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Setup iTunes

For those who wish to download and listen to the UGC episodes on their iPod, we have included some detailed instructions below.

If you are familiar with iTunes, just click the icon to subscribe.

Subscribe to the UGC via iTunes

For those new to iTunes, follow the instructions and screenshots below.  You need three things to listen to the UGC – a computer, iTunes and an internet connection.

1.  Download iTunes to your computer

2.  Install iTunes

3.  Open iTunes

4.  Type Urban Guru Cafe in Search Field at top-right of iTunes and hit Enter

5.  You will see the Urban Guru Cafe under Podcasts – double-click the UGC icon

6.  You will then see the Urban Guru Cafe’s site in iTunes – click Subscribe

7.  It will ask if you are sure you want to subscribe to “Urban Guru Cafe”? – Click Subscribe

8.  Click on Podcasts on the left under Library.  You will see the Urban Guru Cafe as a subscribed Podcast.  Double-click the UGC icon.

9.  Make sure your iPod is plugged in to your computer and recognized by iTunes.  You will see the list of UGC podcasts – click GET to download the podcast to your computer and sync it onto your iPod.

10.  Once the episodes are downloaded and sync’ed, you are now ready to listen to the UGC Podcasts on your iPod.

If you have any issues with iTunes or your iPod, go to Apple iTunes Support.