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35. Appearance and Sensation – Randall Friend

Posted on 04.10.09 12:05PM under Podcast, Randall Friend

Gilbert introduces Randall who shares some insights and explorations into the unknown. Randall’s website

The extract is from a talk by Randal called “Oneness of Consciousness” – hear the rest through the link above.

Randall’s first book is being published in early May – The title is “You Are No Thing” – publisher Non-Duality Press.

Comedy: A short piece from the late and great Bill Hicks is featured at the beginning.

Short music interludes include: James Taylor, Flamenco Arabe, Bob Lind, Ray Stevens, Joe South and Chrissie Hynde.

A recording of Helen Adie playing a Gurdjieff piano piece from a collection of music called “Dances and Chants of the Seids” – an unusually ‘moving’ piece of music.

Point of interest: Helen Adie, a concert pianist during her early life in London, was Gilbert’s ‘sacred dance’ (‘movements’) teacher for many years. She played Piano for the Movement Classes in Paris (Fontainebleau) for G.I. Gurdjieff . Helen and her husband George Adie were pupils of Gurdjieff. This music, along with many other pieces, was recorded by Gilbert in the 80’s. There is a 3 CD set of the music available (or was for a few years). It may be hard to find. Some of the pieces are exceptionally ‘moving’. As I remember it, Helen was flown to the US to play pieces for the production of Peter Brook’s film, on Gurdjieff’s early life, called “Meetings with Remarkable Men”. Some of the ‘movements’ appear in that film. You can see them on google video.

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