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86. Being Ordinary – Mike and Tom

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These chaps have a podcast on Being Ordinary. Click HERE to see and hear it. They have started doing interviews since this recording was made.

Music includes: The Kinks, Cluster and Eno, John Lennon and Sheila Chandra.

FREE podcast.  Donations welcome. We are not a corporation or a business venture.   Enjoy these 100 free podcasts…… and take a listen to Mike and Tom’s new podcast site too.

75. David Carse – Perfect Brilliant Stillness

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In this program the legendary British actor Terence Stamp reads selected extracts from the book that he says “changed my life”, Perfect Brilliant Stillness by David Carse. These extracts, like the full unabridged audiobook (which can be download for a reasonable fee from Silksoundbooks), is an exploration of our ‘existence’ – THAT, which cannot be denied.  In The fine print at the start of his book, David Carse wrote: There are many books out there that will help you to live a better life, become a better person, evolve and grow to realize your potential as a spiritual being. This is not one of them.

It should be noted that the various audio selections used in this program amounts ot a mere fraction of the full version.   The book is quite extensive and covers many aspects of this ‘subject’.

The hard copy of the book is available through Non Duality Press. Look for it in your local ‘spiritual bookshop’ or order it directly from Non Duality Press.

NOTE: These selected passages appear as one program. The contents here are only a fraction of the full Audio Book.

Music includes: Ruben Diaz (Guitar), a brilliant composer Thomas Dybdahl selections and a brief appearance of The Muse (Bliss).

The Urban Guru Cafe is a free podcast on the subject of Non Duality. The UGC breaks through the bondage to all paths and points to right here, right now.

74. Talkin’ about nothin’ – Kenneth Madden

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Kenneth Madden is from Galway, Ireland, and is a relatively unknown ‘speaker’ on Non Duality. That ‘relatively unknown’ is about to change and many will enjoy Kenneth’s expression, simple and direct. This is it – just as it is. He is also an accomplished photographer and you can see some excellent examples of his work on his site.  Sure enough ‘Never not Here’ interviewed Kenneth shortly after this program was published.

Kenneth’s Blogsite is here.

It’s a bit of fun and it’s high time too – a good laugh may just nudge its way out of an overly concerned seeker’s big wooly pullover.

Music by a truly wonderful band called Planxty, who once upon a time were Ireland’s most popular folk group (unless we are mistaken). We love Irish music here at the UGC.

The UGC is a free podcast site – uncompromising and yet quite enjoyable. – Small donations are welcome.

Our promise is to entertain without being overly serious and yet still bring it all back to direct pointing – with no overbearing ‘personalities’ pushing their own ‘wheelbarrow message’ about themselves and how sacred they are.

72. Relaxing into THAT. (No Crusade – No Mission)

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New program. How can anyone possibly miss what is being pointed at? Beats me.  There is no mission impossible here – no mission at all.

Music includes: Mal Webb, Ray Charles, Gilbert, The Swell Season (piano piece), Paul Simon, Ry Cooder, James Taylor, Bliss, Bob Dylan and the fantastic music of Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks with “Humming to myself” (a Non Duality song…ha).

Free podcast on Non Duality. No fees, no membership, no hassles. Just direct pointing presented in an unconventional manner.

As a bit of a joke, the following was posted here……NOTICE: YES, the UGC is up for grabs – best offer wins – No offers were made via emailed in.

71. What is THAT ?

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No Crusade – No Mission. You may think and believe that you have heard it all before. Well, maybe the salient points have not hit home as yet. So this is why we take a look at some of them in the fresh presentation of short extracts (snippets as Arteti calls them). In this ‘part two’ there are clips from the early programs

Music includes: Bob Dylan, Eric Satie, Annour Brahem, Matt Walters (Aussie singer songwriter) Bliss, Rivertribe (Aussie band) and a few others I will add to this list soon.

The UGC is a free podcast on the subject of Non Duality. Nothing quite like it appears anywhere else. Small donations can be made via the websiteto keep this site happening. Warm regards from the UGC Team. No Crusade – No Mission.

69. Randall Friend – Undefineable – Part 2

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We are back packing a punch – remember that memory and anticipation do not actually obscure clear and present awareness. What value does a ‘pointer’ have? The offering of clear pointers (and the recognition of our true nature) is priceless.

In the appearance of space and time, in program number 69, Areti continues to explore Randall’s unique expression on what Non Duality is, ‘as if’ it could be defined.

Randall’s blog is You Are Dreaming. His book is You Are No-Thing from Non-Duality Press. Randall holds talks in Second Life on Tuesdays. See the Virtual UGC page for more information.

Music includes: Rivertribe (Australian Band) Radiohead, Sandy Denny with Fairport Convention, Cat Empire Project, China Crisis, Paul Brady, Judy Collins and Manfred Mann.

This free podcast site does not ask you for anything. Belief is not necessary – see for yourself – small donations help to cover costs – What value does a ‘pointer’ have? Offering clear pointers to absolute strangers without asking for anything is self-less-ness in action. Compassion expresses itself through pointers and the recognition of our true nature is priceless.

68. Randall Friend – Undefinable

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An interview with Randall Friend. Randall’s Site is You Are Dreaming.

Linda sent in a transcript of this interview – it can be viewed HERE. Thanks Linda.

Music includes: Coldplay, Cye Wood (fiddle) and Yellow Monday, Matt Walters, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and The Beatles.

The UGC is a free podcast site – enjoy.

The UGC is a free podcast site – donations are welcome – thank you.

67. Richard Collings – Stop seeking and simply notice what already IS.

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Richard Collings. Richard came to our notice through some comment he made on this site. We think you will be quite interested in what he shares. Ric: “Up until then, science had totally removed, just ignored consciousness, effectively termed ignorance. Consciousness was taken out of the picture completely, but (then) with quantum physics there is a field of functioning before matter, of pure intelligence, that is effectively infinite in its possibilities and its beyond time and space – and what I am saying is that this field, this quantum field, is just a conceptual description for consciousness.”

Richard does not have a website as yet.

Music includes: Pink Floyd (on Richard’s request), Ben Harper (guitar), Zero 7, Nick Cave (Let it be), Matt Walters (Two songs from a young local Melbourne lad with a ton of talent) and Bob Dylan (USA Home grown genius of song) .

The Urban Guru Cafe is a free podcast for sharing clear pointing to your true nature. Thank you to those who have made a small donation recently. It helps keep the site ticking over.

65. William Samuel – One Heart

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The Urban Guru Cafe is dedicated to spreading a clear message from a variety of clear ‘speakers’, speakers who do not make compromises or ask for you to believe in them or in anything. The proof that they are genuine is in the fact that many ‘hear’ the message and their habit of seeking slips away silently. Many find William’s expression refreshing and free of a lot of the terminology we are used to. The voice of William is taken from a tape recording that he himself recorded in his study. CD’s of similar recordings are available from his website, which is managed by Sandy. Sandy appears in the comment pages also. William’s delivery may appear just a little dated now but what he is saying is from the ever-fresh ‘knowing’ which is authentic and definitely genuine. Many may be surprised to learn that he was sharing this message regularly for many years in their own country, the USA.

William’s website is HERE.

Music includes: Cello piece from a film called “Departures”, Andreas Vollenweider (flute) and Mozart’s Quartet Number 7 in E Flat KV160 and KV 159 in B Flat.

The UGC is a free Podcast – available to all – tell a friend.

64. Gilbert – ‘So Clear – So Obvious’

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Interview with Gilbert. An opportunity to re-discover the in-describe-able essence of what you are. Voice and an excellent selection of musical interludes.

Music includes: Pink Floyd, Ten Years After Sting and Annour Brahem. from his new-ish CD is called Barzakh.

The VIEW from ‘the last stepping stone’, on the pathless path, is the same VIEW from ‘the first stepping stone’. This Seeing NOW.

Pointers appear and disappear – what they all point to never appears… and so it never can disappear. Just the same is what you are has never truly appeared or disappeared. Knowing is all that is ‘happening’. Everything appears in the knowing – including the ‘knowing of’, the ‘conscious of’.

You ARE this SEEING-KNOWING-ESSENCE, the knowing of all things, which only ever forms into the transient patterns of ‘a seer’ and ‘the seen‘. The unchanging is what you ARE. This knowing does not need a pattern to associate with and all patterns come and go ‘upon’ the unchanging essence of ‘I am’.

Gilbert’s website. E-book – For a free sample titled “Without a reference point” Click HERE – the sample is from an E-book titled “Who do you think you are?”

The UGC is a free podcast on the subject of Non Duality.

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