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63. Leo Hartong – Awakening to the Dream

Posted on 11.27.09 4:42PM under Leo Hartong

Author of the popular book and website “Awaken to the Dream”, Leo gives us a rare interview. His book made a splash some years ago and many of you will have a copy no doubt. Few have heard Leo speak and we are pleased that he agreed to the interview. Leo visited this site and liked the way we do things here and he found a ‘Yes’ popping up on the question of ‘interview’ or ‘no interview’…..and so here it is. Also Leo has a good sense of humor and you will naturally warm to his ‘style’.

Visit the Awaken to the Dream website by clicking here.

Music includes: The Small Faces, Patrick Park, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Crowded House (Australian Band) Van Morrison, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, an “I am Sam” soundtrack song, The Beatles, Rick Nelson …..and the Dutch Philharmonic Clog and Windmill Orchestra sat quietly listening.

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