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16. It is all THAT – No exceptions – all inclusive

Posted on 09.25.08 6:00PM under Gilbert Schultz, Podcast

All concepts are ephemeral by nature, and they cannot bind Awareness – they simply are awareness itself appearing as forms ‘in or on’ Awareness. This program is all about this fact. No belief is asked for or required. The immediate experiencing is NOT of being a ‘person’. That fact is extremely subtle and yet so very, very obvious. It is not a concept….it is irrefutable….self-evident. If one truly hears what is being pointed out – it is the dissolution of all beliefs in ‘time and process’ – ‘a Path’ – and the clear presence of naked awareness is obvious – as it always IS. It is not ‘personal’. Enlightenment is not a personal achievement – no matter what any Guru, Teacher or anyone says.

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Music by The Moody Blues, Kardes Turkuler, Cheb i Sabbah, VasRick Wakeman of ‘Yes’ – Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. Voice cuts from Dylan Thomas’ Under Milkwood and from Alan Parsons Project’s ‘The Time Machine’.

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  1. Posted by BeWhatYouAre on 09.25.08 10:26 pm

    That was Excellent, Gilbert~!
    The message with the music, drums, waves, birds…. Very receivable.
    Thank you

  2. Posted by Alan on 09.26.08 5:26 am

    It’s a beauty Gilbert! Thanks

  3. Posted by Sergio on 09.26.08 6:01 am

    First hearing this morning…………..Yes, tasty and good. – Sergio

  4. Posted by susana on 09.26.08 8:29 pm

    i really like little red riding hood –
    actually i really really like the wolf
    actually what i really really liked was his howl.

  5. Posted by D.J. on 09.27.08 2:18 pm


    Excellent work! It is a strong, direct communication of non-duality. And it is artistic, entertaining and humorous. Thank you for putting it all together and sharing it. It really is fantastic!

    Thank you!

  6. Posted by Fritof Rinpoche on 09.28.08 9:40 am


    “We must eat to survive” – Ramana Maharshi said that… How is that not non-Non Duality, Gilbert?

    “In the appearance of things McDonald’s is necessary…”

  7. Posted by gilbert on 09.28.08 2:44 pm

    In the appearance nothing is ‘necessary’. It just IS or it is NOT.
    What we are talking about is Non Duality. What ‘need’ could the ONE have?
    LIFE (the One) contains everything and needs nothing.
    So – ‘Who’ is it that needs to survive?
    LIFE lives ‘you’ and ‘every-body’.
    The ONE expresses itself as the WHOLE. There are no exceptions. Every big, small and even the minute expression is THAT. There is no movement outside of THAT.
    It is ALL inclusive.

    As for the franchised fast food – Treat the body as your friend – not as some unwanted visitor.
    Good food is fresh.

  8. Posted by Jim on 09.29.08 4:20 pm

    The communication was clear and heard here. The combination of spoken word, music and sound arose in clarity. Thank you!

  9. Posted by gilbert on 10.01.08 12:51 pm

    This program may not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ – too much sugar – too much milk – too strong or whatever.
    What comes up next, the one after this present program, is something quite extraordinary – remarkable. I have been around this ’stuff’ for quite awhile – let me inform you ahead of ‘time’ – that the next program you will see (hear) here will make all the others look like shadows in the park. There, even the most seasoned ‘non-seeker’ may lean into his own expectation so far, he may fall over into his own state of anticipation. We don’t get a lot of feedback from listeners, even though there are hundreds of them, but I am sure that quite a few of them do realize the uniqueness of this site – the presentation of various clear speakers in one accessible place – and presenting their words and expressions in a palatable fashion. We trust that anyone and everyone can find something in these programs that resonates strongly with them.
    Warm regards – Gilbert.

  10. Posted by audrey on 10.01.08 6:07 pm

    Hi Gilbert, loved the collage..before we head off in eager anticipation of the next great thing, would you expand on something? Near the beginning you say ‘ if the person is not consciously included’ (the story is run with etc)..my mind has no idea what to make of this so I sense it’s important. Can you say a bit more please.

  11. Posted by gilbert on 10.01.08 8:03 pm

    Well, it is just a way of saying that the story of ‘me’ carries on and on because it is believed in – as soon as the ‘light of knowing’ shines upon it (consciously included) it loses its seeming hold. That ‘entity’, that ‘me’, that ‘story of me’ is an appearance – it cannot SEE but there may be ‘a belief’ that it does. There is only one seeing happening – it is not shared around various believed in entities.
    Now, let me expand it a little. There is awareness of the body (your body) you can see the body (but not the head) – it is ‘your body’. What is it? It is pure energy (light) appearing as a form just like everything else that appears. Without naming it, see it as this living presence. The world and the body appear in this ‘space of knowing’ (That is the simplicity of what you are). In that space a story of me may appear and usually does (for most) – it is what we agree to call ‘a person’ (persona – a mask) – but what is it, if you are not thinking of it? – if there is no attaching of a story to it happening? Pause a thought and SEE. Look into that clear empty space where (the) SEEING is happening – is there a ‘person’ there?
    Don’t just take this on face value – as words – See for yourself.
    What I say about it can only be a pointer, a series of words. There is no belief in what I am saying. This SEEING is not a concept or a word. Everything is clear and obvious – before you think about it. Everything appears in the seeing.
    These clear and obvious facts are bypassed ever so frequently by just about everyone – not by choice – simply by the habit of engaging with thoughts so intently.
    Everything is self-evident ‘long before’ any description comes upon us. So the immediate experiencing is actually not of being a person.
    It is as though we cross a frontier when we really SEE – without naming ‘things’.
    There is no duality in Non Duality – duality arises with the ‘seer’ and the ‘seen’ – subject (me) and object (other then me). All this may be rather confronting to hear. it is not what we have been taught. All that we have gathered is words, concepts and ideas and even these have no substance apart from the seeming substance we give them in THIS immediacy. There are many teachings about on this subject of Non Duality – and most of them are simply stories, guru fantasies. We have been convinced by ‘others’ about all manner of ‘things’ and ‘spiritual concepts’, deliverance, awakening and that good old favorite ‘Enlightenment’. All concepts – no proof – no actuality – slavery to conceptual postulations. Enough already. Have you not had enough of all that crap?
    What you are seeking you ALREADY ARE. Full Stop.

    This information being shared here is not a teaching and there are no teachers or pupils. It is direct pointing to the FACT.
    THAT FACT is the only thing that you cannot deny. The fact of your own being.
    THAT is non-duality – ONE without a second.
    Yet we ignore it – because it is the un-named – the un-manifest – it is no thing.
    This is why the seeker and its search are both futile – we look in the wrong place.
    We look in the mind – yet we are told over and over that ‘the answer is not there’. Good advice is ignored until it ‘hits home’.
    If you are looking for ‘the self’ – it is a label, a word learned in the past. What that word refers to is what you are – what you ARE – now – not in some future time.
    Where you are SEEING from is IT. How can you find it? You have never been anything other than THAT.

  12. Posted by susana on 10.01.08 11:07 pm

    Once again Gilbert, thanks.

  13. Posted by audrey on 10.02.08 1:43 am

    A clarification was asked for not a teaching, consciously including or excluding anything is relationship, duality, maybe thats what seemed off key.

  14. Posted by gilbert on 10.02.08 9:36 am

    It is no big deal – ‘consciously including’ – no different to going to bring in the mail. It appears that ‘we’ exclude ‘things’. ONE is all inclusive….nothing is excluded.
    All that the ‘me’ has is relationship in the appearances. The ‘me’ is mind – dualistic – endless relationship. Appearances of harmony, conflict, ‘off key’ symphonies, etc.
    And relationship is also ‘someone’ asking for clarification.
    It may feel or seem ‘off key’ for one and ‘spot on’ for another.
    Beyond all that, the FACT of (your own) being is not in relationship with anything.
    That is the one to recognize.
    What one thinks one is is in relationship with anything and everything.

  15. Posted by Sam Weekes on 10.02.08 8:04 pm

    Thanks for such excellent pointers and reminders. They are like multi coloured gemstones glowing in the light. I was delighted to hear Dylan Thomas on this clip as I am from Wales and ‘Under Milk Wood’ is a wonderful story, especially the audio version.

  16. Posted by areti on 10.03.08 8:41 am

    ‘Consciousness includes the body and the mind’

    By this I see that Gilbert is saying that for most, in the patterning;

    Consciousness, (manifesting as thought ‘dividing’ and thinking it is seeing what is outside of an apparent entity ‘me’ (made up of thoughts)), needs to open to include the seeing of the all (to include the body/mind) as one (though really the seeing is already happening this way).

    In ‘open’ Consciousness, seeing does include the body-mind – that means the body-mind is in that seeing and it is not the body-mind seeing. The body-mind is just like the chirping bird, the curtain, and it is no more or less significant than anything ‘else’ in the appearance.

    In most the mind (as Consciousness currently plays) divides seeing into an ‘inside’ and an ‘outside’ – ‘I am this body mind that is seeing’ . When ‘Consciousness includes the body and the mind’ there is no ‘inside’ and ‘outside’, there is only seeing, seeing that even the body-mind plays on what I am.

  17. Posted by areti on 10.03.08 8:43 am

    I like how Randall puts it a much as Gilbert puts it:

    Form is emptiness, emptiness is form – presence is the content and container, the seeing and seen, the ultimate resolution to the subject/object equation.

    As we back away from the compulsion to describe it, we find ourselves dissolving in the obviousness of knowing presence, no one left to describe, no one left to know, no one left to see.’

  18. Posted by gilbert on 10.03.08 10:24 am

    “The description is NEVER ‘the thing’ described – the word is not the real” – “you can’t drink the word ‘water” – parapharasing Bob Adamson.

  19. Posted by Bill Tys on 10.03.08 7:12 pm

    Hey Gilbert! Great clarification ‘blog’ above…(8.03pm on 1 Oct.)

    …and here’s another way to look at this stuff.

    Have a close look at what you did today (Yes I know – I can hear “Who is going to have a close look?”)

    Just for the moment, take some time to reflect and recall. Did you read a book? Have you been driving your car? Have you listened to some music? Have you cooked a pizza? Maybe you did a set of figures for your business…

    Take one of the activities…and reflect…just quietly…and then apply the following question? Was the ‘I’ present during ALL THAT TIME of that activity? Was there truly an ‘I’ doing it? For example, was the ‘I’ present throughout all the time I was reading my book during lunch break? Of course not! Read-ing was happen-ing! Think-ing was happen-ing! Enjoyment was (is) happen-ing! The ‘I’ may have popped up when someone disturbed the flow, or, ‘you’ might have pondered an aspect of the content of the book…but very simply…enjoyment or read-ing was happen-ing!

    It is clear and obvious therefore that living is just unfolding…you don’t have to start up anything…you don’t press any buttons…you don’t pull any levers. Reading, eating, seeking, enjoyment, annoyance…just happens! AND…sometimes the ‘I’ joins in (as an afterthought…a labeling machine that may say “Mmmm… I am enjoying this book very much!”).

    Everything just unfolds, and in the unfolding sometimes the ‘I’ appears…and then disappears. The seeing is prior to and way before the mind begins to label everything…and when the labeling happens it appears as duality…because we add an ‘I’ and an object to the seeing. Nevertheless, with or without the ‘I’, the patterning, which (in essence) is the intelligence, continues to unfold automatically. When ‘one’ is totally engrossed in the activity, there is direct perception, there is non duality…because if you are total enjoyment there is nothing else…how can there be?

    So there is nothing to do…it is not even necessary to press a button to make the ‘I’ appear…it just happens!

  20. Posted by audrey on 10.03.08 11:39 pm

    Areti, good to hear you. For the most part there is just being, all arising unresisted. The descriptions and pointers are enjoyed. ‘The body/mind is in the seeing’ and not the other way round. But there’s a sleuth type character around still who tells me it can’t be this simple, that i might be missing something.. when its believed this pattern of doubt can cause acute (doesn’t last) misery..the compulsion to mentally joust is still waving a flag, lets hope its a white one.

  21. Posted by areti on 10.04.08 10:46 am

    Thanks Audery.

    Yes, it is like that when the ‘re-engaging’ or ‘re-identification’ story plays out in what we are (we seem to be this ‘sleuth’ mind-story, for what else is it but story, and how can we see what ‘real’ is if we keep telling/engaging in stories).

    Bob and Gilbert have said there is a natural dawning. Gilbert once told me it is like ‘we’ are in a thick ‘think’ forest (of thoughts and ideas) and ‘we’ walk towards a clearing, and in between, the trees progressively thin. I would hazard to say that the duration of your suffering is progressively subsiding.

    What you say reminds me of that youtube video of Bob addressing me. I say exactly the same thing, in essence – I say, roughly, ‘I have seen there is no me there and/but then there is misery, the ‘I’ is re-engaged therefore’ and Bob asks me ‘Who has seen and who is reengaged?’

    If the body/mind is in the seeing and not the other way around, then this sleuth is in the seeing. Everything ‘seen’ is in the seeing. What appears in the seeing is always changing (the mind always jousts, and always with itself. Even when it says that there is no resistance there, it is a story.). The seeing is constant.

    The patterning stops looking to the mind for interpretations of what is happening, and this is known how? – the body/mind is in the seeing, it is never any other way, even when there is ‘belief’ that it is the other way round (ie the body/mind is seeing).

    So, that knowing/seeing is always there, that is what you are, now and now and now. No need to translate what that is.

  22. Posted by areti on 10.04.08 10:50 am

    Gilbert said that this could be added to my comment; ‘the pattern knows nothing……….it appears in the seeing.’

  23. Posted by Mark Ellis on 10.04.08 12:35 pm

    I have no idea that the “knowing/seeing” is always there.
    How could I…….?
    It isn’t something I can touch…
    It isn’t a faith/trust illusion…
    It Cannot be known….
    Deep Breath and So What?

  24. Posted by gilbert on 10.04.08 1:12 pm

    How can there be an awareness of (those thoughts) these thoughts, any thoughts, without the knowing being the primary presence?
    The ‘I’ is an idea itself – it cannot ‘have’ an idea. When I say “I am awake” it is not an ‘I’ that is awake. The ‘I’ is just how the mind labels that wakefulness.
    That ‘I’ may appear to ‘give birth’ to more thoughts or to be the owner of all sorts of ‘things’ including ideas, the body, the breath and any of the expressions that all arise spontaneously – including the ‘so what?’ ‘Who’ is that, that says “So what?”
    The knowing cannot be known by a knower or any other ‘thing’. It is the (the first and only instant) THIS KNOWING. It is not a ‘thing’.
    THIS knowing cannot be turned off or on – it cannot be negated – it is not negotiable not only because there is no one to negotiate – but because it is non-dual.
    So, ‘Who’ is it that wants to know some answers?
    Knowing/seeing is happening – not to or for a someone.
    There is no duality in Non Duality.

    If there is truly no problem – why ‘create’ one?

  25. Posted by gilbert on 10.05.08 6:16 am

    It is fairly obvious that many ‘seekers’ miss the direct message simply because it goes over their heads. Most have swallowed the old guru stories about process (time) and devotion (usually to that guru – the old kiss my feet nonsense) and those beliefs get in the way of direct ap-perception of what is true and obvious – what is actually self-evident. Even amongst these programs such concepts creep in. Stories about ‘how I got it’ – ‘do it my way’ – ‘it is the only way’ etc. The subtle ego stuff of teachers is a hard one to break through for many – especially for the teacher themselves. If I can tell a brief story about ‘me’ – I was fortunate ‘to find’ a teacher who was (is) so uncompromising and so direct in his pointing, pointing that demolished all of my erroneous beliefs ‘in a short time’. The ‘quickness’ of it all, I attribute partly to the lengthy work I did on some transcribing of tape recordings, of his meetings, for the first book on Bob Adamson’s pointers – “What’s wrong with right now?” Also, I did not jump from one teacher to another (as I see so many doing these days) – that can be exceedingly confusing for the mind. What Bob was pointing out was being heard – the resonance that arose in my being was unmistakable – it was not completely understood in ‘one instant’ (it was not an event in time) but the understanding soon cleared away the erroneous beliefs. It just rose like a loaf of bread in an oven. A recognition happened. As the saying goes: ‘Know the truth and the truth will set you free’. There is ‘no one’ that is set free but the belief in being ‘some-one’ falls away in THIS ‘right here, right now’. Seeing that fall away – one can never believe in that ‘old stuff’ anymore. The ever-freshness of this moment is clearly self-evident.
    As I say in the program ‘It is difficult to get across that there is no time or process necessary”. The only ‘place’ a complete and full understanding can ‘take place’ is right here right now. The concept of ‘time’ dissolves ‘before your very eyes’ (SEEING).
    So the whole point is this: What is it that is preventing this clear seeing from ‘blossoming fully’? Surely it can only be belief in concepts that ‘this right here and right now’ is somehow incomplete – or ‘I am not ready’ or whatever. Even the use of the concept of ‘blossoming fully’ can engage the mind in a story of ‘me’.
    Pointing these things out is not all that popular. It is no wonder. The personal identity investment and the ‘money already spent’ cannot be put aside so easily, so it seems – and most of the popular teachers don’t encourage that anyway – rather the opposite. The ‘truth’ would put them out of business. Their ‘moto’ is “Keep ‘em seeking – It is good business – Oh, come and look at the view from my luxurious (seeker paid for) balcony”.
    It is all seen through if only one can stay with, and BE, the immediate presence – knowing. Everything is truly Clear and Obvious.

  26. Posted by MARGO on 10.05.08 9:01 am

    Gilbert – You write that the truth is obvious and right in front of you, self evident, if only one can stay with it , and BE, the immediate presence-knowing. It is all seen through , Everything is truly Clear and Obvious.
    I want to SEE more than anything else and yet when I try nothing is clear and obvious.
    I have the immediate experience of now-that is clear and obvious,what is not clear and obvious is what to do with all the appearing context of life-all the challenges of many situations. I cannot just sit in the present moment indefinitely!!!! How to handle them -what to do, how to do it,when to do it. I understand that there is no separate “me” to do anything -life is living through this body-mind organism, but it feels like I have to take steps and make decisions. If I understand correctly the neural pathways in my brain (the memory) are the deciding factors of my thoughts and actions that Life acts through accordingly. So it seem only natural to loose the fictional ” me” that is creating all the suffering and perpetuating the story. I am not invested in the story of “me” I want to let go ,but it seems that doing the daily work only reinforces the separate “me” that I have to protect and take care of. Your pointing is very clear and precise,and I have understood a lot from reading your blog and listening to UGC, but as you said -the direct message goes over my head. I don’t need any more explanations or convincing ,or reading another book or blog-I know all this, I believe it ,and I AM STUCK in not seeing the clear and obvious pointer.

    “It is all so simple, it is all so obvious, it can never be captured by the mind.
    The ‘essence of knowing’ is not going to surrender to the seeker because the seeker is just an appearance in the knowing essence.
    – You must BE that which is the immediacy itself to see this – and the irony is that is all you truly are, anyway”.

    You are right-those words go right over my head-I don’t know how to BE the immediacy itself, so what do I do next?
    It seems that the doing is the problem (handling everyday’s challenges ). Do you have any clear and precise pointers?

    I really do appreciate all you time and effort in this clear pointing,and pages and pages of written explanations,it has made tremendous difference in my journey of searching! Thank You!

  27. Posted by Bob Seal on 10.05.08 12:44 pm

    Hello Margo,
    While you are waiting for Gilbert to respond, I hear your frustration, can I suggest you try this approach. . .

    Drop all trying to understand THIS. Just sitting at your computer keyboard as you are now. Turn your attention into what is happening in your body right now.
    Is the breath deep or shallow, is the temperature of the breath cool or hot as it enters and leaves your body. What is the feeling in your body. It is this simple. You already know these things. Just now your awareness is already monitoring all THIS. Sounds in the street or birds singing in the garden, noise of the radio, whatever is happening.
    If something needs to be done, it will just occur to you to do it. There is no need to TRY!

    Let the frustration just be, watch it, feel the emotion that comes up and just watch what happens, if thoughts come up, just watch them, make no judgement with the mind or if judgements come up just let them be. Just let the awareness do whatever it does with what’s happening.

    I find here that my everyday life follows this sort of approach.
    If I think about it, it seems far too simple and in fact rather stupid to not try and work it out with the mind. But in fact, it really works as an everyday, actual, experience of life. Here it’s that simple. If something comes up and needs to be acted upon, it just happens. I now appear to be SIMPLE MINDED. Life is so rich and wonderful these days. Life was so frustrating when I tried to make things happen or thought I was choosing.

    I don’t usually reply to many peoples comments, but I could hear your frustration.
    This isn’t prescribed as a method. It’s just what happens here.

    It’s rather like the difference between going into the garden and digging the soil and smelling the earth, even tasting the soil. That as an experience and this as a description in the mind. The description is never going to be like the actual doing.
    So drop it all. Don’t try to understand with the mind. Go and smell the roses instead.
    Hope this is useful.

    luv Simple Bob :)

  28. Posted by gilbert on 10.05.08 1:12 pm

    Good question Margo. Language is often, if not always, misleading.
    It is not a matter of ‘doing’, even though I may suggest it is via the words used.
    It is not doing – it is being. What are you doing ‘to be’? Nothing. Being is.
    The desire is strong or expressed as being strong – and that is a good sign.
    Everything is clear and obvious – the apparent confusion or non-clarity is due to what the mind is attempting to do with the pointers.
    You say you want to SEE more than anything else. It is the trying to see that is the problem. SEEING is naturally happening. What you are probably calling ‘seeing’ in this case is some activity in the mind, trying to conceptually grasp ‘clarity’ and that is just a fuzzing disturbance. One needs to drop the conceptualizing – even if it is only for a moment. In that non-conceptual ‘space’ seeing is obviously not depending on thought.
    This seeing is not limited to the eyes. Yet as you look around isn’t everything clear and obvious, just as it is, without the mental labels that we habitually put on so many things?
    All of our ‘arguments’ for or against anything about this, or about anything at all, is due to the nature of old beliefs (mind) – the mind will not sit still for long while there is a belief in a ‘me’ occupying that space. We flip about from one concept to another and endless divisions of thoughts ‘create’ an atmosphere of restlessness – and ‘seeking’ an answer in the mind. It must be emphasized again that there is NO answer in the mind. Stop looking there and be open to this natural presence. That open-ness cannot be ‘created’ it is actually the true nature of everything. So there is no struggle necessary. Relief may flood through you if the struggle is stopped. Intelligence WILL break through the crust if you get the ‘me’ out of the picture. One must see the foundation-less nature of the ‘me’ for this to ‘happen’. This may need to be seen over and over – because that ‘me’ has been fed and believed in for ‘so long’. All it takes is one clear ‘moment’ of clearly seeing – but this clear moment cannot be contrived by the mind. Seeing is happening now – prior to thoughts. Seeing is not an ‘event’ in ‘time’ – it is un-interrupted. One trap that many fall for is the anticipation of ‘some event’ to come. The concept of ‘enlightenment’ is one of the biggest stumbling blocks. It is a dis-service that most gurus push avidly – it is good business for them.
    You ARE this SEEING and you are also the pattern that the seeing is happening through. There is not separation. They are one. Neither are concepts (as we understand them commonly).
    All differences in the search are useless. It is the search that is the problem.
    ‘What if’ you truly ARE what you are seeking? There is no ‘I’ yet ‘I’ tell you that you are already what you seek. That was told to me and it was recognized, not as an event in time – it just dawns on you.
    Write again if you need to.

  29. Posted by Mark Ellis on 10.05.08 2:30 pm

    Gilbert, You said:
    All it takes is one clear ‘moment’ but this clear moment cannot be contrived.

    What do you mean by contrived – made up? – Believed?

    Also, who is “Seeing” the foundation-less nature of the “me”?

    When you say, One must see, does that mean this “One” is doing the seeing?

    AND, This may need to be seen over and over – Can this “seeing”, stop and begin again as “over and over” implies or isn’t it One continuous stream, Never stopping except in the perception of the mind as it notices the “Seeing”, then doesn’t, then does etc. etc.

    It seems here that a vacillation happens Only as mind enters in with commentary, labels or attention – a “seeming” pause in time – BUT whether or not the thought notices the “seeing/knowing – IT Never stops, pauses or anything even remotely resembling Any movement – It just seems here to “contain”.
    Does any of that make sense?
    Mark – And thank you UGC for existing within the knowing.

  30. Posted by gilbert on 10.05.08 5:46 pm

    Thank you Mark. Good points to explore: The mind contrives or appears to contrive, creates a facsimile of, what it is looking for – or this is one way of describing it. There is an ‘I’ trying to look for ‘something’. So it is all mind content tossing this way and that. There is no one seeing. The one that imagines it sees is an appearance in SEEING. The one SEEING is the ONE – without a second.
    You are THAT – whether there is a recognition of that or not. That is why what Bob says is so potently ‘spot on’ – when he says: “Start from the fact that you are THAT”.
    And – For the mind it appears that it needs to be seen over and over – recognized – the habitual beliefs are undermined by the clear evidence that those beliefs are just transient appearances only. That re-cognizing happens because it is already known. We say that “we already know it” but there is no ‘we’, ‘me’ or ‘I’ that knows anything. This is always confronting information if there is a strong sense of a ‘me’ holding ground going on. It is not popular information.
    Language is naturally full of ‘biases’ due to the nature of words and their meaning – language is multiple characters, sounds, symbols and signals. If we do not know them for what they are, ‘we’ can easily weave ‘ourselves’ into a hundred complex knots with all this endless talk.
    When I say it only needs to be seen ‘once’ – then I say it needs to be seen over and over again – it seems definitely contradictory – does it not?
    Come back to the facts. The SEEING is actually un-interrupted – so the ‘same moment’ of SEEING appears as a repetition but it isn’t a repetition at all because there is NO time. That is why I say it is not about time and process – but for the mind, such expressions seem meaningless due to ‘where’ it is being approached from (in the mind – and mind is time – the mind cannot comprehend timeless-ness).
    All is potentially paradoxical if we try to work it out in the mind. Thanks for pointing the confusing statements – those not so well expressed ‘points’ above. I may adjust them.

  31. Posted by Ghebrey on 01.19.10 12:21 pm

    Gilbert, you have made my day!
    So clear, there is no entity in the Seeing.
    It is true that the we need to see again and again that there is no one here.
    Seeing tells that there is nobody, there is no evidence of an entity if we look. There is only an impersonal Seeing.
    It is only a matter of seeing what is real in our experience, right now.