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94. Joan Tollifson – The world goes on the same.

[ Comments Off on 94. Joan Tollifson – The world goes on the same. ] Posted on 10.12.10 under Joan Tollifson

Who wakes up? Does the mirage wake up from the mirage? Is clarity or confusion personal, does it have an owner, or is there simply weather appearing and disappearing, sometimes clear and sometimes cloudy? Is awakening a future event, or does that word point to the utter simplicity of Here and Now?

Joan talks about her views, her background and what it all means in The Simplicity of What is….. Joan’s website is HERE.   Joan’s new book is now available — Painting the Sidewalk with Water: Talks and Dialogs about Nonduality from Nonduality Press.

Music includes Alan Price (from Oh Lucky Man), Rivertribe (Australian band) and ‘Bliss’ by Muse.

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