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UGC Disclaimer

This site may contain language content not suitable for those under 18. This site offers audio and written content which is not intended in any way to be a substitute for treatment of psychological or medical issues, such as depression. If you are experiencing severe suffering, contact a physician.

UGC Privacy Policy

The Urban Guru Cafe does not sell or give away any personal information on registered users. Your name, email address or other information in your profile will be held private. If you choose to display personal information on the comment pages, you are responsible for it. If you have shared something in the comment pages you wish to retract, please contact the UGC Admin and it will be deleted as soon as possible.

Reader Registration

In an effort to eliminate spam, fake registrations and anonymous/malicious comment posting, the UGC has implemented User Registration. A reader who wishes to contribute to the comment pages must first register. The registration process involves creating a username, entering a valid email address, a First Name, and a password. The UGC Disclaimer and Privacy Policy must be read and accepted by checking the boxes. The user’s IP address is logged and an email is sent to the email address used to register.

The email contains a confirmation link. If that email is received and the link is followed, that user account will be active and you can then login and post comments.

The UGC reserves the right to remove any comment if it is found to be obscene or inappropriate, as well as remove any user who posts such comments.

Note: Registration is free, and no registration is required to listen to the podcasts or read the comments section.


Many complaints have come in about the comment pages. In an effort to keep the comment pages clean and free of erroneous drama and personal attacks, the UGC has implemented a comment rating system.

The comment rating system provides an up/down rating for each comment posted on the site. It allows readers to vote if they like or dislike a comment.

If a comment receives a NET of 10 or more dislikes, that comment becomes hidden. A link is then provided to unhide the comment if the reader wishes to see it. If a registered user continuously has their comments voted down, that user will be set for future comment moderation and possible de-registration, at the discretion of the UGC staff.

Voting will be restricted to one vote per reader per comment. If it becomes obvious that readers are excessively and unreasonably voting down comments, the voting score will be tweaked. Please do not abuse the power. Use it to reflect the majority opinion that negative comments are not helpful. It is not a popularity contest, only a way to let the majority decide which comments and commenters are contributing and which are simply playing games.

This new policy gives the UGC readers the power to clean up the comment board and provides an incentive to keep the comments clean of drama and attacks, and to keep the comments related to the goal of the UGC, which is to provide clear pointing to what you truly are.

Note: Even the UGC staff or speakers who comment will be subject to having their comments voted upon. Nonduality is ALL inclusive.