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83. Knock knock – Who is it? – ME – There’s no space here

Posted on 05.23.10 11:54PM under Podcast

THE URBAN GURU CAFE IS A FREE PODCAST WHICH DOES NOT ASK THE LISTENER TO BELIEVE IN ANYTHING. Speakers who point clearly, without making a fuss about who they are. We trust that you will find what you need in some of these 100 programs.

Zak expresses his ‘take’ on this ‘subject’. He is contactable via his website.

The Lover and the Beloved are One.

Everything is Consciousness.

Music includes: Mercandede, Rowland Schultz (Gilbert’s son playing 2 Oud pieces), Zahir Hussain, Electric Gypsyland, Le Trio Joubran, and Pink Floyd – plus more.

The UGC is like a fragrant red rose in the midst of a concrete jungle, a lone Lilly in a field of nettles – the UGC is a free podcast on Non Duality. ┬áSmall donations can be made via this website.

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