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66. James Braha – Living Reality

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Areti speaks with the author of “Living Reality – my extraordinary summer with Sailor Bob Adamson” James Braha.
Bob Visited the US in 2004 and spent several weeks there. James relentlessly delved into his own questions with Bob.  An excellent book.

You will enjoy this program, another unique expression, one that may click or resonate strongly for you.

James website is here.
Music includes: Rufus Wainwright, Nino Josele (Guitar) from a new CD called “La Venta del Alma”, Sting, Cat Stevens , Ricky Nelson and Eddie Vedder.

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53. Spontaneous Recognition – At Bob Adamson’s place

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Some excellent points are discussed in this recording from a recent meeting at Bob’s place.

Music includes: Cheb i Sabbah, Gilbert on Mandola, Ry Cooder, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Gary Jules and Lemonjelly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those having a difficulty understanding Bob’s accent, we have made, just for you, a transcript.

Read the transcript as you listen. It will assist to make it a lot more accessible. The Australian accent can be hard to understand for some.

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52. Peter Brown – The Open Doorway – Part 2

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Continuation of the interview with Peter.


Peter’s website click HERE. The Open Doorway


Music Includes: Nick Drake, Al Stewart, Indian sitar (modern beat), Crosby Stills & Nash, – Ten Years After – (30 or more years after more like it) and the ever popular Pink Floyd.


Short voice cuts from The Big Lebowski movie (“It’s all a fake man” – “Your revolution is over Mr. Lebowski”).


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51. Paul Hedderman In Recovery – Part 3

[ Comments Off on 51. Paul Hedderman In Recovery – Part 3 ] Posted on 08.21.09 under Paul Hedderman

Final part to this interview on Recovery, recovery from believing in being a separate ‘self’.

Please listen to all three programs to hear the complete interview. Paul holds meetings in California.

Paul’s Website is ZenBitchSlap.….click HERE

Music includes: Massive Attack, Tom T. Hall, Cat Stevens ‘Mathew and Son’, Cheb i Sebbah, Bob Dylan, Loudon Wainwright, Traveling Wilbury’s, The Beatles, Ten Years After, Flamenco Arabe and Kenny G underneath Paul’s voice near the programs end.

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26. Is this a dream or reality – or a dream within a dream? *****

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This program includes the voices of Ram Dass with a beautiful reading, Orson Wells, Bob Adamson, Areti, Mark West and Gilbert. Short extracts from The Princess Bride and Peaceful Warrior films.
A short extract from a recorded meeting at Bob’s place.

Feature: Ram Dass reads an extract from ancient text

Also some words from Edgar Allan Poe “Dream within a Dream” at the end of the program.

Research: Hsin-hsin Ming – Verses on the Faith-Mind – By Seng-ts’an, Third Chinese Patriarch of Chan (Zen) – a translation into English by Richard Clarke.

Music from Queen, The Alan Parsons Project (Dream within a Dream), Bob Dylan (When you gonna wake up), Al Stewart (Year of the Cat), The Bonzo Dog Doodah Band (Urban Spaceman) and including music from the film “Crouching Tiger – Hidden Dragon“.

Note: Gilbert is available for Skype calls for those who resonate with what is being pointed out. Email him for details.

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