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90. Jerry Katz – Nonduality dot com

Posted on 08.17.10 1:21PM under Jerry Katz

Jerry Katz started a website many years ago. It is one of the biggest sites. We talk to Jerry about how he sees things, some history and have a laugh too.

For the Nonduality site click HERE.

Music includes: Paul McCartney and Wings, Mason Williams, Radiohead, Cafe Del Mar, Cactus Child and Kings of Convenience.

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  1. Posted by Tim on 08.18.10 8:17 am

    Haha! I listened to that radio interview he’s talking about. Found it on Youtube a while back & I was one of like forty views at the time. It was trippy because the lady doing the interview was one of those “spiritual” types who normally did stuff on astrology and chakras & stuff, and had never until shortly before the interview even heard the word ‘nonduality’ before. With 2 million listeners that interview had to have played a big role in raising public awareness of that word.

  2. Posted by Tim on 08.18.10 8:48 am

    I’m listening to it again. I forgot how surprisingly competent she was interviewing him on this subject that was still new to her. It’s definitely worth a listen; just might wanna skip over the first few video segments cuz it’s all new-agey stuff that’s part of the regular program.

  3. Posted by fernando on 08.19.10 5:33 am

    Hello Nour,
    If you are still there, these are words of Ramana (he used words too, like anyone else):
    “You are the Infinite Being – then you take yourself to be a limited being (poor ‘me’) and then you create methods and practices to free yourself from these limits – but if these methods and practices IMPLY those limits – HOW can you free yourself with them?”

  4. Posted by Urban Guru Cafe Announcements on 08.20.10 2:04 pm

    We are compiling a podcast of our listeners’ favorite 2-5 minute clip from the podcasts and we would like to hear from you. Post the podcast number, the time the clip begins and ends, and the opening and closing words. Then, tell us in your own words what the clip is saying. Post your responses in the comments section. Submit as many as you like. We will pick the best clips and let you know if yours has been accepted. Thanks.

  5. Posted by mark on 08.20.10 8:16 pm

    Podcast no. 63 Leo Hartong

    Clip Starts at 5.26 Areti – “So its all illusion…”
    Clip Stops at 8.26 Leo – “…just saying how it tastes is very difficult”

    I loved Leo’s playful approach and in this clip he completely nails the paradox. The notion that non-duality is something heavy or complex is rubbish. Its just impossible to describe. Because any description comes from IT. His fishes have stayed with me!

  6. Posted by linda on 08.21.10 4:57 pm

    Layo was one of my favourties too.

    I also found very clear no.68 Randall Friend part 1 especially from
    17.33 to 20.00 and
    24.21 to 25.27

    and many more bits too numerous to mention or hunt out,
    thanks UGC team.

  7. Posted by linda on 08.21.10 5:18 pm

    p.s. first bit starts with “what we really mean by I is…” and is about being drawn into believing one is a limited individudal and how this creates everything else, the benefit of questioning this belief etc.

    2nd bit “If we define the seeing….” is about realizing there is no overlay on reality except in the mind.

  8. Posted by fernando on 08.22.10 4:22 am

    Podcast number 64 ‘So clear – So obvious’ (Areti interviews Gilbert)
    First clip starts at 1.54 and stops at 6.47.
    Second clip starts at 10.24 and stops at 16.17.
    Thanks UGC team!

  9. Posted by Scarfox on 08.22.10 4:44 am

    The Silence during any clip ;)

  10. Posted by Ekhmm on 08.22.10 7:23 pm

    Can this recognition be overlook, or just so irrelevant that is unseen? I’m just asking. It’s like grasping air with hands.

  11. Posted by fernando on 08.23.10 1:27 am

    WHO is that which is ‘like grasping air with hands’?
    You can’t grasp what you ARE. You are ALREADY what you are. Only RE-cognize that FACT. You are what you are right HERE right NOW.
    You don’t need to ‘grasp’ what you already are. It’s like trying to see your own eyes. You don’t need to see your own eyes because your eyes is that which is seeing. Trying to ‘grasp’ what you are or to ‘see’ your own eyes is completely USELESS. Only RE-cognize that FACT.
    The ‘grasping’ (dis-ease in body-mind) ceases with this RE-cognizing.
    PS. If I may, there is a second program: Podcast #20, ‘The Truth of Who You Are #4’ (Areti interviews John Wheeler). Clip starts at 7.05 and stops at 14.18.