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97. The Seed of everything is this Consciousness.

Posted on 12.08.10 4:16PM under Nisargadatta Maharaj

“What contradicts itself has no being. Or it has only momentary being, which comes to the same. For what has a beginning and an end has no middle. It is hollow. It has only name and shape given to it by the mind, but it has neither substance nor essence.” - Nisargadatta.

“Once you realize that the world is your own projection, you are free of it. You need not free yourself of a world that does not exist, except in your own imagination! However is the picture, beautiful or ugly, you are painting it and you are not bound by it. Realize that there is nobody to force it on you, that it is due to the habit of taking the imaginary to be real. See the imaginary as imaginary and be free of fear.” – Nisargadatta

The ONLY time there ever is is the Immediate Presence which we commonly call NOW.

These programs on Nisargadatta are very potent for those who are interested in this material.   It may take a few listenings to get the full potency of the pointing.   I myself have been struck by certain passages, by the simple and yet ‘deep’ significance of what Nisargadatta is saying. – Gilbert

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - First a recording from 1980 with Ramesh Balsekar translating and then a recording from the 11th of January 1981 in which the voice of S.K. Mullarpattan appears as translator. This is a short selection from a series of tape recordings which I have digitally cleaned up and edited for archival purposes. There may be more to come. Some of the many tapes were used for transcribing purposes by Jean Dunn and Dr. Robert Powell who both produced excellent books on Nisargadatta. The first book ‘I am That’ was transcribe by Maurice Freeman in the early seventies. Dates for all the passages transcribed from the tapes are mentioned in the various books.

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  1. Posted by Wayne on 12.08.10 5:07 pm

    Wonderful to see another podcast of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Thank you U.G.C……So pertinent and a joy to have the opportunity to simply listen.

  2. Posted by suki on 12.08.10 10:42 pm

    Wow! Excellent job on the digital cleaning up of these tapes. The level of profundity that is expressed is most sublime. A minimum of 5 repeated listen’s is not unwarranted hear. We are talking FREEDOM NOW, listen to the translations as if your very next breath depended on it. If you follow through at what is being pointed out, then what you have taken yourself to be is FALSE. You are NOT your body,mind/thoughts, NOT even consciousness!
    You are the Absolute. The primary context-less field in which everything ELSE is secondary, essentially appearance. At NO point is there separation, Not two. No duality in Non-duality.

    The Appearance is where we find ‘ourselves’ in. And where we function and have transactions with other appearances. Our families, jobs, relationships, our successes and failures, birth and death, our World, our Universe – All Appearance in Consciousness. Consciousness appears to Awareness(Awareness used here is synonymous with the Absolute). Without the appearance of Consciousness, Awareness IS NOT Aware of any thing!

    What Maharaj is pointing out is totally radical. There is ONLY ONE thing happening here. And this one thing is NOT a thing. There is sublime joy in this Knowing. When Death encroaches upon this body (as if there could be such a thing!) you will have no qualms about dropping it like limp rag doll…..

  3. Posted by gilbert on 12.09.10 2:57 am

    There are many pointers offered by various ‘teachers’. One of the simplest pointers is a single line spoken by Nisargadatta: “You are not the body, nor the mind”.
    If this simple pointer is really heard, it leaves you with thoughtless reality.
    Pointers are not things to be pondered over and theorized about.
    Like a sword, the pointer cuts through the mind content and reveals the clear and obvious.
    The more that is said about it, the less clear it gets.

  4. Posted by mirrorsinmaya on 12.09.10 8:59 am

    Thank you for posting this, I can find SNM difficult to understand if I’m not also able to lip read, but your early ‘translation’ helped, and I followed the rest as best as I could.

    Gilbert, do you have any comments on the two stages thing? Realisation is often described this way. It appears to be relatively easy to absolutely KNOW that I cannot be whatever arises to awareness, yet a mammoth jump to that awareness having no seperation from what is perceived ie a dualistic perception.

    It seems that there are many who can talk and quote enthusiastically and passionately about non-duality, and yet the pointers are blunt – often vague, over complicated, contradictory, or enmeshed with advice. Speakers talking from a place of fully knowing (not knowledge or concepts) as strong as the knowing we all have that ‘we are’, deliver unconceptual and absolutely-without-doubt descriptions of reality (though not as I know it lol).

    I am sure that part of what keeps seekers seeking (yes, me) is that whilst I know that there is no seeker, just a collection of ideas and thoughts playing out in consciousness, there is a big difference between enjoying the play of duality as it appears, and knowing that what awareness is aware of has no seperation from awareness itself. I think this is pretty much the same as the questioner’s position on the interview….

    UGC seems highly tuned in to these differences, yet SNM is one of the only speakers I have heard mention the trickier second stage. Your thoughts would be most welcome :)

    Fond regards X
    ps apologies for the long sentences!

  5. Posted by anatta on 12.10.10 4:20 am

    Every experience is an experience of oneness.

  6. Posted by anatta on 12.10.10 4:23 am

    The only bondage is in ideas and, therefore, unreal.

  7. Posted by anatta on 12.10.10 4:26 am

    Suki – It sounds like we are defining consciousness as “awareness of form/content”. Take away the content and all that remains is the absolute, indescribable.

  8. Posted by suki on 12.10.10 4:59 am

    Anatta, this is all appearance in or on one singularity. That singularity or Absolute is This right now. Consciousness appears first. Then mind/body/world/universe/exisentence(simulatenously). Too many words can confuse the heck out of this! It is simply the Absolute at all points, through and through. All enfolded in this One without a Second. If our understanding is purely conceptual, then there is NO end to the buzzing fog of confusion in the mind (paradoxically this too is it!).

    There is NO experience of the Absolute. Why? Because it is the context-less capacity for the appearance. It is primary to Consciousness, upstream if you will. But to answer your question, Yes. :)

  9. Posted by suki on 12.10.10 5:28 am

    A simple illustration of what we are talking about.

    Absolute *+ Consiousness + name/form = Absolute

    Absolute + Consciousness = Absolute

    Absolute = Absolute


    *substitute God, Awareness, Reality, Tao or whatever, if you don’t like Absolute.

    Caveat:All conceptual models,like the one above,will always fall short, but I think you get the gist…

  10. Posted by piersede on 12.10.10 6:53 am

    An unadulterated joy, as ever. How do you guys find this stuff? How does it make its way onto the airwaves? Why aren’t your doors being beaten down…? The truth is a bitter pill, or some such wisdom….

  11. Posted by anatta on 12.10.10 10:57 am

    The game of seeking was over before it started.

  12. Posted by gilbert on 12.10.10 5:44 pm

    What is expressed in the program is clear enough.
    I will not explain what Maharaj means but I can say this, the Absolute means the absolute – Totality – All inclusive.
    It is only the mind that ‘appears’ to divide this natural oneness up into compart-mentalized’ notions.
    An insight can ‘happen’ without any prior notice. All the explaining in the world is just more mind stuff – an insight is not mind stuff – it is pure seeing. It is more like space than any thing.

  13. Posted by Chriso on 12.11.10 12:00 am

    ‘Take away the content and all that remains is the absolute, indescribable.’

    May I inquire how one is to ‘Take away the content’? Is this a rhetorical device or something one might “do”?

    (Editor’s suggestion to this question: Research ‘Neti Neti’ in “I am THAT” and other books on Nisargadatta. That will answer it completely and unequivocally.)

  14. Posted by peter on 12.11.10 1:29 am

    Christo, why you want to take away the content? You are That in which all content appears, there is never any problem with content. You are always free – see that Now!

  15. Posted by Chriso on 12.11.10 2:19 am

    Thanks Peter. Why indeed would I want to ‘take away the content’? I was expressing my puzzlement in response to Anatta’s comment (Dec 10, 4:26 am, above). Editor?

  16. Posted by Chriso on 12.11.10 2:57 am

    Neti! I’ve taken another run round it and it’s nothing to do with Nisargadatta’s ‘Neti Neti’. The only way to take away the content, this side of the grave, is settle down for a deep snooze. It’s not really meaningful to chuck the idea around rhetorically.

    (Editor: Take as many runs around it as you like. Drop whatever it is that you think you are running around. There is no answer in the mind.
    Neti neti means NOT this, NOT this. Whatever concept appears, drop it. Do this until the mind ceases to throw up concepts. Then the seeing is clear and unobstructed – true identity is pristinely obvious)

  17. Posted by anatta on 12.11.10 4:00 am

    Hey Chriso. The “content” disappears every night during deep sleep when consciousness is absent. What can be said about that state? What words would you use to describe it? That is why Nisargadatta says that we can talk all we want about consciousness and the world of form that appears within it but NOTHING can be or needs to be said about the absolute, meaning that which ALWAYS and ONLY is (even when appearing as the world of form).

    I wouldn’t put too much energy into pointers – they’re just there to remove the other concepts that make us see ourselves as separate, limited beings. When the mind is quiet, the illusion of division (duality) doesn’t appear. Bob’s (or whoever’s) phrase “Non-conceptual awareness” is a great pointer. It just points to the fact that I AM NOT AN IDEA. I wouldn’t let words bother you too much – they aren’t all that important.

  18. Posted by Chriso on 12.11.10 4:13 am

    That’s more like it. Sometimes one has to shake the tree a bit to get the good fruit down. Top reply, thanks.

  19. Posted by suki on 12.11.10 4:32 am

    What is present during deep sleep, is what is present Now! ‘That’ which does NOT change is always present. You are That. And that is that….

  20. Posted by Scarfox on 12.11.10 2:14 pm

    That sounds pretty dualistic Suki! this appears to that, and this is that.. etc confusing.

  21. Posted by suki on 12.11.10 2:59 pm

    Scarfox,it is ALL in the ‘Seeing’.The ‘Seeing’ is already there, just not noticed. When ‘This’, is seen, then there is only ‘This’ or calling it ‘That’ is the same. But, I prefer ‘This’. We can’t specify what the ‘This’ is! It’s right here, right Now. Not trying to be cryptic or anything,but you are that and I am that.
    This is ONE THING, that is NOT A THING……Its the ONLY THING happening.Does this make sense??

    Ok, OK, make it easy….your ordinary present awareness – Thats IT! how ordinary is that?

  22. Posted by suki on 12.11.10 3:18 pm

    ‘This’ or ‘That’ has NO context. Just SEE now into your experience, can you find actual context for your experience. We CANNOT know what this is. We know it is, but we can’t say what it is and it is what we ARE….

  23. Posted by NotClyde on 12.12.10 11:59 am

    Oneness manifesting as one of the greatest sages of the 20th Century, pointing the way to Absolute Truth…

    While simultaneously manifesting as that idiot driver who can’t lay off the horn…

    Never let it be said that the Universe lacks a sense of humor.

  24. Posted by NotClyde on 12.12.10 12:07 pm

    Gilbert: “There are many pointers offered by various ‘teachers.’ One of the simplest pointers is a single line spoken by Nisargadatta: ‘You are not the body, nor the mind.’”

    Response: Yes. That one is truly nuclear. There is another: ‘You are not anything that you can conceive or perceive.’

    Same message. If you’re driving when they hit, they’ll make you want to pull over and sit for awhile–maybe a few weeks?

    But if I’m not the body nor the mind, then What Am I?

    Good luck with that one. (And never let it be said that the Universe lacks a sense of humor…)

  25. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 12.12.10 2:33 pm

    Suki, your post (11 Dec 3:18) was beautiful. I haven’t posted here in ages, but wanted to highlight this post of yours as “good stuff”. I also went to your page briefly (for the first time ever) and saw something about “compulsive seeker of truth” or something similar…this post sounded like a “graduate” to me so you may want to change that on your blog. Anyway, I’ve just been a little excited lately because I’m making plans to see Bob early March. I blew it as far as never making it to see Frank Sinatra and don’t want to repeat that with Bob. Will also be nice to see the group who attends his meetings.

  26. Posted by anatta on 12.12.10 7:41 pm

    “I want words – lots of ‘em.” – The Seeker

  27. Posted by suki on 12.13.10 1:10 am

    Well hello there, Kimo. Thought you had disappeared and had enough of this shit!you know, once you get the message,you hang up kind of thing. :) But anyway, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try to come up with something grandiose. It’s all fun, none of it matters!

    Going to see Bob, eh! Nice… I’ve never met the man and honestly I have no particular desire to travel long distances to meet any living ‘Sage’. But, if he was close by may be? I am however, grateful for his sharing the uncompromising clear message. There are many who have benefited and through them are benefiting ‘others’.
    Cheers – Suki

  28. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 12.13.10 2:40 am

    I hear Australia is an incredible country; so it will great to see the area and also attend Bob’s meetings. I haven’t attended any type of non-duality sessions except one weekend a couple/few years ago when John Wheeler was in my local area. I have no problem expressing gratitude in-person at Bob’s–where else are the pointers so clear? Nowhere. I think I would also greatly enjoy the group and it will be fun to see my friend’s reaction to all this stuff. She’s quite curious to see this “Mr Bob” who has made such an impact. Anyway, I’ve had several pages of notes for a book that I’ve since scrapped because I think I can do better. My “non-duality composing” has morphed away from a lot of the traditional or neo bread and butter pointers. “Awareness” and “the Knowing” sometimes make a clanking sound to me depending on the usage. There’s nobody there to be present and aware or to make the knowing function; conversely, there is also no non-entity or autopilot who is doing these things. One of Bob’s books “One Essence Appearing as Everything” says it quite nicely. Not “Awareness aware of content” or “the functioning knowing intelligence that sees everything”–simply that undeniable essence (or context as you put it) that is inseparable from (and the basis of) all seeming appearance. That context is a prerequisite for any imagined appearance; including all good pointers and all non-resonating pointers.

  29. Posted by Chriso on 12.14.10 9:34 pm

    Response to:

    (Editor: Take as many runs around it as you like. Drop whatever it is that you think you are running around. There is no answer in the mind.
    Neti neti means NOT this, NOT this. Whatever concept appears, drop it. Do this until the mind ceases to throw up concepts. Then the seeing is clear and unobstructed – true identity is pristinely obvious).

    Who is ‘Editor’ (not an Advaita question BTW)? Sounds like Gilbert.

    Editor: Who cares?

  30. Posted by Chriso on 12.14.10 10:02 pm

    Ah, Gilbert! Thanks.

    Sure, NOBODY cares. Nobody ANYbodies. There is nobody. Known.

  31. Posted by suki on 12.15.10 5:47 am

    Program 64.- Gilbert ‘So Clear – So Obvious’
    Does not get clearer than this! Forget about the ‘messenger’, just listen, very attentively to the message. It’s all there..

  32. Posted by Randall Friend on 12.15.10 8:01 am

    This is generally a very conceptual endeavor – trying to figure out what you are. Do you need to figure out WHAT you are? Figuring out what you are requires you to be able to objectify yourself. Where will you find your Self? What experience will reveal your true Self? Mustn’t that Self already be present and evident now?

    No concept is required to know THAT you are. No word, no thought is necessary and you are there, always. What is the nature of that always-here-ness? Isn’t it ALWAYS HERE?? Isn’t that it’s nature? Always present. So eliminate all that is not always here – notice that which remains and that which comes and goes.

    Even “Consciousness” comes and goes. How do you know that? Because you are there to notice. So, that which is always here is the noticing itself, is it not? Therefore what you are is the noticing, the present experiencing or what we call “awareness”.

    Awareness is the expression of what you are – seemingly aware OF something but upon close investigation, that “awareness” is never apart from the content. There has never been a division between that which you are and that which appears. Never.

    So what is needed to find? Isn’t that presence always the case? Would a change of experience make it better? Would a change of experience make it clearer? Would a change of experience validate it?

    Appearance and awareness are two words for the same reality. The habitual analysis immediately asserts that this is not the case, because the division is already solidified before analysis can take place.

    The only “way out” is full stop. That is the first and last step.

  33. Posted by Chriso on 12.15.10 10:10 am

    Yep. It’s the space between these two brackets [].

  34. Posted by Chriso on 12.15.10 10:21 am

    Suki: Good spot. #64 has been the favourite with me for some time now (perhaps as near as we’ll get here to ‘a proper pot’). Every messenger (and indeed every message recipient) is at once a spark from the infinite and an earthbound thing. Both the messengers and the recipients should keep this in mind. There are bags of good messengers out there, and a change is often as good as a rest.

  35. Posted by Randall Friend on 12.15.10 11:30 am

    In what does the world arise? In what does the body arise? In what do thoughts arise?

    In what does your Self arise?

    Self is that in which, right now, the world, body and thoughts arise. Self does not arise – it IS.

    Self is that which objectifies even space. Space does not know you. You know space.

    Self is the capacity we call Here-and-Now. All that arises only arises Now – it is never apart from Now. It is never other than Here.

  36. Posted by fernando on 12.16.10 1:24 am

    «As long as you believe that there is a solid ‘someone’ who is going to become enlightened in some future time, then a subtle shroud of ignorance clouds the mind. ‘When’ this someone is seen as a transparency, a pattern appearing within this direct and immediate seeing (that I am), then it is known in an un-mediated way to be an appearance in this knowing presence (that I am) and so it is known directly and immediately that I am not this appearance. This pattern of belief commonly called ‘me’ is not what I am. ‘Then’, which can only ever be ‘this immediacy’ of now, this habitual belief pattern has already lost its hold in the mind.»
    (Resonance in the Heart – G. Schultz)