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68. Randall Friend – Undefinable

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An interview with Randall Friend. Randall’s Site is You Are Dreaming.

Linda sent in a transcript of this interview – it can be viewed HERE. Thanks Linda.

Music includes: Coldplay, Cye Wood (fiddle) and Yellow Monday, Matt Walters, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and The Beatles.

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66. James Braha – Living Reality

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Areti speaks with the author of “Living Reality – my extraordinary summer with Sailor Bob Adamson” James Braha.
Bob Visited the US in 2004 and spent several weeks there. James relentlessly delved into his own questions with Bob.  An excellent book.

You will enjoy this program, another unique expression, one that may click or resonate strongly for you.

James website is here.
Music includes: Rufus Wainwright, Nino Josele (Guitar) from a new CD called “La Venta del Alma”, Sting, Cat Stevens , Ricky Nelson and Eddie Vedder.

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65. William Samuel – One Heart

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The Urban Guru Cafe is dedicated to spreading a clear message from a variety of clear ‘speakers’, speakers who do not make compromises or ask for you to believe in them or in anything. The proof that they are genuine is in the fact that many ‘hear’ the message and their habit of seeking slips away silently. Many find William’s expression refreshing and free of a lot of the terminology we are used to. The voice of William is taken from a tape recording that he himself recorded in his study. CD’s of similar recordings are available from his website, which is managed by Sandy. Sandy appears in the comment pages also. William’s delivery may appear just a little dated now but what he is saying is from the ever-fresh ‘knowing’ which is authentic and definitely genuine. Many may be surprised to learn that he was sharing this message regularly for many years in their own country, the USA.

William’s website is HERE.

Music includes: Cello piece from a film called “Departures”, Andreas Vollenweider (flute) and Mozart’s Quartet Number 7 in E Flat KV160 and KV 159 in B Flat.

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64. Gilbert – ‘So Clear – So Obvious’

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Interview with Gilbert. An opportunity to re-discover the in-describe-able essence of what you are. Voice and an excellent selection of musical interludes.

Music includes: Pink Floyd, Ten Years After Sting and Annour Brahem. from his new-ish CD is called Barzakh.

The VIEW from ‘the last stepping stone’, on the pathless path, is the same VIEW from ‘the first stepping stone’. This Seeing NOW.

Pointers appear and disappear – what they all point to never appears… and so it never can disappear. Just the same is what you are has never truly appeared or disappeared. Knowing is all that is ‘happening’. Everything appears in the knowing – including the ‘knowing of’, the ‘conscious of’.

You ARE this SEEING-KNOWING-ESSENCE, the knowing of all things, which only ever forms into the transient patterns of ‘a seer’ and ‘the seen‘. The unchanging is what you ARE. This knowing does not need a pattern to associate with and all patterns come and go ‘upon’ the unchanging essence of ‘I am’.

Gilbert’s website. E-book – For a free sample titled “Without a reference point” Click HERE – the sample is from an E-book titled “Who do you think you are?”

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63. Leo Hartong – Awakening to the Dream

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Author of the popular book and website “Awaken to the Dream”, Leo gives us a rare interview. His book made a splash some years ago and many of you will have a copy no doubt. Few have heard Leo speak and we are pleased that he agreed to the interview. Leo visited this site and liked the way we do things here and he found a ‘Yes’ popping up on the question of ‘interview’ or ‘no interview’…..and so here it is. Also Leo has a good sense of humor and you will naturally warm to his ‘style’.

Visit the Awaken to the Dream website by clicking here.

Music includes: The Small Faces, Patrick Park, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Crowded House (Australian Band) Van Morrison, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, an “I am Sam” soundtrack song, The Beatles, Rick Nelson …..and the Dutch Philharmonic Clog and Windmill Orchestra sat quietly listening.

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62. John Wheeler – the truth of who you are – III

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John Wheeler talks about the nature of this sense of self called ‘I’.

John shares his insights without any dramatic overtones or any requests to believe anything he says. See for yourself. John is also featured in other programs on this site.

John does not have a website at present – you can contact him via an email address which can be found on our links page.

Music includes: Some classic Simon and Garfunkel. Annour Brahem from an excellent recent CD titled “Le pas du Chat noir”

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61. Rodney Stevens – Radiance of Being – part two

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Areti continues this interview with Rodney Stevens.

Rodney says: Non-duality isn’t something that’s difficult, “far-off”, or metaphysical (though its sublimeness is without parallel). It is, for the most part, a teaching that points to the fact that self-realization is simply a matter of seeing or understanding that which is immediately before you. There is absolutely no need examine egoic constructs, debate notions of a perceiver and the perceived, or sit cross-legged on a floor or cave until you faint from exhaustion or exposure. Indeed, before you take a single step towards any of those endeavors, you are awareness itself. You are THAT. See the utter and magnificent reality of this as you read these very words. Allow yourself to be paused–Full Stop!–by the beauty and enormity of that fact. Then you will see yourself as Yourself, radiant spaciousness without beginning or end.

Rodney’s site is HERE.

Music includes: Iron and Wine, Neil Young, Andreas Vollenweider (Flute), Bob Dylan, The Youngbloods, Tomitito (guitar), and Cat Stevens.

This free podcast site is not a commercial enterprise. Nothing is asked of the visitor. Belief is not required. The makers of the programs and the speakers give their time and effort freely. It is a sense of sharing what is known to be true – expressed in so many different ways – not by one particular ‘lineage’ or teaching. EVERYONE is THAT. All expressions are THAT. What is ‘aimed at’ is the calling forth of a recognition of one’s true nature. All the participants on this site ‘give back’. They shine their ‘light’ ‘on the path’ so that others can find their way. Small donations can be made via the website.

60. Rodney Stevens – Radiance of Being – part one

[ Comments Off on 60. Rodney Stevens – Radiance of Being – part one ] Posted on 11.08.09 under Rodney Stevens

A new voice for the UGC. Areti interviews Rodney who found a clear message through John Wheeler.

Rodney’s blogsite is HERE.

Music includes: Paul Simon, Sting, Andreas Vollenweider, Judy Collins, Three Dog Night, Cat Stevens, Ben Harper and Jonathan Edwards.

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59. Rupert Spira – part two

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This is a continuation of Areti’s interview with Rupert Spira. The pointing appears in the knowing. The potency is the knowing, not the pointing. Recognition spontaneously ‘happens’ or not.

Ruperts website is Here

Music includes: The Doors, Mozart, Lemonjelly, Lemon Pipers, The Police and Pink Floyd

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58. Rupert Spira – part one

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Areti interviews Rupert Spira. Many suggestions have been made for us to conduct this interview, so here it is. Rupert is a ceramic’s artist and he makes some exceptionally pleasant pieces of art – forms. See his work on his website. Part two will follow in due course.

Rupert’s website is Here

Music includes: The Oyster Band, Andreas Vollenweider (Harp), Tomitito (Guitar), Shanka (Indian) and Cheb i Sabbah (closing music).

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