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21. John Wheeler – What is the truth of who you are – part 2 *****

Posted on 11.09.08 10:44PM under John Wheeler, Podcast

This is part two of an interview with John Wheeler recently. Many of the probing questions have been removed from the audio to allow a more even flow in John’s expression. This program picks up from the end of part one.

Music by the Beatles, John Lennon, Paul Simon, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Gerardo Nunez, Van Morrison and John Lee Hooker, Ashkabad, Johhny Nash, Nilsson and the voice of George Harrison. Voice cut from Monty Python and a voice cut from Dan Millman’s movie based on his best selling book “The Peaceful Warrior”.

John has no website today – all contact to johnwheeler111@yahoo.com

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