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94. Joan Tollifson – The world goes on the same.

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Who wakes up? Does the mirage wake up from the mirage? Is clarity or confusion personal, does it have an owner, or is there simply weather appearing and disappearing, sometimes clear and sometimes cloudy? Is awakening a future event, or does that word point to the utter simplicity of Here and Now?

Joan talks about her views, her background and what it all means in The Simplicity of What is….. Joan’s website is HERE.   Joan’s new book is now available — Painting the Sidewalk with Water: Talks and Dialogs about Nonduality from Nonduality Press.

Music includes Alan Price (from Oh Lucky Man), Rivertribe (Australian band) and ‘Bliss’ by Muse.

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93. Jackie O’Keeffe – Enjoy it anyway.

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Non Duality presented with an Irish accent and a clear view expressed through Jackie O’Keeffe. Areti talks with Jackie soon after Jackie ran a recent Silent Retreat. Jackie speaks with a natural confidence and has a good sense of humor. Relax and just let the hearing happen. Jackie’s Website.

Music Includes: Planxty, Lunasa, Dick Gaughan, Van Morrison.

The Urban Guru Cafe is a totally free offering. 100 programs to listen to. Each one is packed with pointing, pointing to the same non thing, which is what you are. Seekers are never finders. What reveals itself is pure cognition, pure being, unlimited presence-awareness. Small donations are welcome.

92. Darryl Bailey – Dismantling the fantasy

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“Darryl Bailey was drawn to meditation at age fourteen, he spent the next seventeen years exploring awareness and concentration practices from Christian, Hindu, Sufi, Taoist, Buddhist, and Western psychology sources.”

Many will not have heard of Darryl and no wonder. He has been quietly staying out of the limelight and enjoying it that way. Everything changes. Areti chats with Darryl about life and stuff. His recent book “Dismantling the Fantasy” is published by Non Duality Press.

Darryl’s website – Click HERE

Music includes: Bob Dylan, Andreas Vollenweider, Clannad, Dave Loggins, James Taylor, Mozart and Supertramp.

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91. Rupert Spira – It is Awareness

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Rupert Spira is sharp and clear.  No need to believe anything.  See for yourself.  Other interviews with Rupert appear in earlier programs on the UGC.

Rupert’s website is HERE.

Music includes: REM, Richard Thomson, Angus and Julia Stone, Jan Garbarek, Kese Kese, Nick Cave, the Muse and the Kinks.

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89. Robert Wolfe – Living Nonduality

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Robert Wolfe chats basically about living without the constrictions of an identified state of mind. His books can be seen at his website by clicking HERE.

Music includes: Angus and Julia Stone (Australian), The Swell Season, Olivia Newton-John (Australian), Cat Stevens, Pink Floyd, Jorge Drexler, Al Otro Del Rio from The Motorcycle Diaries and Coldplay.

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86. Being Ordinary – Mike and Tom

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These chaps have a podcast on Being Ordinary. Click HERE to see and hear it. They have started doing interviews since this recording was made.

Music includes: The Kinks, Cluster and Eno, John Lennon and Sheila Chandra.

FREE podcast.  Donations welcome. We are not a corporation or a business venture.   Enjoy these 100 free podcasts…… and take a listen to Mike and Tom’s new podcast site too.

85. Isaac Shapiro – Beloved Life

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Many will already be familiar with him and others may not have even heard of Isaac. He lives in Australia for some of the year, near Byron Bay. He travels all over the Globe holding meetings. Website HERE. Papaji was Isaac’s pointer.
Oneness is all inclusive. Every expression, in any place or time, is the Singular Essence expressing and appearing as THAT.
Who gets stuck on what? Enjoy the program.   Relax and listen.

and….Welcome to all the new listeners to the Urban Guru Cafe. We have 85 programs, all about the same ‘Thing’…..No Thing.

Music includes: Ray Charles, Iron and Wine, Sirocco, Sheryl Crow, Matt Walters, Annour Brahem and Vassilis Tsabropoulos.

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72. Relaxing into THAT. (No Crusade – No Mission)

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New program. How can anyone possibly miss what is being pointed at? Beats me.  There is no mission impossible here – no mission at all.

Music includes: Mal Webb, Ray Charles, Gilbert, The Swell Season (piano piece), Paul Simon, Ry Cooder, James Taylor, Bliss, Bob Dylan and the fantastic music of Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks with “Humming to myself” (a Non Duality song…ha).

Free podcast on Non Duality. No fees, no membership, no hassles. Just direct pointing presented in an unconventional manner.

As a bit of a joke, the following was posted here……NOTICE: YES, the UGC is up for grabs – best offer wins – No offers were made via emailed in.

69. Randall Friend – Undefineable – Part 2

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We are back packing a punch – remember that memory and anticipation do not actually obscure clear and present awareness. What value does a ‘pointer’ have? The offering of clear pointers (and the recognition of our true nature) is priceless.

In the appearance of space and time, in program number 69, Areti continues to explore Randall’s unique expression on what Non Duality is, ‘as if’ it could be defined.

Randall’s blog is You Are Dreaming. His book is You Are No-Thing from Non-Duality Press. Randall holds talks in Second Life on Tuesdays. See the Virtual UGC page for more information.

Music includes: Rivertribe (Australian Band) Radiohead, Sandy Denny with Fairport Convention, Cat Empire Project, China Crisis, Paul Brady, Judy Collins and Manfred Mann.

This free podcast site does not ask you for anything. Belief is not necessary – see for yourself – small donations help to cover costs – What value does a ‘pointer’ have? Offering clear pointers to absolute strangers without asking for anything is self-less-ness in action. Compassion expresses itself through pointers and the recognition of our true nature is priceless.

68. Randall Friend – Undefinable

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An interview with Randall Friend. Randall’s Site is You Are Dreaming.

Linda sent in a transcript of this interview – it can be viewed HERE. Thanks Linda.

Music includes: Coldplay, Cye Wood (fiddle) and Yellow Monday, Matt Walters, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and The Beatles.

The UGC is a free podcast site – enjoy.

The UGC is a free podcast site – donations are welcome – thank you.

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