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15. Jeff Foster – Falling Into The Mystery

Posted on 09.18.08 7:06PM under Jeff Foster, Podcast

In this interview with Jeff Foster, Jeff tells us that there is no path and no process to recognizing what we are, and as such, he does not advocate practices nor does he suggest that you stop them, for nothing you do or don’t do can or will lead to that which you already are.

He explains that this ‘understanding’ is not about concepts or about understanding ‘something’, but rather that it is about falling into the mystery, the unknown. He examines a common trap people can fall into when they take the concepts of non-duality and ‘turn them into’ a religion. Specifically, he looks at people falling into nihilism when they hear that there is nothing to get and nobody to do anything.

We are sure that (some of) you will love it – others will take ‘exception’ – such is the way of the appearance, the dualism of LIFE.

Links for the selected music chosen for this program: The Hombres VasThe Moody Blues Jethro TullAndreas Vollenweider on piano and some beautiful Cello work from Daniel Pezzotti – and a classic song from an old favorite Van Morrison “Into the Mystery” briefly opens and closes the program.

Jeffs website is located at Life Without A Centre

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