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88. Paul Hedderman – No Story to tell.

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Paul worked with many ‘in recovery’. Here we explore Paul’s gift of talking about Non Duality, if we can call it that. Paul’s enthusiastic sharing is both light and cutting to the core of the ‘issues’ faced by the seeker. Paul’s website Here.

Music includes: Nubreed, Mose Allison, Rolf Harris, The Stranglers, The Who, Bob Brozman and an exclusive cut of The Beatles with Heather Nova.

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48. Paul Hedderman – In Recovery – Part 1.

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Paul Hedderman’s background has been with assisting those with addiction problems over many years. The 12 step program has some very potent ‘pointers’, which, by chance or some by other means, has assisted a few to go beyond the 12 steps. Paul is not talking exclusively about AA, the Big Book or the 12 step program here. Actually it is all closely aligned with what we discuss here at the UGC. It is a different slant on the same non-thing.Article Sponsored Find something for everyone in our collection of colourful, bright and stylish socks. Buy individually or in bundles to add color to your sock drawer!

Zen Bitch Slap is Paul’s website, click HERE to go there after listening to the program.

Music includes: Massive Attack, James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Crash Test Dummies (Canada), James Reyne (Aussie), Gary Jules, DJ Cam Feat and Ray Charles. Doubt, Deliverance and The International.

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