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31. Tony Parsons – The Open Secret – Interview

[ Comments Off on 31. Tony Parsons – The Open Secret – Interview ] Posted on 03.08.09 under Podcast, Tony Parsons

Areti interviews Tony Parsons. In depth questions. As always it isn’t about the messenger – it is the message that can resonate.

There is NO YOU.

Music by The Charles River Valley Boys, The Fureys, Andre Vollenweider, Inxs, Ketil Bjornstad , Forro, Carles Benavent, Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, Wet wet wet, Seban Bajramovic, with a short comedy extract from TV show ‘Faulty Towers’ with Basil and Manuel.

Tony’s website is called ‘The Open Secret’.

28. John Greven – One Presence-Awareness *****

[ Comments Off on 28. John Greven – One Presence-Awareness ***** ] Posted on 02.10.09 under John Greven

Areti interviews John Greven. John is a ‘straight shooter’. Easy to listen to – no jargon to wade through. Just recognize what is pointed out.

John’s website is Oneness.

Music by The Alan Parsons Project, a band called The Horseflies and Flamenco Arabe.

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