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1. Gurus and the teaching

Posted on 03.01.08 4:43PM under Bob Adamson, Gilbert Schultz, Podcast, Tony Parsons

There are many out there claiming to be ‘teaching’ non duality (advaita), but which of them really are? If your chosen teacher is making claims that he or she is enlightened then maybe you need to reconsider how useful such a ‘teacher’ is.

This podcast features audio clips that define what advaita ‘teaching’ is about and discuss the notion of ‘enlightenment.’ Three advaita ‘teachers’ in the program are Bob Adamson, Tony Parsons and Gilbert.

Music excerpts from the following tracks have been used: Sandy Denny ‘It’ll take a long time,’ Debashish Bhattacharya ‘Calcutta Slide Guitar,’ Pink Floyd ‘Time,’ and Guzel Yayla ‘Karsid Gorunen Ne.’

Websites of featured guests:

‘Sailor’ Bob Adamson – Non-conceptual, Self-knowing Awareness

Gilbert’s website.

Tony Parsons – The Open Secret

A transcript of the program is available.

This is a Free Podcast.