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45. Gnosis – Timothy Freke – Part 3

Posted on 07.04.09 11:56AM under Podcast, Tim Freke

Part Three of this interview will complete this trilogy. Enjoy.

International best selling co-author of “The Jesus Mysteries”, Tim Freke, gives his views on Non Duality and integrating the sense of separation in this second part of a single interview.

Gnosticism is all about the simplicity of knowing, the naked, unadorned knowing that is present with you right now.

Here is a quote from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj that express the essence message in these programs:

“Be conscious of this consciousness – that is the only meditation one needs”.

Timothy’s quirky website Click HERE.

Music includes: U2, Van Morrison, Everything but the Girl, The Beatles, Massive Attack, Bob Dylan, I am Sam, Ali Akbar Khan, Jan Hassen and Tafu.

A short voice cut from The Matrix.

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