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31. Tony Parsons – The Open Secret – Interview

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Areti interviews Tony Parsons. In depth questions. As always it isn’t about the messenger – it is the message that can resonate.

There is NO YOU.

Music by The Charles River Valley Boys, The Fureys, Andre Vollenweider, Inxs, Ketil Bjornstad , Forro, Carles Benavent, Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, Wet wet wet, Seban Bajramovic, with a short comedy extract from TV show ‘Faulty Towers’ with Basil and Manuel.

Tony’s website is called ‘The Open Secret’.

25. What else can I be but what I AM. ****

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Here is something new, something old and something you have never heard before – some salient points presented in a slightly different way.

The voices (but not all), in the order of appearance are: Meg Ryan, Sammy Davis Jnr, Randall Friend, Mark West, Bob Adamson, John Wheeler, Lee Hazelwood, Nancy Sinatra, Gilbert, Cat Stevens, Ian Anderson, John Lennon, Catherine Harding, Eliot Weber, Areti, John Sebastian, Mary Black, Van Morrison and Willy Richardson.

Music by Bonzo Dog Doodah band (Urban Spaceman), Queen, The Moody Blues, Sammy Davis Jnr (I gotta be me), John Lennon (Mind games), The Beatles (I’m only sleeping), Cat Stevens (Longer Boats and Father and son), Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra (I’ve been down so long), Jethro Tull (Trying to be), Alan Parsons Project (Touch the Sky), Paul Simon (50 ways), Crowded House(It’s only Natural), Rod Stewart and the Faces (When I was younger), The Loving Spoonful (Did you ever have to make up your mind), Mary Black, Van Morrison (Enlightenment) and Willy Richardson aka Gilbert (What’s wrong with right now, song).

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15. Jeff Foster – Falling Into The Mystery

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In this interview with Jeff Foster, Jeff tells us that there is no path and no process to recognizing what we are, and as such, he does not advocate practices nor does he suggest that you stop them, for nothing you do or don’t do can or will lead to that which you already are.

He explains that this ‘understanding’ is not about concepts or about understanding ‘something’, but rather that it is about falling into the mystery, the unknown. He examines a common trap people can fall into when they take the concepts of non-duality and ‘turn them into’ a religion. Specifically, he looks at people falling into nihilism when they hear that there is nothing to get and nobody to do anything.

We are sure that (some of) you will love it – others will take ‘exception’ – such is the way of the appearance, the dualism of LIFE.

Links for the selected music chosen for this program: The Hombres VasThe Moody Blues Jethro TullAndreas Vollenweider on piano and some beautiful Cello work from Daniel Pezzotti – and a classic song from an old favorite Van Morrison “Into the Mystery” briefly opens and closes the program.

Jeffs website is located at Life Without A Centre

Free Podcast  – small donations are welcome.


1. Gurus and the teaching

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There are many out there claiming to be ‘teaching’ non duality (advaita), but which of them really are? If your chosen teacher is making claims that he or she is enlightened then maybe you need to reconsider how useful such a ‘teacher’ is.

This podcast features audio clips that define what advaita ‘teaching’ is about and discuss the notion of ‘enlightenment.’ Three advaita ‘teachers’ in the program are Bob Adamson, Tony Parsons and Gilbert.

Music excerpts from the following tracks have been used: Sandy Denny ‘It’ll take a long time,’ Debashish Bhattacharya ‘Calcutta Slide Guitar,’ Pink Floyd ‘Time,’ and Guzel Yayla ‘Karsid Gorunen Ne.’

Websites of featured guests:

‘Sailor’ Bob Adamson – Non-conceptual, Self-knowing Awareness

Gilbert’s website.

Tony Parsons – The Open Secret

A transcript of the program is available.

This is a Free Podcast.