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18. Interview with Bob Adamson – part 2 ******

Posted on 10.13.08 11:53PM under Bob Adamson, Podcast

Please listen to Part one before this program. This program is part two of a remarkable interview with ‘Sailor Bob’ Adamson.

Even for those who are very familiar with Bob’s so-called ‘teaching’ it will most certainly touch them. We advise you to listen to it a few times. There are many salient points that Bob expresses and each one has a potency that cuts through even the concept of there being a teaching. It is all about right here, right now. Seeing-knowing – this presence that you are.

The ripples from these two programs are already spreading far and wide. The interview contains so many pointers delivered in a remarkably relaxed way. Let it sink in.

A BOOKLET of the transcript (of both programs) is available to post out – visit shiningthroughthemind.net to get the details or email Gilbert for them.

Some beautiful music from Erik Satie and Anouar Brahem

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