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86. Being Ordinary – Mike and Tom

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These chaps have a podcast on Being Ordinary. Click HERE to see and hear it. They have started doing interviews since this recording was made.

Music includes: The Kinks, Cluster and Eno, John Lennon and Sheila Chandra.

FREE podcast.  Donations welcome. We are not a corporation or a business venture.   Enjoy these 100 free podcasts…… and take a listen to Mike and Tom’s new podcast site too.

82. Christine Wushke – self-shining Yoga teacher.

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We found Christine on a video interview with Rafael Stoneman on facebook – then we contacted her and here is the ‘result’. Christine is NOT an Advaita Teacher. She is simple – in the nicest possible way – her responses do not come from some tradition.  She lives in Canada.

Music is composed by a friend of Christines, the piece is called “Elixirs for the Human Heart” from The Science of Peace series by Larry Seyer and David Wilcox. The last piece of vocal music is by Vas and is called ‘Unbecoming’.

You can find Christine on her blog and on a w/site and on facebook if you are inclined to do so.

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