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75. David Carse – Perfect Brilliant Stillness

Posted on 03.14.10 3:22AM under David Carse

In this program the legendary British actor Terence Stamp reads selected extracts from the book that he says “changed my life”, Perfect Brilliant Stillness by David Carse. These extracts, like the full unabridged audiobook (which can be download for a reasonable fee from Silksoundbooks), is an exploration of our ‘existence’ – THAT, which cannot be denied.  In The fine print at the start of his book, David Carse wrote: There are many books out there that will help you to live a better life, become a better person, evolve and grow to realize your potential as a spiritual being. This is not one of them.

It should be noted that the various audio selections used in this program amounts ot a mere fraction of the full version.   The book is quite extensive and covers many aspects of this ‘subject’.

The hard copy of the book is available through Non Duality Press. Look for it in your local ‘spiritual bookshop’ or order it directly from Non Duality Press.

NOTE: These selected passages appear as one program. The contents here are only a fraction of the full Audio Book.

Music includes: Ruben Diaz (Guitar), a brilliant composer Thomas Dybdahl selections and a brief appearance of The Muse (Bliss).

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