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96. Cosmic Consciousness -There is NO Big Lie

[ 62 Comments ] Posted on 11.17.10 under Gilbert Schultz, Podcast

The subject is the new e-book “Resonance in the Heart”. The myth about enlightenment is uncovered as another story. The basic premise of being a separate individual is sent to the junk yard.  It is a challenging program, for some. Common consensus reality is a fiction. There is a free short version of the e-book on the seeing-knowing website. The myth about enlightenment is dismantled without mercy.

The expressions in this program may appear to be a little ‘over the top’ for some.

Music includes: Pink Floyd, Police, Kinks, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Cash, Kings of Convenience , Kese Kess, and Supertramp.

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For another interviews with the same speaker on Urban Guru Cafe see program 64.

87. Jiddu Krishnamurti – Choiceless awareness

[ 43 Comments ] Posted on 07.09.10 under Podcast

This is our second program on Jiddu Krishnamurti. He was discovered and announced as a ‘World Teacher’ by Dr. Annie Besant of the Theosophical Society, he later renounced the position saying that “Truth is a Pathless Land”. This program actually contains certain salient points that are a key to understanding the ‘situation’ we find ourselves in. These points may pass over your head unless you pay close attention. I advise you listen to what he says as often as it takes for them to reveal themselves clearly. The previous program on J. Krishnamurti should also be listened to again if necessary. Remember that it is not about the messenger. The clarity of the pointing is what this is all about. Krishnamurti was often very blunt with his pointing. This program is a stand alone pointer. In effect, as a producer, I have taken the salient points and given them new life in a new form. This program expresses the basics, without all the unnecessary extras. The bare bones of it all is in this presentation.

Many websites can be found dedicated to J. Krishnamurti. Here is one – Click here.

Music includes: Bach, Annour Brahem and a piece by Jacqueline Du Pre on Cello.

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84. Jiddu Krishnamurti – The Essence of Freedom, is naked Seeing.

[ 29 Comments ] Posted on 05.30.10 under Podcast


Some of the essential points which J. Krishnamurti shared are in this program.

In 1929 Krishnamurti dissolved ‘The Order’, which, he was made the head of – because he recognized that he was being turned into an idol of worship.  He says: “I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. That is my point of view, and I adhere to that absolutely and unconditionally. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or coerce people along any particular path. If you first understand that, then you will see how impossible it is to organize a belief. A belief is purely an individual matter, and you cannot and must not organize it. If you do, it becomes dead, crystallized; it becomes a creed, a sect, a religion, to be imposed on others”..(end of quote).  The program is a pointer, fresh and new.

The Krishnamurti Foundation, Brockwood Park, UK, click HERE. Other sites lead off from that site.

Music includes: Annour Brahem, Vassilis Tsabropoulos from the CD titled ‘Melos’, Mozart and Bach.

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83. Knock knock – Who is it? – ME – There’s no space here

[ 50 Comments ] Posted on 05.23.10 under Podcast

THE URBAN GURU CAFE IS A FREE PODCAST WHICH DOES NOT ASK THE LISTENER TO BELIEVE IN ANYTHING. Speakers who point clearly, without making a fuss about who they are. We trust that you will find what you need in some of these 100 programs.

Zak expresses his ‘take’ on this ‘subject’. He is contactable via his website.

The Lover and the Beloved are One.

Everything is Consciousness.

Music includes: Mercandede, Rowland Schultz (Gilbert’s son playing 2 Oud pieces), Zahir Hussain, Electric Gypsyland, Le Trio Joubran, and Pink Floyd - plus more.

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Hello world!

[ 21 Comments ] Posted on 09.16.09 under Podcast

But the world is an illusion.


The UGC is functional, once again…  or dysfunctional, depending on your perspective. We have a new look, some new functionality, and have made an attempt, through user registration and comment ratings, to clean up the comments section according to the many recent complaints. There is a new Policy tab at the top of the site, which provides details about these new additions.


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50. Peter Brown – The Open Doorway – Part 1

[ 208 Comments ] Posted on 08.14.09 under Peter Brown, Podcast

Peter Brown has a way of expressing that side steps many ‘pitfalls’. It is very clear and simple.

Peter’s website click HERE.

Music includes: Paul Brady from his “Spirits Colliding” CD, Santana, Bob Dylan“Don’t take it so personal”, Patrick Park “Life is a song”, Shankar and Pink Floyd.

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49. Paul Hedderman – Recovery – Part 2

[ 135 Comments ] Posted on 08.07.09 under Paul Hedderman, Podcast

Continuation of this interview with Paul Hedderman. Paul is an animated speaker on this ‘subject’. Enjoy.

Zen Bitch Slap is Paul’s website, click HERE to go there after listening to the program.

Music and inclusions: Kenny G, ‘early’ Bob Dylan, Everything but the Girl, Loudon Wainwright, Ry Cooder, James Taylor and Seed.

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48. Paul Hedderman – In Recovery – Part 1.

[ 115 Comments ] Posted on 08.03.09 under Paul Hedderman, Podcast

Paul Hedderman’s background has been with assisting those with addiction problems over many years. The 12 step program has some very potent ‘pointers’, which, by chance or some by other means, has assisted a few to go beyond the 12 steps. Paul is not talking exclusively about AA, the Big Book or the 12 step program here. Actually it is all closely aligned with what we discuss here at the UGC. It is a different slant on the same non-thing.

Zen Bitch Slap is Paul’s website, click HERE to go there after listening to the program.

Music includes: Massive Attack, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Crash Test Dummies (Canada), James Reyne (Aussie), Gary Jules, DJ Cam Feat and Ray Charles. Doubt, Deliverance and The International.

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47. It’s YOURS right here, right NOW – Kimo, Dan and Morgan # 2

[ 133 Comments ] Posted on 07.24.09 under Podcast

Continuing on from part 1. Dan, Morgan and Kimo share their insights on this subject of ‘Non Duality’. A demonstration that clear ‘pointing’ is happening – it is not a matter of ‘someone’ standing on a platform, wearing the ‘guru’ garments. Clear and present ‘Pointing’ is not inhibited by conditions of ‘membership’ or hefty fees and devotional attitudes. In fact a single blade of grass swaying in the breeze can ‘point’ you to your own true essence.

Music includes: Stevie Wonder, Gigi, Bob Dylan, Dan (our Dan), Ry Cooder, Mercan Dede, Jethro Tull, Alan Parsons Project, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Crosby Stills and Nash, The Beatles and Sam the Sham. – Voice cuts from TV and Movies: The Matrix, Deliverance, The Riches, The Street and the opening text was written by Bill Bryson, taken from ‘the introduction’ in his excellent ‘light read’ book “A Short History of Everything”. We might track Bill down for an interview.

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46. It’s YOURS right here, right NOW – Kimo, Dan and Morgan # 1

[ 123 Comments ] Posted on 07.16.09 under Podcast

We have three guests on this program, Dan, Morgan and Kimo, regular posters on the comment pages here at the UGC. Areti interviews the boys and gets them to share ‘how they see it all’. We trust you will enjoy it. Gilbert throws in a few red herrings, just for fun.

Music includes: Bob Dylan, Duoud, Everything but the Girl, Groove Amarda, Pepe Habichulela (Flamenco), The Beatles, Dan (our Dan) and Men at Work. Brief voice cuts from the TV series: Mad Men – and The Riches.

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This is a free Podcast available to all who find it. Small donations can be made by those who wish to, by using the donation tab on the front page of the website beneath the coffee cup Logo^.

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