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35. Across Space and Time – Program #1 – Nisargadatta Tapes

Posted on 04.03.09 11:48AM under Nisargadatta Maharaj, Podcast

This program contains rare audio from the meetings in Khetwadi, Bombay.

There is only One Presence. – THIS – is – IT

***A Transcript of the essential parts of the program appear in the comment pages.***

“Awareness becomes consciousness when it has an object. The object changes all the time. In consciousness there is movement: awareness is motionless and timeless, here now.” Quote from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

NOTE: The usual programs will still appear, interleaved with these ‘tapes’ from Bombay. These Bombay audio files are bigger than usual. They will take a little longer to download. Streaming the audio may be a problem for those with slower internet connections.

Every ‘event’ throughout ‘all time’ is contained in this singular Presence. The seeming ‘passage’ into this Open View is totally available to everyone beyond the arising thought patterns. Usually this needs to be introduced to us. A living ‘tradition’ exists where-in, ‘one who knows’ this open view, intimately ‘points’ the apparent ‘other’ to recognize and SEE from their own ‘clear space of immediate knowing’.

This program features one such ‘teacher’. Listen to the program and discover all that needs to be known, simply and immediately.

Music by Vas, Sitar piece by Ravi Shanka, Flute piece by Telvin Singh and Sarod piece by Asad Qizilbash plus a short piece from the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

Yes it is all FREE and it has to be that way. These tapes will not be turned into a product for sale at some future time. No one is excluded. A newly introduced Donation Tab appears on this site – top of front page (very small icon) near the contact icon and another at the bottom left hand side of comment pages. If you appreciate these programs, please feel free to support the continuation of the Urban Guru Cafe. It is a non-profit project. Those who do donate ensure that these programs will continue, for themselves as well as for everyone. No one need miss out because of FEES.
All inclusive is the nature of Non Duality.

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  1. Posted by Jenny on 04.03.09 12:29 pm

    Loved the beginning with Gilbert, but I had to turn up my volume a lot to understand the rest and when I did, the car horns and background was too loud to bear.
    I have very expensive headphones, so the impact of the beginning FULL STOP thing was ………
    Is this available to read anywhere?

  2. Posted by Mark Roske on 04.03.09 12:41 pm

    Yea, I couldnt’ finish listening to it, BUT who needs more info??

  3. Posted by gilbert on 04.03.09 12:59 pm

    If you refresh your UGC page the new graphic on top will appear.
    Yes well, the obstacles will divert those who are diverted. There are many who would give an arm and a leg to have been in that room, even for a few minutes. It may be of interest that in the appearance of things ‘I would not be put off the scent by anything’. It would seem that ‘I’ would have crawled over broken glass to be with ‘one who knows’ and ‘get it’ for myself. Of course it is just seeking but to deny that there is seeking going on is not satisfactory if there is disease in being happening. No point in trying to trick oneself.
    Everyone is different it would seem. ‘I think’ there will be a great number who will be interested in these tapes.
    This site is full of clear pointing. It is easy to dismiss anything but as the old saying goes “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”.
    One may need to listen a few times to become familiar with the accents etc.
    The noise was not added – it is more or less accurate to the conditions that were there, apart from the intense heat of Bombay at times and the incense and biddie smoke.
    It is interesting that the first two comments say they couldn’t finish listening to it.

    A weed sprouted in the Garden of Eden. In its imaginary condition, it believed it was a mighty Oak tree, the biggest of all trees in the garden. Its ‘life’ was tortured by the inability to find any substantial support for its own existence and spent all of its ‘time’ propping up its fabricated struggle to survive. The drama of all this ‘self-centre’ activity only serves its own imagination. The name of this weed is ‘me’.
    The believed in entity knows nothing whatsoever. Yet knowing is happening.
    There is truly no ‘entity’ in this knowing – it is only an appearance – just like all appearances – it is equally ephemeral like space.

  4. Posted by Mark Roske on 04.03.09 1:26 pm

    Of course it is just seeking but to deny that there is seeking going on is not satisfactory if there is disease in being happening. No point in trying to trick oneself.

    No “One” is, Gil… why so touchy man, it was a volume issue and I don’t have an arm or leg anyway…. Do You?

    I adjusted some of my own settings and finished it quite nicely~

    Just the Energy of it was well worth the little time “spent” adjusting.

    Seeking is going on here and “I” know it,,, Milk and Sugar Please>

    Thank you for you non efforts,


  5. Posted by gilbert on 04.03.09 6:51 pm

    I am happy to rework the audio if necessary. The sound has been kept as authentically ‘as it was’ as possible. Those in the room at the time would have had the same ‘issues’ to ‘deal with’.
    Transcripts of many tapes are being worked on in India. They will eventually emerge in some form, probably a book.
    Transcriptions are often difficult and time consuming and require exacting attention to details. One cannot be simply put off by some noise.
    The audio clean up work has been also time consuming. Some of the original tapes are barely listen-able due to the noise and various other factors. Sections of the better ones will be featured here.
    Remember that the scene is a small room in a busy suburb of Bombay. The windows are open and the street noise often sounds like it is happening in the room itself. Traffic and banging noises are often heard. Recorded sound is ‘flattened’ – it loses the three dimensionality and the ability to selectively tune in to certain sounds is less available listening to recording. In a crowded room you can selectively tune into a particular voice but in a recording of the same scene this is more difficult. It is similar to how a photo flattens a three dimensional scene. You can’t move the head to see around the objects in the scene because they are fixed. There has been a lot more work in preparing these recordings than is immediately obvious to the layman.
    This podcast site is a non profit project. The programs are offered freely to those interested.

  6. Posted by areti on 04.03.09 8:18 pm

    Here’s some transcript….

    Gilbert Schultz: “Everything that appears only ever appears in the immediacy. In this immediacy, it is presence appearing. There is only one presence. Time and space appear in this presence. No matter what is appearing in this moment, by returning to the pure nature of cognition, or knowing, or the space like nature of awareness, it will be found that there is no foundation upon which these appearances rest”.

    The words of Sri Nissargardatta Maharaj: “The world is but the surface of the mind and the mind is infinite. What we call thoughts are just ripples in the mind. When the mind is quiet it reflects reality. When it is motionless, through and through, it dissolves, and only reality remains. This reality is so concrete, so actual, so much more tangible than mind and matter that compared to it even diamond is soft like butter. This overwhelming actuality makes the world dream-like, misty, irrelevant”.

    There is no duality in non-duality.

  7. Posted by areti on 04.03.09 8:19 pm

    if everyone posts a portion, we’ll have it done in no time.

  8. Posted by Margo on 04.04.09 1:04 am

    This is only my opinion but it is what works for me!

    Our only chance of getting this message is to give it 150% of our attention, to focus intensely on what you are reading or listening to.
    The more attention you have to give to something the faster the space of understanding will open up for you.
    Listening to those tapes requires incredible focus and attention to even register a word.
    That is a good thing, this is what works.
    As it has been said before – 100 times at least;
    you can not drink the word ‘water’, the answer is not in the mind,
    the understanding is not in the spoken words.

    The energy is captured on those recordings – unmistakably and is well worth the effort.
    Listen to it as attentively as if you are to hear a ‘secret code’ in between the noise and spoken words and the space of re-cognition will open-up.
    Be so focused and attentive that you become the space in which the words are appearing. Those recordings are a ‘gem’ just for the energy.

    Areti posted the transcript, nothing different that have already been said many times on this site.
    If you go to the old podcasts and comment pages you will see that Gilbert and others have already said everything that can be said 1000 x, in 100 different ways.
    It is not in the words and it is not the words that will make you understand.
    Thanks UGC for bringing to us this energy, the music choice is quite exquisite.

  9. Posted by gilbert on 04.04.09 2:51 am

    One can equally relax and let the hearing take place. Getting used to the accent helps.
    There are quite a few tapes to be featured here over coming weeks and months.
    I am sure these programs will be of special interest to many. The sales of “I am That”, the book have been massive globally. Few recordings and videos exist on the internet.
    These recordings reveal a great deal and dispense with the erroneous concept that gets passed around, that Nisargadatta was ‘angry’ and ‘volcanic’. Often a quality of feeling is most definitely felt and ‘something’ beyond language.
    As the program says at the beginning “There is only one presence”….THIS IS IT.
    When no conceptual separation is present, there is real communication.
    If you ‘think about it’, it is remarkable that this can happen through this media, seemingly ‘across time and space’. In ‘Actuality’ there is no separation and the expression ‘I am That’ reveals itself clearly. So, what is being shared is nothing but our true nature.
    More and more are feeling and sensing this resonance in being, without it being automatically associated (mind and thought) with some form, some embodied entity. If you get the gist of what I am saying, you are indeed fortunate. It can only mean something because you KNOW it is true innately.
    This is the ‘highest aim’ anyone can have. To bring it ‘into the market place’ is unusual yet totally necessary – because ordinary life is the key.
    THIS is not for the privileged few (as so many have by inference suggested by word and behavior).
    I belongs to us ALL. It is what we are.

  10. Posted by Alan on 04.04.09 3:09 am

    You folks are doing fabulous work. Thanks again!

  11. Posted by Margo on 04.04.09 3:15 am

    I don’t know what have happened ,
    if Gilbert have adjusted the clarity of the sound or…..;
    the first time I listen to the sound it was very noisy and distractive , hard to understand the words
    the fifth time I listen to the program it was CRYSTAL CLEAR and it felt like I was in the room where the talk was taking place with the noise of the street in the distance not interfering with the conversation.
    I could understand every single word quite clearly and loudly.

    Either Gilbert is full of tricks…… or the space of knowing opens up and “everything is clear and obvious”

  12. Posted by Raja Bell on 04.04.09 3:33 am

    Total coolness — Niz-dawg. What year is that — who’s translating?

    I dig the complaining! Sorta like sharing a rare Hendrix recording and having folks lament it doesn’t sound like Karaoke Night at their local Applebee’s.

    Good stuff, look forward to more Phase Not Two!

  13. Posted by Jason Freeman on 04.04.09 4:23 am

    Excellent,,, what a privilege to get to hear the NIS>.
    Program sound was fine over hear… Thx Gilbert and Areti*!

  14. Posted by Jenny on 04.04.09 4:26 am

    Yea, Margo, I heard it again and it was fine… what a time warp feeling, being in Bombay with Nisargatta. I could almost smell the air. Great Program Y’all.

  15. Posted by Sully on 04.04.09 4:46 am

    As one who has not been & most likely will not be with “someone who knows”. I say thanks for sharing this Gilbert!

    And.. thanks Areti for the transcript.

  16. Posted by Mark Ellis on 04.04.09 4:59 am

    Oh YES~!
    Absosplendiferous podcast !!

  17. Posted by abbocarnu on 04.04.09 5:03 am

    Classic, Powerful, Just what the DR. Ordered> Thank you All.

    A Poem by another classic:

    We shall not cease from exploration
    And the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.
    Through the unknown, unremembered gate
    When the last of earth left to discover
    Is that which was the beginning;
    At the source of the longest river
    The voice of the hidden waterfall
    And the children in the apple-tree
    Not known, because not looked for
    But heard, half-heard, in the stillness
    Between two waves of the sea.
    Quick now, here, now, always—
    A condition of complete simplicity
    (Costing not less than everything)
    And all shall be well and
    All manner of thing shall be well …

    by T. S. Eliot, in Four Quartets — Little Gidding IV

  18. Posted by Jaime on 04.04.09 5:53 am

    What a pleasant surprise to listen to this amazing production in a small island at the other side of the world!!!

    After years from reading that same text in english and spanish, nothing compares to hearing it directly now. Even the background “noise” belongs there.


  19. Posted by Steven Witt on 04.04.09 6:05 am

    …so many voices we have read or heard and never gotten…until now

    “subtler than space” you are, and nothing less than ALL awaits

    you now….

    “Quick now, here, now, always—
    A condition of complete simplicity”

    read again and again form that place, subtler than space…..

    We shall not cease from exploration
    And the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.
    Through the unknown, unremembered gate
    When the last of earth left to discover
    Is that which was the beginning;
    At the source of the longest river
    The voice of the hidden waterfall
    And the children in the apple-tree
    Not known, because not looked for
    But heard, half-heard, in the stillness
    Between two waves of the sea.
    Quick now, here, now, always—
    A condition of complete simplicity
    (Costing not less than everything)
    And all shall be well and
    All manner of thing shall be well …

    by T. S. Eliot, in Four Quartets — Little Gidding IV

    full-stop beautiful, and thank you



  20. Posted by nathan on 04.04.09 7:20 am

    WOW! excellent! love and humor most certainly did abound in that tiny flat… (“does the lower atman deficate and urinate?!” HA!)

    clear as a bell….what a treat!

    many thanks for the effortless effort gone into cleaning these recordings up and producing this here show….i know how time consuming that is….but where there is love, there is no time….

    a deep ‘gasho’ to the both of you….

  21. Posted by gilbert on 04.04.09 10:06 am

    The year is 1980-81. This tape did not have a date on it. I would say it is 1980 based on my familiarity with many of the tapes. Ramesh is the translator. He was there from 79-81. He did a good job translating in my opinion.
    Remember, he is simply translating what Nisargadatta is saying. Other translators were also good and we will hear them soon enough.
    Yes listening a few times helps to get past the ‘noise’ and the accent obscuration lessens.
    Sounds like the program is ‘doing’ its job. And Maharaj is touching many more lives in this ‘presence’. Warm regards – Gilbert.

  22. Posted by Raja Bell on 04.04.09 12:29 pm

    Two nice pics from that time period:

    ~ Eyes open, eyes shut… ~

    Any earlier tapes with Sailor Bob asking questions?

  23. Posted by abbocarnu on 04.04.09 2:17 pm

    Just happened across this while looking up the definition of consciousness:

    The world (the universe) is the collection of objects consisting of the body-mind and all other objects. The world appears to exist in time and space.

    However, time and space are nothing but concepts.
    They are not real.

    Time is the concept of change.
    Since all objects change, all objects are temporal concepts.

    Space is the concept of extension (size and shape).
    Since all objects are extended in space, all objects are spatial concepts.

    *More* You can read more by searching for “faculty-virginia-edu-consciousness” in google.

  24. Posted by gilbert on 04.04.09 2:30 pm

    Yes, that is clear. Very similar to words written by myself. However, it seems many scientists are still stuck, just as many ‘spiritual seekers’ are still stuck.
    It appears that ‘I’ must enter the emptiness totally. The world ‘appears’ to disappear from view. The No Thing is emptiness – the ground of all being.
    The KNOWING remains. This taste is all that is necessary. The world re-appears and the knowing remains. No belief can be supported in the previously believed in ‘entity’, so life ‘flows’ with more ease of being without that believed in ‘me’ or ‘self-center’.
    No one is going to believe this. And once tasted ‘belief’ itself is inconsequential even though the patterns still ‘appear to be’.
    What you are has always been HERE. There is no time when it was not.
    What nonsense it seems to be for so many, when this is approached from the intellect.
    How amazingly simple it is, without the intellect’s input.

  25. Posted by Mark Ellis on 04.04.09 2:44 pm

    “Why are you unhappy?
    Because 99.9 per cent
    Of everything you think,
    And of everything you do,
    Is for your ‘self’ –

    And there isn’t one.”

    Wei Wu Wei (Terence Gray, 1895-1986), Irish aristocrat, student of Ramana Maharshi and of Ch’an Buddhism, an Advaita sage, to boot)

  26. Posted by nathan on 04.04.09 5:37 pm

    constant negation is not a denial, though it may seem to be at first…it seems to flow from a knowing that no thing can be known, and leaves no-thing in it’s wake….the very instant you think you know… SEE THAT…and know that you don’t know…

    is that knowing?

    i don’t know.

  27. Posted by gilbert on 04.04.09 6:02 pm

    There is only KNOWING. That includes ‘not knowing’.
    Without a reference point (No Thing) what can anyone express about THAT?

  28. Posted by nathan on 04.04.09 6:21 pm

    no-one to express…no-one to know…not even one. but THIS instant! it’s not a continuum! it is not in time…and it is all

    all nothing…all everything…only objectified by thought….there is NO thought in the instant of knowing…

  29. Posted by Raja Bell on 04.04.09 6:30 pm

    Nathan, does “no-one” defecate?

  30. Posted by nathan on 04.04.09 6:54 pm

    Ah Mister Bell… i think there’s already a book published on that very subject…you can pick it up in the children’s section.

  31. Posted by gilbert on 04.04.09 6:59 pm

    Shit happens.

  32. Posted by Raja Bell on 04.04.09 7:00 pm

    This site’s awesome.

  33. Posted by tomvds on 04.04.09 9:25 pm

    “You people must’ve trained with the heathens, come upon us unbeknownst” with this amazing phase 2 stuff. UGC-cafe is the best godversaken joint in town !

  34. Posted by tomvds on 04.05.09 2:34 am

    Here’s my contribution, with apologies for any interfering grammatical background static :-)

    A: The Ultimate state is that nothing is … Neither ‘I’ nor ‘You’ and … manifestation……that individual considers himself not as an individual but as the total manifestation. He says, he has reached that state beyond it where he is not even the manifestation. Neither the one nor the other. He is prior to the coming up or the creation of the manifestation. That is the final state which you and I can never forget.
    Q: (Can Maharaj describe his state?)
    A: If you ask me to cut up my sleep and make some vegetable out of it can I do It? Sleep is it a tangible thing which I can take hold of and describe?
    Q: I wouldn’t be able to cut it up, but I would be able to describe it.
    A: What will you tell and whom will you tell about this state of deep sleep. Sleep is quiet different apart from the body. So he says disassociate yourself from the body. So tell me what you are? Give me some little idea about yourself. Disassociate yourself from the body. Give me some little description about yourself from experience not from what you’ve read or been told …. But what is it? We’re merely saying that there is something like sleep. But what is it, Can you describe yourself (after) totally disassociating yourself from the body?
    Q: …(story about drugs)
    A: You are talking about an experience which anyone might have with or without drugs. We’re not talking about an experience. He’s talking of that state of deep sleep, or later he says, of yourself.
    You are ! Disassociate yourself from the body. I Am This. Can you say ‘I Am this’ without associating yourself with the body?
    Q: … (story about higher self/lower self)
    A: So this higher Self/lower self, what kind of colour or design does the higher Self has? And what colour and design does the lower self has? (laughter)
    Q: … living in the body …
    A: Is it the lower Atma, that has to urinate and to defecate and do all kinds of physical things? Is that the ‘lower Atma’ and is it the ‘Higher Atma’ which doesn’t have to do those things?
    A: This kind of talk about lower and higher is foolishness because Self is Self. And if during 10 years you have been involved in these kind of concepts you’ve been wasting your time. And if you come here … and the knowledge that you get here … you try to formulate it within your pre-conceived concepts. It can never be done. If this is what you’re going to do then you better leave. Because what I am saying is totally different from the concepts that you have.
    A: Maharaj says: contemplate merely with the background knowledge that you are not the body. That you are something subtler than space.
    Q: There is still an experienc-er there? Still someone who experiences … In that Self that is encompassing everything is there still someone ..
    A: So you are still talking from your previous condition. He’s given you something very simple . He says : Be still, merely with the understanding that you are not the body and you are … space … you are subtler than space. Space is the subtlest we can… But you are really subtler than space. With only that background knowledge: BE STILL.

    (The expression “disassociating from the body” is somewhat confusing. I’m pretty sure something got lost/added there in translation.)

  35. Posted by Mark Ellis on 04.05.09 2:43 am

    Thankyou Tom and here’s a recent one that Hit “Home” from Randall’s site>

    The spiritual search can never be resolved – because any answer is an intellectual answer. All answers are just more thoughts. Any answer comes within the observed. The only answer is THAT which is aware of the observed, the subject to the objects, already present while the answers are sought after in thought, already aware of the search for answers.

  36. Posted by Stephen Met on 04.05.09 3:47 am

    ” But you are really subtler than space. With only that background knowledge: BE STILL.”

    This is the phrase that stood out for me.

    Thanks for the transcription Tom

  37. Posted by dorothy hoffman on 04.05.09 4:11 am

    18:58 – 24:10 (Apologies for any grammatical errors)

    Q: What is the way to get there?

    A: Get where? He hasn’t asked you to go anywhere. He said just be still with the backdrop of this knowledge that you are. Not the body, but subtler than space; with that thought in the background, be still.

    Q: Be still means having no activity in the mind, in the feelings?

    A: Yes, just be still with that background knowledge. And even this, I keep repeating background, because you are not to concentrate even on this thought. Only to get started with this knowledge, but you don’t have to concentrate on anything. He merely said be still and contemplate – that is meditation. Only by being still in the mind; that is all. He doesn’t ask you to concentrate on anything. No thought at all.

    Q: It means reducing of activities?

    A: You are again conceptualizing. He says that is why there is no progress, because this constant conceptualizing – that is the biggest bugbear to progress. You hear something, on that you start your conceptualization. So, do not conceptualize. Whatever you are given, accept in directly, immediately. Be still, that is all.

    Maharaj repeats again: forget that you are the body or the mind. When he says body he doesn’t want to keep repeating Body, Mind, Intellect. Like BMI as is being used elsewhere. Body means Body and Mind. Forget that you are the body or the mind. And that you are this consciousness or sentience. You know you are, you know you exist. This I-amness – call it consciousness or I amness…be in that; be still in that knowledge. That you are, that you exist, that this conscious presence… be one with this presence…that is all – nothing else to be done. No concentration, nothing.

    Maharaj again says 10 years wasted – when the thing is as simple as this.

    Maharaj has not said it now but he always says that the only capital that anyone has is this sense of beingness, this consciousness; I am, I exist – this conscious presence. The sense of presence; not I ABC or XYZ exist, but the sense of presence. That is all the capital one has and that is all one can use.

    Maharaj says that these youngsters have come; if they come without any concepts, they accept what is said; you see, in direct apperception; and then they know what it is. Because they don’t try to conceptualize.

    So after 10 years, he says, you don’t know who you are.

  38. Posted by Jenny on 04.05.09 4:39 am

    WOW, Thank you,,, as I was the one who requested the text of this meeting.
    The volume issue has resolved itself and I have listened three times~~
    Powerful and Clear>>

  39. Posted by gilbert on 04.05.09 8:51 am

    Heart warming, to see this ‘pitching in’ to help share the message. Thanks. – G.

  40. Posted by dorothy hoffman on 04.05.09 9:19 am

    Gilbert, we could never thank you and Areti enough to make this message available to us…with such consistent and compassionate pointing…

  41. Posted by Jodi on 04.05.09 9:37 am

    Thank you Gilbert, this is great!

    And a special thanks to Areti, Tom and Dorothy for their transcriptions.

  42. Posted by gilbert on 04.05.09 9:40 am

    “Why do you horde up all this gold?” Said the beggar to the King.
    “The ‘Gold’ turns to poison if it is not shared”.
    The true ‘hero’ searches for the treasure, kills the Dragon, finds the ‘treasure’ and returns HOME……….not to indulge in counting his wealth…….
    he SHARES the ‘treasure’ with ‘everyone’.

    There is an old Sufi saying : “True wealth is in contentment with what one has.
    True poverty is in discontent”.

    We imagine that there is something we need to find and we imagine it is ‘out there’.
    Some find false gold (knowledge) and pretend to be happy with it (intellect) and even use it to punish others.

    Everything you need to know is in the knowing itself.
    It reveals itself consistently without EVER depleting the essence of knowing (the true gold).
    Self-Shining clear and present, immaculately empty – Naked Awareness.

  43. Posted by Tj on 04.05.09 3:32 pm

    There is a video of Nisagadatta called ‘Awaken to the Eternal’ along with commentary from people who spent time with him.

    Google search videosearch-nisargadatta-maharaj-awaken to the eternal

    Editor: Most will be aware of various video footage. We do not wish to have too many links on this site. It just gets too busy and messy.

  44. Posted by gilbert on 04.05.09 6:00 pm

    The rare tapes from Khetwadi, Bombay, will be featured over coming weeks and months. If anyone has any rare tapes of Nisargadatta or any other rare recording of interest and you are willing to share their contents, please let me know. I have the facilities and the skills to clean up the audio. Only teachers of direct pointing are of interest. Original tapes – not transfered audio is best. Tapes will surrender more ‘information’ on professional tape machines with the necessary adjustments made. – Gilbert.

  45. Posted by gilbert on 04.05.09 8:57 pm

    Anything that is acquired will be lost. Anything that is appearing will disappear.
    The search to acquire stems from the belief that something is missing.
    Everything is contained in the presence that you are.
    What you seek you already are. It is just a matter of ignorance, not stupidity, ignorance.
    We ignore the natural state.
    Nature is clearly obvious and contains no conflict of interests and no entities to clash against each other. The same is true in our true nature.
    Where are you seeing from?
    Does the seeing need to pass through the intellectual ‘center’ before anything is known or appears in that seeing?
    Seeing-knowing is unlimited and clear of all obstructions.
    All of our limitations ‘arrive’ with belief in thoughts. There are many times a day that no thought is happening but these moments are of no interest to the ‘ego’. Its perpetuated re-appearance needs ever more thoughts ‘related’ to it, otherwise it fades away due to lack of energy.

    We have all seen the one who can’t stand it when the attention moves away from them.
    The self-centered activity will bring the attention back to ‘itself’ in the most subtle and/or grossly absurd ways, without embarrassment.
    The blatant exhibitionist does not have a choice. The shrinking violet has no choice.
    The underlying fear is that ‘I do not exist’ without lots of attention.
    It is slavery of the most insidious kind.
    The so-called deep seated fears hang off the concept of being separate.
    It is all life and LIFE does not care one way or the other. Everything plays itself out in the appearance. The point we make here is that psychological suffering is unnecessary.
    The simple instruction at the end of this featured recording from Bombay, is all one needs.
    How many times will it be passed over (the instruction) before it is truly ‘heard’ and acted upon by the intelligence that you are?
    The questioner may have missed it (who knows?) but someone else in the room may well have heard it.
    NOW, many more have the opportunity to hear it – really hear it.

  46. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.06.09 4:00 am

    I see folks start off posts with “what’s arising here at the moment…” Does it really matter what’s arising here at the moment? As if what’s arising at the moment is better qualitatively than what was arising before when seeking was more in the forefront. It’s still just a focusing on the appearances. Now you want this peaceful feeling and non-seeking nature to continue. It’s still a state that is being sought and still a seeking. Notice that the noticing never changed during periods of misery, partial understandings, or so-called enlightenment experiences.

  47. Posted by billtys on 04.06.09 8:42 am

    What a treat this recording is! What a production! Talk about the five senses wide open!

    The background sounds are so good…they transport one right into the room with the Maharaj himself.

    Big thanks to Gilbert and Areti for this unique and ‘unable to be valued’ effort.

  48. Posted by Mike in SF on 04.06.09 10:46 am

    Good effort this week but I’ll take the pointers from folks like Wheeler, Bob and Gilbert over the difficult to hear pointers from Nisargadatta’s interpreter any day of the week. I worry that people just tuning into the UGC and aren’t familiar with “I am That” may be alienated by phase 2 and might not scan through all the gold found in the archives. Oh well.

  49. Posted by sleepless in L.A. on 04.06.09 10:58 am

    Be Still! Be Still! Be Still! I am not the body or the mind! Why don’t I want to be still, let alone seem to have the capability of being still? Pause a thought? I don’t seem to be interested in pausing a thought let alone seem to know how. Isn’t that attempt a doing? Perhaps this body/mind will just have to play out the act. Don’t seem to have any will of my own anyway. Ohoh, that was a slip. Yet, I keep trying at everything, even this non-duality stuff! Stop trying? Be still? Okay, goodbye, ……………………………..but, I know I’ll be back, shortly. I’m afraid this place is just too, too nice a’feel’n. Thanks Gilbert. The very idea I’m not this body or mind! …………. Way too good to be true!
    I gotta say, life seems a lot more amusing, after reading your book over and over again while waiting for the “arrival” of the “unexpected.” The feeling of acceptance expands and the enthusiasm for the dream even becomes more “enlivened” if that’s possible from the standpoint of wondering “who” is enlivened. Thanks again. Never miss a line on this site.

  50. Posted by gilbert on 04.06.09 11:00 am

    Well, ‘people’ walk into a massive spiritual bookshop and somewhere in amongst the thousands of books there is one (or two) ‘worth its weight in diamonds’. How anyone finds it is a mystery. The faint glow of a resonance in being takes us where we need to go.
    All we can do is offer some clear pointing. The recognition that is necessary cannot be forced or contrived. It ‘arrives’ completely unexpectedly ‘out of the blue’.
    It may even appear as the smallest ‘crack in the wall’. But the wall of obscuration will slowly dismantle and crumble and the open view is revealed. Then ‘the wall’ is seen to be just another appearance – concepts appearing and disappearing.
    Who is worried about who?
    Nisargadatta says: “The expected rarely happens – the unexpected always happens” (paraphrased).

  51. Posted by Bob Seal on 04.06.09 12:00 pm

    Funny you should mention books Gilbert.

    I on my way home I walked into a secondhand book shop the other day and in amongst the yoga books out popped “explorations into the eternal by ramesh balsekar. Forays into the teaching of Nisargadatta Maharaj. what a find $5.
    This sort of thing happens all the time, but there is always amusement and amazement when it occurs.
    How simple life is.

    love the latest podcast, can feel the heat and smells in that room.
    Didn’t know you did scratch and sniff podcasts! LOL

  52. Posted by gilbert on 04.06.09 12:40 pm

    Patchouli incense was the main one used there, so I am told. So, turn up the radiant heat, burn some incense, light up a biddie cigarette and merge into the unknown.
    Or simply listen to the program. Whatever you do, nothing can take you out of this presence. Recognizing this un-doubt-able fact is all that is necessary.

  53. Posted by Jacob ,Isle of wight. u.k on 04.06.09 8:23 pm

    I visited Deli for a week about five years ago doing a leadership program on transformation, one of my seeking adventures at the time. Listening to this recording brought back the magic that’s freely offered in India, that’s wrapped up in all the horns beeping, the lively voices of the locals doing there thing and the general atmosphere India gives off. Fantastic!…..
    What’s offered in these recordings is the reliving of the magic and wonder that was unfolding in that time, each beep is shouting out presence each reply from Nisagadatta and his translator whether heard, understood or not, doesn’t take away the beauty and magic of what was being exchanged in that room, sit back, speakers turned up and Bombay it up, classic-ness all the way. There’s so many beautifully clear pointers on this cafe something from the old timers that’s authentic and original, bring it on . Classicaly appreciated for all the efforts to get these recordings on the cafe, sweet island love to you all from the u.k x

  54. Posted by kale on 04.06.09 8:58 pm

    Have read ‘I am That’ so many times…and it was always mentally interpreted; the directness in there started to make sense only after reading Gilbert’s posts…sharper than sharpness, so to speak. Consciousness (or whatever you want to call it) automatically finds its way to “someone who knows”…

    Editor: ‘Some who knows’ is just an expression – it is simply pure ‘knowing’ – seemingly re-discovered in ‘another’ via a resonance in one’s own being, then recognized instantly (in oneself) as what ‘I am’.

  55. Posted by tim on 04.07.09 2:51 am

    not that, not that……..
    neti neti

  56. Posted by gilbert on 04.07.09 9:24 am

    “Forget me and my teachings and let the understanding grow in yourself”. This is reportedly one of the last things he said before he ‘departed the body’.
    For some it will be obvious that the message is delivered clearly and precisely today by those who ‘heard’ the direct pointing from Maharaj.
    In the moment of recognition, the truth of this is revealed in oneself, without any concepts.
    The ‘pointing’ carries on through the ‘generations’. The immediate LIVING-ness of it all is not in time.
    All expressions are neti neti. as the Tao te ching says: The Way (Tao) that can be spoken is not the true Way (Tao).
    The word, the description, is not what is being described.
    The KNOWING IS…….and is always the same.
    I am THAT.

  57. Posted by suki on 04.07.09 11:44 am

    Warmest greetings to Gilbert, Areti and all at UGC:
    An interesting quote I came across by SNM that I would like to share:

    “Out of my existence as the Noumenon has come this state of the phenomenal.
    The homogeneous understands the play of the attributes, the
    projection of the mind, but the play, the projection of the mind, cannot
    understand the homogeneous. The moment it tries to understand It, it
    becomes one with It. Everybody is trying to understand the meaning of
    all this. You are not understanding because you have all the swaddling
    clothes of “I-am-this-or-that.” Remove them.
    The ultimate point of view is that there is nothing to understand, so
    when we try to understand, we are only indulging in acrobatics of the
    Whatever spiritual things you aspire to know are all happening in
    this objective world, in the illusion; all your activities, material and
    spiritual, are in this illusion. All this is happening in the objective world, all
    is dishonesty, there is no truth in this fraud.”

    ~Sri Nisargadatta quote from: Prior To Consciousness:author/translator – Jean Dunn

  58. Posted by gilbert on 04.07.09 1:51 pm

    Indeed. This same equation is expressed in many ways.
    Where are you seeing from?
    There is only one seeing happening.
    There is only one authentic presence.
    If this is not the immediacy of knowing, what else could it be?

  59. Posted by suki on 04.07.09 3:21 pm

    Yes, Gilbert:
    This is a very powerful and very direct question: ‘Where are you seeing from?’

    Of course there is no direct answer in conventional language and/or logic !

    If the participant is genuinely honest with themselves – One cannot answer this?

    This may leave one wordless and expressionless because what is glimpsed is the nameless essence of oneself. ( which is undeniable and always present ).

  60. Posted by Nick Steffens on 04.07.09 4:51 pm

    Great audio Gilbert. I really enjoyed the audio of Nisargadatta. Hope you’re well,


  61. Posted by su on 04.07.09 11:14 pm

    9 years ago to the day, I took a two months break from motherhood and headed off to Mumbai. Terrified at the prospect and not knowing what I would find I found my way to this city.
    I sat at Ramesh’s feet daily in the unbelievable heat, humidity and pollution.
    And the noises that are on this recording were exactly the same, a million horns hooting, a million crows crowing.
    I loved every second of that intense aliveness.
    And each day I would sit in this tiny room and think my God how lucky am I to be here.
    What a blessing. Out of 5 billion people on the planet I was one of fourteen in this room.
    To come on this site and hear Ramesh’s voice on this particular day (so relevant for me) —– well what can I say.

    And since those days of Ramesh, you and Randall have been offering me pointers.
    I spent the past few weeks seeing where the seeing was emerging from.
    As a result of that there is no longer a seeker.
    With love and gratitude.

  62. Posted by Jenny on 04.07.09 11:34 pm

    Found this one scribbled on an old napkin in my “treasure box”.
    Don’t know where it came from but I’m pretty sure that it’s Nisargatta.

    The world is but a show, glittering and empty. It is, and yet it is not.
    It is there as long as I want to see it and take part in it. When I
    cease caring, it dissolves. It has no cause and serves no
    purpose. It just happens when we are absent-minded. It appears
    exactly as it looks, but there is no depth in it, nor meaning. Only
    the onlooker is real, call him Self or Atma. To the Self, the world is
    but a colourful show, which he enjoys as long as it lasts and
    forgets when it is over. Whatever happens on the stage makes
    him shudder in terror or roll with laughter, yet all the time he is
    aware that it is but a show. Without desire or fear, he enjoys it, as
    it happens.

    Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

  63. Posted by Ron Marson on 04.08.09 5:04 am

    Direct perception within the seeing/knowing:
    (1) I know THAT I am.
    (2) I don’t know WHAT I am.

    Additional thoughts:
    (1) EVERYBODY knows THAT they are. This may be the only thing we truly know that we haven’t been told. We know being as infants. We know being before seeking. We know being after seeking. We know being now.
    (2) NO ONE, not even Gilbert, knows WHAT ‘he’ is. Sure, we all know ourselves in a relative, time-bound, brain-associating sense: We are each a so-and-so with histories of such-and-such. This relative knowledge enables us to navigate within this dream of creation from apparent birth to apparent death.

    (1) is clear, obvious, ordinary, simple, extraordinary AWARENESS generally overlooked.
    (2) is CONSCIOUSNESS, consigned to a clueless, endless search for self (in at least some of us), until it becomes too obvious to ignore: Mind only understands what it is not; never what it is.

    (1) I know THAT you are.
    (2) I don’t know WHAT you are.
    I stand awestruck in the knowing of not-knowingness.

    (1) I know that THIS is.
    (2) I don’t know what THIS is.
    I am not set apart, separate from THIS. Hallelujah baby!

    (1) Mind is alive and functioning. I continue to have preferences and opinions about most everything.
    (2) Preferences and opinions no longer matter. ‘Me’ is recognized as a shifting reference point of changing beliefs not yet stood under (not yet understood).
    Nothing changes, yet everything looks fresh and new. It becomes more and more difficult to take anything personally.

    Language fails. How about coining a new word that stands between existence (I am) and non-existence (I am not). A verb of middle ground, neither being nor non-being:
    (1) I nam.
    (2) I nam.

  64. Posted by Vat on 04.08.09 8:22 am

    Go back to the state where no realization was called for. When I say go back, I mean be there. Find out what it is that is making you seek now. Can something that was never lost be found? Only in imagination. If you’re inclined to continue searching, by all means do that, only don’t use the mind. Without using the mind, you will find that there is nothing to seek. It’s only the untamed mind that is giving you unrest. You have to see that the mind cannot help you and is mere concepts in a way that will still the mind. What is it that you’re seeking? Isn’t Self-Knowledge just a concept that you’ve picked up along the way. There is nothing lacking, just stop making use of the mind and everything will be set right.

    Don’t think there is something to remember, there isn’t.

  65. Posted by gilbert on 04.08.09 8:30 am

    There is no ‘I’.
    There is ONLY, only One understanding.
    Understanding is not divided by words or ideas – it is wordless and silent.
    Naked and unadorned. It is your true nature.
    The word ‘your’ in this previous sentence is necessary only until the recognition ‘happens’. The understanding does not include ‘someone’ who owns the understanding – that is the understanding. You can’t GET the understanding – you can only consciously BE the understanding. It is nameless. We can call it by many names and we do. The ‘name’ is not it. ALL names are equal in THAT understanding. The mind through its activities leads away from understanding consistently. Watch the mind and see. Its nature as an activity is movement – its nature as understanding is motionless. They exist together. One is called by the Buddhists ‘samsara’, the other ‘nirvana’. Not Two.
    The essence of the (any) recognition is ‘cognition’ (knowing). You already know because the essence of what you are is ‘knowing’.
    You know that you are – that is not a belief.
    A belief is a pattern appearing as a facsimile – a representative.
    The so-called mind is simply patterns appearing.
    The apparent ‘depth’ to the mind and to ‘meaning’ is an appearance.
    The meaning of Life is ‘living’ – as Nisargadatta pointed out.
    Everything without a single exception is an appearance.
    The thought that is arising in this instant is an appearance.
    See it as it is.
    Now, where is it seen from?
    What direction will you go? To find WHERE you are seeing from?
    What concept can you hitch a ride upon to get there?
    My e-book “Everything is Clear and Obvious” expresses clearly many angles of this basic equation. You won’t find the e-book being promoted by many teachers. Readers write to me and say it is the clearest expression they have ever come across. It demolishes the teacher-guru propaganda. This is why they can’t recommend it – it frees the ‘seekers’ from the ‘bondage of self’. Gurus depend on the enslavement of their followers….and they offer only a promise – a hope for a fictional future time.
    There is no time but right now. If you can’t free the ‘seeker’ NOW, what good it the teaching?

  66. Posted by Jenny on 04.08.09 11:47 am

    Like chickens or ducks or anything in a shell:

    Whatever it takes to get out

  67. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.08.09 12:09 pm

    One of the clearest expressions I’ve heard recently is the MP3 “Oneness of Consciousness” by Randall. He’s definitely clearer now than his earlier interviews on UGC. When I hear something like this, I wonder why folks are chasing scratchy MP3s of a carcass labeled Nisargadatta or making “wondrous trips to India” when there’s a live guru right in Kentucky who is no less clear than Bob or Nisargadatta himself. I know these “established gurus” give us someone to “admire” and something to talk about–but what’s the point? That kind of hero worship, adoration, or historical reverence just leads to thoughts of separation (this one has the great knowledge / this one doesn’t/ when will I get it?) This stuff isn’t confusing at all. How can it be? It’s what you are! Knowing that you are is automatic. Applying that I Am to something seen or known never works because there is always something (no-thing) aware of that thing you’re trying to identify with. Hello????? Was that so complicated?

  68. Posted by gilbert on 04.08.09 1:54 pm

    The chick is endowed with a hard tip on its beak and the instinct to peck at the shell from the inside. The shell collapses quite easily. But the peck only happens ‘when’ it is time for the chick to emerge.
    Hearing the message calls forth a resonance – the rest, just like it all, it all simply happens spontaneously.
    It is ALL contained in the WHOLE – the ‘shell’, the content and the space.

  69. Posted by billtys on 04.08.09 8:10 pm

    Established gurus, new gurus…the intelligence patterns in an infinitely diverse and endless manner.

    Crisp audio, scratchy MP3s…it is the intelligence that manifests the appearance…it all happens spontaneously.

    The imagined entity does nothing. There is only intelligence.

  70. Posted by Sully on 04.09.09 9:17 am


    Do you hold meetings in Kentucky? Any chance of a one on one with a real life guru?
    I will not be going to Australia or India but Kentucky I think I can find.


  71. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.09.09 11:44 am

    Yes, the intelligence patterns in funny ways. Some basketball fans are content to watch old videos of Wilt Chamberlain, Dr J, and Michael Jordan. Myself, I’d rather go to a LeBron James game today. LeBron Friend, LeBron Wheeler, LeBron Adamson. I don’t want any crackly Wilt (Wilting/Wilted) Nisargadatta video or MP3.

  72. Posted by gilbert on 04.09.09 12:00 pm

    The sign post a hundred miles back is still true and ‘points’ accurately and precisely.
    Just because I find a new sign post ‘today’ that ‘appears’ to be ‘accurate’ does not mean I need to have less respect for the sign post a hundred miles back. With a powerful telescope, one can read that the ‘old’ sign post is still pointing to where ‘I AM’.

    One without a second – appears as everything. No separation.
    Until the translucent ball (clear recognition) drops through the hoop (mind) the game goes on.
    The score remains as ‘nil-nil’ or 0-0. Zero is just another symbol for emptiness.
    In truly recognizing one’s own true nature, emptiness, there is no need to go anywhere or listen to anyone. No reminders are needed. It all continues to ‘appear’ as the infinite expression of One Essence. It is all THAT…..with no exception.
    Thus the expression ‘I am That’.

  73. Posted by Randall Friend on 04.09.09 12:03 pm


    If there is a desire to chat, we can talk on Skype whenever you want. Sometimes it seems that the immediacy of conversation is helpful. But there are no meetings.

    However, the guru is only a concept, an idea of “someone out there” who has something you don’t, who knows something you don’t.

    This isn’t about learning something new or getting something different or better. It is about seeing that what you are is immediate and obvious right now, only confused with objects of perception and sensation.

    Instead of traveling across the country or across the globe, simply look at the immediate point of inquiry – how did this “I”-ness or “awareness” get mixed up with the body-mind which are obviously object appearing TO YOU?

    This is the instruction given to Nisargadatta from his “guru” – stay with the I AM – stay with this point – SEE that the body-mind appear TO YOU. They are objects. What you are is the invisible subjectivity – I AM.

    This is a certainty of existence – the obvious presence of awareness – the immediacy and intimacy of “I AM”-ness or subjectivity. It seems the reason it appears so difficult to see through the illusion of being a person in a body-mind is because that is mixed up with something that is SO CERTAIN. That CERTAINTY is misplaced.

    Watch as the pure invisible subjectivity is given, in ASSUMPTION ONLY, to the body-mind. Yet how can you reconcile that the body-mind appears IN that subjectivity? It’s irreconcilable.

    Therefore you MUST be invisible seeing/knowing, awareness, whatever label resonates.

    Instead of looking FOR your true nature to come as an experience, as a revelation given by some “guru”, as a special “state”, instead of looking FOR something to come, recognize that you are looking FROM your already-present true nature.

    And that true nature is already obvious as the present and evident activity of knowing, going on in the immediacy of this very moment.


  74. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.09.09 12:28 pm

    Very nice… Yes, I’ll say Randall appears as a clear signpost–heck yeah!
    And no spiritual mumbo-jumbo as he would say.
    Also, kudos as always on the site and all the hard work.
    If it were a Raggedety Ann video, a Nisargadatta MP3, or Sailor Bob talk–no matter–as long as it draws out clear posts like the one by Randall– then all was well worth the effort.

  75. Posted by gilbert on 04.09.09 12:37 pm

    There is no one in it.
    THAT is ONE and it contains everything without fragmentation.
    Understanding is not in the mind. It is BEING. It is wordless. Silent.
    This is impossible to recognize through the use of concepts.

    Everything appears out of emptiness.
    Everything disappears back into emptiness.

    At the ‘place’ where SEEING is happening…nothing is actually happening.

    Emptiness is not ‘doing’ anything.

    All the doing is of the appearance.

    All we can do is POINT at THAT.

    Pure cognition ‘appears’ to rise up as ‘recognition’ and the INSTANT completes itself – in the appearance.
    In Essence it is already complete.
    Warm regards – Gilbert

  76. Posted by suki on 04.09.09 1:48 pm

    Sign posts are for the benefit of everybody!

    If you are alert and aware you will surely see many of the first to come!

    Those succumbed to heaviness and sleep may miss the first few hundred or so?

    Better to see the later ones than miss the turn altogether!:)

    Once the pristine view has been seen and re-cognised there will be no need to reference the sign posts anymore.


  77. Posted by milton on 04.10.09 3:25 am

    You are, not the body, but subtler than space; with that thought in the background, be still…Wow.

    Powerful, precious, priceless..I am utterly phased out by phase not two…carried across space and time indeed and scattered to the four winds.

    Thanks UBC.

  78. Posted by Josef on 04.10.09 8:37 am

    Hello to everyone,

    today my alarm bell rang at 6 o´clock am. Thoughts were coming up like: “Oh no, I want to sleep a bit longer, I don´t want to go to work, my boss will surely have the same bad mood as yesterday, I am so tired,…”

    Seemingly the Josef-Charakter is there. Seemingly time is there. Seemingly the body is thre.

    Then I went to the bathroom and turned on the radio. I was listening to an interesting reportage about a football match a day before of my favourite football club.

    No “I” there. Just listening. And also no time there. Just listening. And no body.

    Then “I” looked on the clock. Again thoughts: “Oh my god, “I” will comte to late to work, my boss…..”

    Seemingly the “I” and time is back again.

    Then i got in the car. Again I turned the radio on. A beautiful song was played.

    Again No “I” there. No time there. No body. Just listening to the song.

    Then thoughts came up about my sick parents. Sorrows came up.

    The “I” is seemingly back again. And at the same time the car, the radio sound, the street, the traffic lights, and everything around disappeard. Only the perceiving of the story of the parents, nothing else.

    Suddenly “I” recognize, that a burning cigarette is in my mouth. Thoughts came up like: “O shit, i wanted to stop smoking today. I did not want to smoke today! Why did “I” do that? I am smoking too much. This will destroy my body.”

    Still the “I” is seemingly there. Time is seemingly ther. And also my body. And at the same time the story of my parents disappeard.

    Why did “I” smoke a cigarette???

    Well, it happend. No one did that. Only the thought “I did that” appeard. But this thought is a lie. First the observing of the “parents-story” happend – by no one. And suddenly the observing of the cigarette in the mouth happend. No one did that. Only the perceived picture changed. Yes, only another picture appeared and the “parents-picture” disappeard.

    The same at work. A constant change between an “I” and “time” seemingly there on the one hand and then during an for example interesting conversation, no “I” and no time and no body there on the other hand.

    About two hours ago i watched a recorded late night show. The recorded episode was absolutly brilliant. I had to laugh very strong and often. I know that a episode of this show has a length of one hour.

    But while wathing the excellent show there was no “I” and no time. Only the watching of the show happening – by no one.

    Thinks seem to be so solid. The “I”, the time, the car, the buildings….

    But in everyones ordinary life the I, the time, the cars, the peoples, the buildings, the thoughts, the body etc. are constantly appearing and disappearing. There is no solidity at all.

    It is only overlooked.

    Warm regards


    And sory for my bad english!

  79. Posted by Josef on 04.10.09 8:49 am

    Just one minute ago I stood up from the chair, went to the kitchen, filled a glass with coke, went back to the living room and sat down again on the chair. And suddenly another cigarette is in my mouth.

    It simply happend. There were no thoughts like “I want to drink coke, now i must stand up und go to the kitchen”.

    No thought was necessary for this happening.

    No thoughts are necessary for things to happen.

  80. Posted by Josef on 04.10.09 9:08 am

    One each ordinary day in ones ordinary life the seeming body is not there most of the time. It is only overlooked. Where is your body when you have a interesting conversation with a good friend? Where is the body, when you look a exciting film? Where is the body when you do your work concentrated? Where is your body, when you sleep at night? Only thoughts say, that the body is there all the time. The body is only made up of thoughts.

  81. Posted by gilbert on 04.10.09 11:53 am

    Good morning – all bright eyed and bushy tailed?
    The comments are not necessary for the programs to happen. Sacre-blurrrr. Sorry about the bad French. Just kidding about. Don’t forget to hide the bunny.

  82. Posted by suki on 04.10.09 12:08 pm


    That which ‘IS’ aware of thoughts? what could that possibly be made of?

    Can the ‘SEEING’ be made of anything?

    The ‘SEEING’ is not contingent on anything! This is why ‘you’ can never see ‘yourself’!
    yet seeing happens. ( total and complete invisibility )

    Bottom line:What you ‘ARE’ cannot be made into a concept!

    Warm rgds, suki

  83. Posted by billtys on 04.10.09 12:21 pm

    The word “immediacy” is a corker!

    Catch the start of the word…catch the end of the word…where does the immediacy start and finish?

    There is only right now! and as soon as it is thought of it is gone! No matter if you are smoking cigarettes or thinking about the boss or the imagined entity is present (or not)…there is only the immediacy…OOPS! There it goes and here it stops…slippery little sucker…try and measure it…try and “time” the immediacy!

    Thinking about a past or future event can only occur in the immediacy… that’s all there is…it is everpresent… and particularly when one is eating hot cross buns!

  84. Posted by Ron Marson on 04.10.09 12:52 pm

    A delight arises here that Josef really seems to be having a look and getting it. But what are “Josef” and “having a look” and “getting it” but ever changing patterns within the undivided flowing whole?

    A few weeks back I recall a feeling of despair expressing itself in a pattern labeled Josef that joked about leaping off a building. Again, what are “Josef” and “despair” and “joking” but more patterns in the undivided flowing whole?

    I am tempted to sort patterns into “good” and “bad”, and thereby separate “heaven” from “hell”. But why would I want to muck up what is ever clear and constant and undisguised. On the other hand, why not muck it up and give myself something to do? Wait a minute. THIS can’t get mucked up!

    I’m tired of living a closed-in life in this small-minded mind. Why would NoThing / Everything want to do that?

    I have no idea! How beautiful to rest in that.

  85. Posted by gilbert on 04.10.09 1:14 pm

    Yes. Psychological suffering is unnecessary. We have been filled up with erroneous beliefs, so it seems. None of them, NONE of them can stand up to the investigation of their foundations. In the emptiness there is pure cognition, the activity of knowing.
    It is PRIOR to everything that appears….bar none.
    This is why the instruction by Maharaj is so potent. “With that background knowledge, BE STILL”.
    Stop and SEE what IS.
    You can’t say what you are – but you cannot negate that being-ness….that aliveness.
    It is pure intelligence prior to words and things.

    Where are you seeing from?
    Where does it all appear?

    The true nature of all phenomena is emptiness. Even ‘space’ appears to be yet it cannot be seen. The hand is in space – so the hand cannot grasp space.
    This same equation applies to the mind and understanding.
    You cannot find the exact fulcrum point of a see saw or the axis of this planet.
    Neither can you find a self-center called ‘me’ or ‘I’.

  86. Posted by gilbert on 04.12.09 6:00 pm

    I am a bit surprised that so few, of the hundreds who download these programs, have made any comment of their appreciation in hearing these ‘old tapes’.
    I am preparing another program right now – but if there is no wish to hear them ‘out there’ then I will withdraw the ‘input’ which is actually quite time consuming for me. This is not some big corporate operation. The efforts come down to one or two folks, going out of their way to bring some very direct pointing to an unknown audience. I’m am not brow beating here. Just a little nudge between the shoulder blades.
    Many of these tapes are very interesting indeed.
    Who hasn’t got ‘I am That’ on their bookshelf? Thousand upon thousands and very few ever made it to that room in Khetwadi, Bombay. I have met less than ten who did get there.
    These programs as completely free. ‘People’ often don’t respect what they get for free. The odd thing is, that if some clever dude put out a CD set of the tapes, they would make a small fortune. One has already used the rare videos to promote their own intellectualized ‘teaching’, which is quite different to what Maharaj was teaching.
    Here we offer them freely with no strings attached and very few can find the effort to respond to this gift.
    What a strange world it is.

  87. Posted by Ste Gunn on 04.14.09 7:00 am

    I could say I’m a bit surprised by your post Gilbert and a bit surprised that I’m answering it.

    Isn’t this the so called ‘problem’, that what IS isn’t what we’d imagined\hoped things would be like. Isn’t that the dis-ease talked of in many of these podcasts. Besides surely the hundreds of downloads is evidence enough that many wish to hear these ‘old tapes’ whether the appreciation is expressed here, elsewhere or not at all. Would you rather only a few downloads and comments of “Oh Gilbert with these Nisargadatta tapes you are spoiling us”? After all some thanks that are given are replied to with “there’s no-one here to thank” or some such comment. So who is it putting in all the effort? Isn’t the ‘important’ bit “to bring some very direct pointing to an unknown audience” and not the thanks recieved for such an endeavour? To me these tapes, no matter how rare, are not any more or less interesting than any of the podcasts on this site. Sure I have ‘I am That’ on my bookcase and I’ve read most of it (maybe I’ll finish it one day, who knows) but I also have Bobs ‘What’s wrong with right now if you don’t think about it’ and Tonys ‘Nothing Being Everything’ right next to it with several others by different authors, so what?

    But I don’t mean to rant, your post sparked a twinge of compassion here and a little confusion. It seems to be quite the opposite from the direct pointing ‘you’ are so good at, and again ‘so what?’ If there is anything that I’ve learnt from these podcasts it’s that everything is absolutely fine and nothing to worry about. There is no-one, no-one doing any of this no matter how it feels. I’ve got you and all the other contributers to this site, alive and dead, to thank for that. So you do have my appreciation for more than just these ‘old tapes’ but for the entire web site.

    Much love and thanks to you all, Ste Gunn.

    ps. It is indeed a strange and beautiful world, whatever that means…

  88. Posted by milton on 04.16.09 12:37 am

    So This is what we are, just as it is, no preconcieved notions of how to be, subtler than space, more solid than diamond, changeless, spontaneous, ever new…it’s not so bad after all.

  89. Posted by gilbert on 04.18.09 11:24 am

    The music is unnecessary on these programs yet it seems to add something. It makes a space for an ‘absorbing’ to take place. Careful selections of the music pieces were made.
    The flute piece is exceptionally beautiful, in my opinion.

  90. Posted by Ronna on 05.23.10 5:35 am

    Just wanted to say how great it is to re-listen to these. :)