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57. Jason Swanson – Seeing-Oneness – part two

[ Comments Off on 57. Jason Swanson – Seeing-Oneness – part two ] Posted on 10.17.09 under Jason Swanson

This is part two of an interview with Jason Swanson. Jason’s blog is You Are Seeing-Oneness. Jason leads the SL meetings.

Music includes: Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Ben Harper, Lemonjelly, AndreasVollenweider.

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55. Jason Swanson – Seeing Oneness – part one

[ Comments Off on 55. Jason Swanson – Seeing Oneness – part one ] Posted on 10.03.09 under Jason Swanson

Areti interviews Jason Swanson a relatively unknown speaker on Non Duality. Jason runs the meetings in Second Life at the Urban Guru (Virtual) Cafe. (Note: Those Meetings are planned to have various ‘speakers’, Randall, Gilbert and maybe even Bob – so go along and get accustomed to the environment – it is easier than one may imagine once you get the hang of it)

Jason’s site is You Are Seeing Oneness.

Music includes: Normie Rowe (Australian), The Beatles, Ben Harper, Lemonjelly and Andreas Vollenweider (harp).

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