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100. I AM – the Alpha and Omega – Urban Guru Cafe

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The Urban Guru Cafe was created 2007-08.   The origins of the concept for a podcast sprang up out of conversations between Areti Alexova and Gilbert Schultz.  A dutch visitor, Eric, who was attending Bob Adamson’s meetings offered to do the technical side of constructing a podcast site.  Eric also translated one of Bob’s books into Dutch.  

It was a harmonious beginning and we were all excited about the project.  Areti played the role of being an excellent interviewer and we approached various teachers around the world, speakers who we found to be genuine, clear and fairly direct.  The project quickly became a popular podcast around the globe.  Because the podcasts were not focused on any one teacher, it introduced many relatively unknown teachers to a wide audience.  Areti’s role was the significant central role and many listeners came to love her style and her voice.  Areti edited the interview recordings she made into a concise and easily listening format, which many expressed the appreciation of.  Gilbert played the hidden role of putting the sound files together with musical breaks.  The overall effect was a winner.  The site reached a far bigger popularity than any of us expected.  

The podcasts remain available and many continue to discover them.  The podcasts continue to entertain, inform and illuminate.  Hundreds of listeners continue to listen to the podcasts on a regular basis, even though they have already heard them many times already.

Please enjoy what is on offer.

What is pointed to in these podcast programs will not go stale or be dated. What is pointed to has never aged or changed one iota.   Therefore these programs continue to serve as a vehicle for clear pointing.  

Podcast number 100:

This program contains all the essential pointers that anyone needs.  If you can follow what is pointed out it is virtually impossible not to recognize your own essential ‘natural state’.   You may need to listen a few times.  This particular podcast represents what the Urban Guru Cafe is about.  Listen in a relaxed way and let the ‘message’ register without ‘reaction’ from the mind.  Mind is only appearance.  Pure being is not in the mind.  As long as there is some form of grasping consciousness going on, then the idea of seeking will perpetuate itself.   This naked awareness, which is beyond mind, is timelessly present – it is not altered by ‘time’.   Anyone who has experienced a true insight knows that it is a wordless insight – it is not in the conditioned mind – it is pure in-seeing.  Space like awareness is prior to the appearance of all the qualities and content of consciousness. That does not mean that it is separate.  Not two.

What must be clearly understood is that no one can ‘do’ anything for you – no guru, teacher or any ‘me’ or  ‘other than me’ can facilitate the recognition that is required. What is usually offered is a conditional perspective which keeps the seeker locked into a mind game.  Once a clear and precise recognition has ‘happened’ there is little one can say about it, because it is beyond language.  Knowing is never truly corrupted by thought….It is pure knowing, pure being, which has always been present because it IS presence itself.  Any ‘personal history’ is only baggage and all our old ideas amount to nil until we let go absolutely.  Link to Guest Speaker here.

The guide can walk with you and assist with direction and the avoidance of deviations.  The spontaneous recognition is always potential.  You must SEE for yourself.  Belief is useless in this ‘venture’.  Belief is a hinderance and old ideas amount to nothing.

Music: G on Mandola and Mary Hopkin’s “Those were the days”.

P.S. Thousands upon thousands have a copy of “I am THAT” – Nisargadatta.  Few understand what is offered in the book.  The book often sits on a shelf as a trophy.  The lucky one is driven to read it every day.   Something percolates down.   As for the Urban Guru Cafe, there may or may not be further programs (as the song says “we thought they would never end”).     If you get the gist of what this single program is pointing to, there will be no need for MORE.  Listen a few times.  – G.

The UGC is a FREE podcast.  The producer of these podcasts has a new e-book available on this website.

90. Jerry Katz – Nonduality dot com

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Jerry Katz started a website many years ago. It is one of the biggest sites. We talk to Jerry about how he sees things, some history and have a laugh too.

For the Nonduality site click HERE.

Music includes: Paul McCartney and Wings, Mason Williams, Radiohead, Cafe Del Mar, Cactus Child and Kings of Convenience.

The Urban Guru Cafe site is a free podcast site – no fees – donations from a few keep this site going and we thank those who show their appreciation for what is presented here. Many hours go into these programs and if you take a few minutes to make a donation, it will ensure that these programs stay on the net for those who stumble our way.

80. Still, No One Talking – UG

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UG Krishnamurti from a recording in Amsterdam in 1982.

No description supplied. Web-Link on previous program.

Music includes Vassilis Tsabropoulos, Anja Lechner and U.T. Gandhi, CD “Melos” – plus a beautiful piece from Annour Brahem from a CD titled “Barkakh”.

The UGC is a FREE podcast on the subject of Non Duality.  These programs are created on a MacBook Pro using Amadeus Audio Software and The UGC highly recommends these ‘items’.

An article by Leo Hartong HERE Sound Wizard provides the best designs for…….well, have a look.


FREE Podcast.  Small donations are welcome.

79. No one Talking – UG

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“What I say is not born out of my thinking”

Listen with an open mind and allow the ‘pointers’ and the beautiful music to expand this conscious presence.

For anyone who knew UG this program may be very moving. Not only for them.

One of many w/sites on UG click HERE

Exquisite Music by Vassilis Tsabropoulos, Anja Lechner and U.T. Gandhi. Composers Tsabropoulos and G.I. Gurdjieff on last piece.

Piano and Cello feature. The CD titles are “The Promise” and “Melos”. Highly recommended.

The UGC is a FREE podcast.

We will continue to bring you clear programs, despite the world’s apparent indifference.

An article by Leo Hartong HERE Sound Wizard provides the best designs for…….well, have a look

75. David Carse – Perfect Brilliant Stillness

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In this program the legendary British actor Terence Stamp reads selected extracts from the book that he says “changed my life”, Perfect Brilliant Stillness by David Carse. These extracts, like the full unabridged audiobook (which can be download for a reasonable fee from Silksoundbooks), is an exploration of our ‘existence’ – THAT, which cannot be denied.  In The fine print at the start of his book, David Carse wrote: There are many books out there that will help you to live a better life, become a better person, evolve and grow to realize your potential as a spiritual being. This is not one of them.

It should be noted that the various audio selections used in this program amounts ot a mere fraction of the full version.   The book is quite extensive and covers many aspects of this ‘subject’.

The hard copy of the book is available through Non Duality Press. Look for it in your local ‘spiritual bookshop’ or order it directly from Non Duality Press.

NOTE: These selected passages appear as one program. The contents here are only a fraction of the full Audio Book.

Music includes: Ruben Diaz (Guitar), a brilliant composer Thomas Dybdahl selections and a brief appearance of The Muse (Bliss).

The Urban Guru Cafe is a free podcast on the subject of Non Duality. The UGC breaks through the bondage to all paths and points to right here, right now.

74. Talkin’ about nothin’ – Kenneth Madden

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Kenneth Madden is from Galway, Ireland, and is a relatively unknown ‘speaker’ on Non Duality. That ‘relatively unknown’ is about to change and many will enjoy Kenneth’s expression, simple and direct. This is it – just as it is. He is also an accomplished photographer and you can see some excellent examples of his work on his site.  Sure enough ‘Never not Here’ interviewed Kenneth shortly after this program was published.

Kenneth’s Blogsite is here.

It’s a bit of fun and it’s high time too – a good laugh may just nudge its way out of an overly concerned seeker’s big wooly pullover.

Music by a truly wonderful band called Planxty, who once upon a time were Ireland’s most popular folk group (unless we are mistaken). We love Irish music here at the UGC.

The UGC is a free podcast site – uncompromising and yet quite enjoyable. – Small donations are welcome.

Our promise is to entertain without being overly serious and yet still bring it all back to direct pointing – with no overbearing ‘personalities’ pushing their own ‘wheelbarrow message’ about themselves and how sacred they are.

69. Randall Friend – Undefineable – Part 2

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We are back packing a punch – remember that memory and anticipation do not actually obscure clear and present awareness. What value does a ‘pointer’ have? The offering of clear pointers (and the recognition of our true nature) is priceless.

In the appearance of space and time, in program number 69, Areti continues to explore Randall’s unique expression on what Non Duality is, ‘as if’ it could be defined.

Randall’s blog is You Are Dreaming. His book is You Are No-Thing from Non-Duality Press. Randall holds talks in Second Life on Tuesdays. See the Virtual UGC page for more information.

Music includes: Rivertribe (Australian Band) Radiohead, Sandy Denny with Fairport Convention, Cat Empire Project, China Crisis, Paul Brady, Judy Collins and Manfred Mann.

This free podcast site does not ask you for anything. Belief is not necessary – see for yourself – small donations help to cover costs – What value does a ‘pointer’ have? Offering clear pointers to absolute strangers without asking for anything is self-less-ness in action. Compassion expresses itself through pointers and the recognition of our true nature is priceless.

68. Randall Friend – Undefinable

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An interview with Randall Friend. Randall’s Site is You Are Dreaming.

Linda sent in a transcript of this interview – it can be viewed HERE. Thanks Linda.

Music includes: Coldplay, Cye Wood (fiddle) and Yellow Monday, Matt Walters, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and The Beatles.

The UGC is a free podcast site – enjoy.

The UGC is a free podcast site – donations are welcome – thank you.

66. James Braha – Living Reality

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Areti speaks with the author of “Living Reality – my extraordinary summer with Sailor Bob Adamson” James Braha.
Bob Visited the US in 2004 and spent several weeks there. James relentlessly delved into his own questions with Bob.  An excellent book.

You will enjoy this program, another unique expression, one that may click or resonate strongly for you.

James website is here.
Music includes: Rufus Wainwright, Nino Josele (Guitar) from a new CD called “La Venta del Alma”, Sting, Cat Stevens , Ricky Nelson and Eddie Vedder.

The UGC is a free podcast on the subject of Non Duality. Special thanks to all those who have made small and not so small donations over recent months – we appreciate knowing that the programs are appreciated.

62. John Wheeler – the truth of who you are – III

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John Wheeler talks about the nature of this sense of self called ‘I’.

John shares his insights without any dramatic overtones or any requests to believe anything he says. See for yourself. John is also featured in other programs on this site.

John does not have a website at present – you can contact him via an email address which can be found on our links page.

Music includes: Some classic Simon and Garfunkel. Annour Brahem from an excellent recent CD titled “Le pas du Chat noir”

The UGC is a free podcast site. A small number of our listeners make small donations now and then, for the maintenance of this site. We appreciate that. This is just a short reminder that ‘giving back’ is a valid thing to do. Enjoy the 62 programs. Warm regards from ‘the team’ here at the UGC. Also please consider attending the Second Life (free) meetings at the UGC. The times of the meetings are on this site – ‘SL time’.

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