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37. Across Space and Time – Program #3 – Nisargadatta Tapes

Posted on 04.23.09 11:18AM under Nisargadatta Maharaj, Podcast

This tape is from January 1981. The atmosphere is ‘alive’ with activities and the pointing is constant. Jean Dunn was present in the meeting. Jean published three books of transcripts from tapes similar to these ones featured here on the UGC. The word Fakir is used several times at one point. A Fakir is a Yogi, trained to go beyond the body. An example is: a bed of nails is used by a Fakir.

Music by Talvin Singh (Flute) and Asad Qizilbash (Sarod).

The voices of Alan Kahaney, Jack Kornfield, Jean Dunn appear as extracts from the “Awaken to the Eternal” video on Nisargadatta. This video is well worth watching. The link above takes you to the website for the video. Watch the entire video by clicking HERE.

Also….Nisargadatta audio courtesy of Maurizio at netineti films here.

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