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61. Rodney Stevens – Radiance of Being – part two

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Areti continues this interview with Rodney Stevens.

Rodney says: Non-duality isn’t something that’s difficult, “far-off”, or metaphysical (though its sublimeness is without parallel). It is, for the most part, a teaching that points to the fact that self-realization is simply a matter of seeing or understanding that which is immediately before you. There is absolutely no need examine egoic constructs, debate notions of a perceiver and the perceived, or sit cross-legged on a floor or cave until you faint from exhaustion or exposure. Indeed, before you take a single step towards any of those endeavors, you are awareness itself. You are THAT. See the utter and magnificent reality of this as you read these very words. Allow yourself to be paused–Full Stop!–by the beauty and enormity of that fact. Then you will see yourself as Yourself, radiant spaciousness without beginning or end.

Rodney’s site is HERE.

Music includes: Iron and Wine, Neil Young, Andreas Vollenweider (Flute), Bob Dylan, The Youngbloods, Tomitito (guitar), and Cat Stevens.

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59. Rupert Spira – part two

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This is a continuation of Areti’s interview with Rupert Spira. The pointing appears in the knowing. The potency is the knowing, not the pointing. Recognition spontaneously ‘happens’ or not.

Ruperts website is Here

Music includes: The Doors, Mozart, Lemonjelly, Lemon Pipers, The Police and Pink Floyd

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58. Rupert Spira – part one

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Areti interviews Rupert Spira. Many suggestions have been made for us to conduct this interview, so here it is. Rupert is a ceramic’s artist and he makes some exceptionally pleasant pieces of art – forms. See his work on his website. Part two will follow in due course.

Rupert’s website is Here

Music includes: The Oyster Band, Andreas Vollenweider (Harp), Tomitito (Guitar), Shanka (Indian) and Cheb i Sabbah (closing music).

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57. Jason Swanson – Seeing-Oneness – part two

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This is part two of an interview with Jason Swanson. Jason’s blog is You Are Seeing-Oneness. Jason leads the SL meetings.

Music includes: Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Ben Harper, Lemonjelly, AndreasVollenweider.

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56. Suzanne Foxton – Nothing Exists Despite Appearances

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Areti interview Suzanne Foxton. Suzanne came to our notice through the comment pages on this site. She has a blogsite which is called Nothing Exists, Despite Appearances.

The blog is located here.

Music includes The Who, James Taylor, Lemonjelly, REM, Alan Parsons Project and Al Stewart.

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55. Jason Swanson – Seeing Oneness – part one

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Areti interviews Jason Swanson a relatively unknown speaker on Non Duality. Jason runs the meetings in Second Life at the Urban Guru (Virtual) Cafe. (Note: Those Meetings are planned to have various ‘speakers’, Randall, Gilbert and maybe even Bob – so go along and get accustomed to the environment – it is easier than one may imagine once you get the hang of it)

Jason’s site is You Are Seeing Oneness.

Music includes: Normie Rowe (Australian), The Beatles, Ben Harper, Lemonjelly and Andreas Vollenweider (harp).

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54. Ramesh Balsekar (1917-2009) – extract from a typical meeting.

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On the 27th Sept 2009 – two days ago, Ramesh Balsekar ‘passed away’. The physical body is a transient appearance. For those who feel a heavy weight because of Ramesh’s ‘departure’ – come back to what he was pointing to, in yourself. Your true essence. Joy is in that simplicity of being. The attachment to the guru is a gift – ‘a final teaching’. In that, there is the potential to truly grasp what was being pointed out all along. May all of his followers be delivered quickly and painlessly into their true essence. – Gilbert

“You may think that you are the doer – I assure you that you have never done a thing” – Ramesh – and “According to my concepts” -Ramesh

Ramesh: “What is the significance of the statement ‘No one can get enlightenment’? This is the very root of the teaching. It means that it’s stupid for any so-called master to ask anyone to do anything to achieve or get enlightenment. The core of this simple statement means, according to my concept, that enlightenment is the annihilation of the ‘one’ who ‘wants’ enlightenment. If there is enlightenment – which can only happen because it is the will of God – then it means the ‘one’ who had earlier wanted enlightenment has been annihilated. So no ‘one’ can achieve enlightenment and therefore no ‘one’ can enjoy enlightenment.”

From an interview – Chris Parish to Ramesh – How can we say that we know it is destiny or God’s will? All we know is that certain events take place. Afterward, we can look back on something we did and say, “It just happened,” and if we like, we can call it destiny. But isn’t it more accurate to say that we don’t really know whether it is destiny or not? Saying that we don’t know is different from saying “We know that it is God’s will.” It’s different from saying we know that everything is fixed. You see, it sounds to me like you’re saying that you do know that everything is the will of God.
Ramesh – We don’t know, and that is the bottom line; so if you like, you can drop the concept of destiny and say that nobody can really know anything. Fine!

Thousands visited Ramesh over the many years that he shared his concepts so willingly. Maybe you were there at some point. If so, this recording will refresh your experience of your own visit, as it did for me. – Gilbert

Includes some of the Bhajans from his regular meetings.

53. Spontaneous Recognition – At Bob Adamson’s place

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Some excellent points are discussed in this recording from a recent meeting at Bob’s place.

Music includes: Cheb i Sabbah, Gilbert on Mandola, Ry Cooder, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Gary Jules and Lemonjelly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those having a difficulty understanding Bob’s accent, we have made, just for you, a transcript.

Read the transcript as you listen. It will assist to make it a lot more accessible. The Australian accent can be hard to understand for some.

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52. Peter Brown – The Open Doorway – Part 2

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Continuation of the interview with Peter.


Peter’s website click HERE. The Open Doorway


Music Includes: Nick Drake, Al Stewart, Indian sitar (modern beat), Crosby Stills & Nash, – Ten Years After – (30 or more years after more like it) and the ever popular Pink Floyd.


Short voice cuts from The Big Lebowski movie (“It’s all a fake man” – “Your revolution is over Mr. Lebowski”).


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50. Peter Brown – The Open Doorway – Part 1

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Peter Brown has a way of expressing that side steps many ‘pitfalls’. It is very clear and simple.

Peter’s website click HERE.

Music includes: Paul Brady from his “Spirits Colliding” CD, Santana, Bob Dylan“Don’t take it so personal”, Patrick Park “Life is a song”, Shankar and Pink Floyd.

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