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26. Is this a dream or reality – or a dream within a dream? *****

Posted on 01.21.09 11:11PM under Bob Adamson, Gilbert Schultz, Podcast

This program includes the voices of Ram Dass with a beautiful reading, Orson Wells, Bob Adamson, Areti, Mark West and Gilbert. Short extracts from The Princess Bride and Peaceful Warrior films.
A short extract from a recorded meeting at Bob’s place.

Feature: Ram Dass reads an extract from ancient text

Also some words from Edgar Allan Poe “Dream within a Dream” at the end of the program.

Research: Hsin-hsin Ming – Verses on the Faith-Mind – By Seng-ts’an, Third Chinese Patriarch of Chan (Zen) – a translation into English by Richard Clarke.

Music from Queen, The Alan Parsons Project (Dream within a Dream), Bob Dylan (When you gonna wake up), Al Stewart (Year of the Cat), The Bonzo Dog Doodah Band (Urban Spaceman) and including music from the film “Crouching Tiger – Hidden Dragon“.

Note: Gilbert is available for Skype calls for those who resonate with what is being pointed out. Email him for details.

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