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47. It’s YOURS right here, right NOW – Kimo, Dan and Morgan # 2

Posted on 07.24.09 1:59PM under Podcast

Continuing on from part 1. Dan, Morgan and Kimo share their insights on this subject of ‘Non Duality’. A demonstration that clear ‘pointing’ is happening – it is not a matter of ‘someone’ standing on a platform, wearing the ‘guru’ garments. Clear and present ‘Pointing’ is not inhibited by conditions of ‘membership’ or hefty fees and devotional attitudes. In fact a single blade of grass swaying in the breeze can ‘point’ you to your own true essence.

Music includes: Stevie Wonder, Gigi, Bob Dylan, Dan (our Dan), Ry Cooder, Mercan Dede, Jethro Tull, Alan Parsons Project, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Crosby Stills and Nash, The Beatles and Sam the Sham. – Voice cuts from TV and Movies: The Matrix, Deliverance, The Riches, The Street and the opening text was written by Bill Bryson, taken from ‘the introduction’ in his excellent ‘light read’ book “A Short History of Everything”. We might track Bill down for an interview.

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