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43. Gnosis – Timothy Freke – Part 1.

Posted on 06.23.09 1:35PM under Podcast, Tim Freke

International best selling co-author of “The Jesus Mysteries”, Tim Freke, gives his views on Non Duality and integrating the sense of separation.

Gnosticism, as such, is only a few years older than Christianity but its origins, or the origins of its material, are lost in time. No one knows the exact origins of Gnosticism – Yet what it is all about is just that knowing that is present with you right now.

So, understand the light – and make friends with it – Hermes the Thrice-Greatest.

The program is looking at things from a different angle and is bound to stimulate a lot of comments and bring some new material for contemplation.

This interview will be presented in three parts. Here are two quotes from Nisargadatta that express the essence message in this program: “When I see that I am nothing, that is wisdom. When I see that I am everything, that is love and my life moves between these two“.

and…………”I am THAT by which I know I AM“.

Timothy’s quirky website Click HERE.

Music includes: Gigi, Jethro Tull, Le Trio Joubran (Oud) from a great CD called “Randana”, Cat Stevens, Moody Blues, Beck, Al Stewart with a short Guitar piece and Townes Van Zandt.

A short grab from ‘The Matrix’ movie sound track.

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