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3. Pointers Series – Program 2: No centre, No substance *****

Posted on 03.18.08 2:56PM under Bob Adamson, Gilbert Schultz, Podcast

This is the second program in the pointer series examining Bob Adamson’s pointer that there is no centre or substance to this entity we believe ourselves to be. Included in the program is a short introduction by Gilbert Schultz and an experiment, lead by Douglas Harding, that you can do to further examine the truth of this pointer. Most of the excerpts of Bob Adamson come from three CDs – ‘Sailor’ Bob Adamson – companion Audio CD to the book – What’s wrong with Right Now – unless you think about it’ – Selections from Meetings recorded in 2003 – Volume 1,2 and 3 which form the text in his book ‘PRESENCE AWARENESS – Just This and Nothing Else .’A transcript of the program is available. Websites of featured guests:‘Sailor’ Bob Adamson – Non-conceptual, Self-knowing Awareness Gilbert Schultz – Shining Through the Mind Douglas Harding – The Headless Way