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16. It is all THAT – No exceptions – all inclusive

Posted on 09.25.08 6:00PM under Gilbert Schultz, Podcast

All concepts are ephemeral by nature, and they cannot bind Awareness – they simply are awareness itself appearing as forms ‘in or on’ Awareness. This program is all about this fact. No belief is asked for or required. The immediate experiencing is NOT of being a ‘person’. That fact is extremely subtle and yet so very, very obvious. It is not a concept….it is irrefutable….self-evident. If one truly hears what is being pointed out – it is the dissolution of all beliefs in ‘time and process’ – ‘a Path’ – and the clear presence of naked awareness is obvious – as it always IS. It is not ‘personal’. Enlightenment is not a personal achievement – no matter what any Guru, Teacher or anyone says.

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Music by The Moody Blues, Kardes Turkuler, Cheb i Sabbah, VasRick Wakeman of ‘Yes’ – Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. Voice cuts from Dylan Thomas’ Under Milkwood and from Alan Parsons Project’s ‘The Time Machine’.

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