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67. Richard Collings – Stop seeking and simply notice what already IS.

Posted on 12.25.09 6:11AM under Richard Collings

Richard Collings. Richard came to our notice through some comment he made on this site. We think you will be quite interested in what he shares. Ric: “Up until then, science had totally removed, just ignored consciousness, effectively termed ignorance. Consciousness was taken out of the picture completely, but (then) with quantum physics there is a field of functioning before matter, of pure intelligence, that is effectively infinite in its possibilities and its beyond time and space – and what I am saying is that this field, this quantum field, is just a conceptual description for consciousness.”

Richard does not have a website as yet.

Music includes: Pink Floyd (on Richard’s request), Ben Harper (guitar), Zero 7, Nick Cave (Let it be), Matt Walters (Two songs from a young local Melbourne lad with a ton of talent) and Bob Dylan (USA Home grown genius of song) .

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