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17. Interview with Bob Adamson – Part 1 ******

Posted on 10.05.08 5:29PM under Bob Adamson, Podcast

This is a remarkable interview with ‘Sailor Bob’ Adamson. Remarkable, because of various elements – the first being that it has a quality of a ‘one to one’ or ‘heart to heart’ which is not always present in meeting recordings. Bob very clearly exposes, one after another, the erroneous beliefs and ideas that ‘we’ hold onto in our misunderstanding of Non Duality or reality, if you like. This unique interview (split into two parts) should not be missed – even by those who are very familiar with Bob’s message for it is bound to have an impact. -With unswerving clarity, Bob openly demonstrates a clear understanding which removes all the difficulties of belief. THIS clear understanding is totally accessible to anyone and everyone – just listen. – It is suggested that you listen to it a few times. Let it sink in. ¬†All you have to do is follow what is being pointed out and ‘Hear it’. – Part two appears after this program. ¬†Music by Erik Satie – and additional music by Anouar Brahem.

Bob’s latest book “One Essence expressing and appearing as Everything” is an excellent follow up to this interview – it is available through Bob’s website.

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