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36. Across Space and Time – Program #2 – Nisargadatta Tapes

Posted on 04.13.09 10:02PM under Nisargadatta Maharaj, Podcast

“Those who know only scriptures know nothing – To know is to BE”. – Nisargadatta

“Delayed response is wrong response. Thought, feeling and action must be one and simultaneous with the situation that calls for them” – Nisargadatta

The essence of the message is subtle. The mind is attuned to gross concepts. In this program is a very subtle introduction to our true nature. Listen to it as often as you can. The insight that comes, opens up the being-ness.

There is ‘no reason’ why anyone should miss it. It is the immediacy of being.

The voices of Jack Kornfield, Mark West, Ramesh Balsekar appear in this program.

Three short audio extracts from the video “Awaken to the Eternal“.

Various visitors put questions to Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj through the English translator, Ramesh.

Music by Asad Qizilibash, Ravi Shanka and the closing music by Van Morrison.

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