trust blindly in a belief system anymore because that can change in an instant and then you have splits and different views fighting for recognition. Who cares! Going right to the source in any given ‘moment’ is the only solution. The KNOWING is there in direct experience. I’ve no problem with that where else could it be? As you say there is no indirect experience. Cool.

  51. Posted by S on 12.17.09 8:54 am

    Oh gosh, thank you, that was just…. lovely! What wonderful stuff! Really, what more can be said? And he says it all so clearly, so directly. I found the old-fashioned delivery rather endearing and refreshing. Peace, happiness and joy do indeed arise with ‘letting go’. In ‘not-knowing’. And yes, what a relief, to see the ‘me sense’ as he calls it, for ‘the idiocy and the nothingness that it is’. And that’s putting it politely. :) It’s so funny! The reference to the innocence of little children, their simplicity, exhiliration, their exhuberance, and that care-free, totally unself-conscious aliveness, alertness. Just pure being. Unadulterated. (Aha! not seemingly messed up by ‘adults’ yet! :) ) Happy, carefree, love-filled babies. So pure, so clear and ‘unsullied’. Ready to chuckle at the smallest thing. Totally ….. adorable. It’s just madness, divine madness. The ‘me-sense’ as he calls it. Awareness. Awareness. Awareness. ‘The Heart-I am’ as I think he says. Pure ‘unadulterated’ awareness. Fabulous stuff, thanks again. That deserves many repeated listenings, it’s just… sublime.

  52. Posted by mark on 12.17.09 10:05 am

    It can seem that many people are more concerned with the message and how it is delivered, than what is actually being offered. Namely, a change in perception so radical as to contradict almost 100% of our firmly held and deeply cherished learning patterns.
    You are not, cannot be, anything you think you are – It is such craziness to the mind that when i foolishly offered the possibility at a recent family gathering, my own mother wept, certain that her son was touched by madness..
    And when this question of identity with the body/mind is quietly approached and investigated with neither prejudice nor fear, the answer is so unutterably clear that even the most tormented can relax, fully. The prison cell becomes a room, the airless knot of worry slips undone to reveal an open, genuine smile. RELIEF from …… .. .. .. the seeking of relief! :-)
    Cant wait for the next message. Hope its got good music and a bit cooler than the last one. Hey, Gilbert, leave those kids alone. All in all youre just another kick in the ;-)

  53. Posted by Sandy Jones on 12.18.09 4:11 am

    As you know, William Samuel’s work is not based in the traditional Eastern non-dual philosophies that most you are more accustom to—He uses a sort of ‘different’ language, but he is, nonetheless, absolutely based in the Reality of Non-duality, be it in more ‘Westernized wording’.

    Therefore, I know you all recognize that William points to The Same Truth and Light, though his ‘way with the words’ are not as familiar.

    So, since someone here mentioned how the idea of The Child seemed to resonate or at least be very helpful to them (putting ‘words’ aside and allowing the Heart to hear to the message), I thought some of you would enjoy this little part from his book “The Child Within Us Lives!”

    “Where Does The Old Nature Fit?

    Unfortunately, as it seems we manage to insert an imposter between the Child and Godhead (inside) and between the Child and the world (outside). We surround the Child with that shell of identity, the old man, who has his ideas about things, and that is where our trouble lies. To try to get rid of the old nature first, as religion and metaphysical instruction has us doing, is to enter a void without vision of the Child. We find the Child first, then we the old nature falls away as the morning mist along the river vanishes in the sunshine of the new day. To find the Child is to end the domination of the old man—and there is no other way.

    Ah, but the world-finding is soon to begin. Man has grown in time’s field, the original seed forgotten. Now the new seed is forming inside the bolls and it the nearly time for the Awakening harvest.”

    And again, Thank you Gilbert and Areti so much for introducing William to all your guests— As you know, I think his work is absolutly profound, truly liberating and I love sharing it.

  54. Posted by Cheryl on 12.18.09 5:39 am

    Yes William’s message is brilliantly simple. The me-sense is nonsense!

    And kootos to all genuine (living) non-duality teachers in Second Life and on this site (and others) who are amazingly clear and patient with seemingly unskillful questions and comments, including mine.

  55. Posted by mark on 12.18.09 7:31 am

    Pointer of the year time. ‘Do not seek the truth. Only cease to cherish opinion.’

  56. Posted by admin on 12.18.09 12:08 pm

    Has anyone been having problems accessing the site? There have been a few reports but there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong (unless you think about it).

    Please advise if you’ve had issues – email admin@urbangurucafe.com.

  57. Posted by gilbert on 12.18.09 5:40 pm

    Wisdom says don’t try to be a prophet in your own back yard. They will string you up and tar and feather you most likely.
    Speak to family in ordinary language about ordinary things, things that they care about. Then they will FEEL what needs to be ‘heard’, not in the words you say but more in the ‘tone’ and the way that you are.
    It is foolish to expect family and friends to be receptive to the radical nature of this ‘message’. Love them – don’t confront them – for heavens sakes, it is Christmas. The way you are can make all the difference – but it isn’t something that is contrived by the mind.