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23. Catherine Harding – In the tradition of ‘On having No head’ – Part 2. *****

Posted on 11.29.08 12:18PM under Catherine Harding, Podcast

This is a continuation from Part 1 shown below – Please listen to part 1 before part 2.

Music from The Mahabharata film soundtrack, Andreas Vollenweider, Talvin Singh and Rakesh Chaurasia, Simon and Garfunkel, Mercan Dede and the Armenian Duduk is played by Gevorg Dabagian.
The Mozart piece is Quartet #23 in F, Kv 590, Allegro. The Mozart piece is for Catherine, her favorite composer. The unrelated comic piece of music after the end of the program is by an Australian group, Captain Matchbox and the Whoopee Band with some Kookaburras (a distinctive Australian icon bird) joining in. Opening piece by The Moody Blues.
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