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36. Across Space and Time – Program #2 – Nisargadatta Tapes

Posted on 04.13.09 10:02PM under Nisargadatta Maharaj, Podcast

“Those who know only scriptures know nothing – To know is to BE”. – Nisargadatta

“Delayed response is wrong response. Thought, feeling and action must be one and simultaneous with the situation that calls for them” – Nisargadatta

The essence of the message is subtle. The mind is attuned to gross concepts. In this program is a very subtle introduction to our true nature. Listen to it as often as you can. The insight that comes, opens up the being-ness.

There is ‘no reason’ why anyone should miss it. It is the immediacy of being.

The voices of Jack Kornfield, Mark West, Ramesh Balsekar appear in this program.

Three short audio extracts from the video “Awaken to the Eternal“.

Various visitors put questions to Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj through the English translator, Ramesh.

Music by Asad Qizilibash, Ravi Shanka and the closing music by Van Morrison.

This podcast is FREE. For those who appreciate this free service, the opportunity is provided for making a (no obligation) small donation. A newly introduced Donation Tab appears on this site – top of front page (very small icon) near the contact icon and another at the bottom left hand side of comment pages.

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  1. Posted by gilbert on 04.13.09 10:04 pm

    Welcome to number two of the Nisargadatta Tape Series. All care has been taken to make the sound as clear as possible. The content is interesting in parts and extremely potent in other parts. Enjoy. – Warm regards – Gilbert.

  2. Posted by milton on 04.14.09 2:55 am

    So let’s see if I got this right. There is just seeing/knowing/being, period. What appears to happen is totally spontaneous and has nothing whatsoever to do with what I imagine myself to be doing. The only real teacher that I can ever have is seeing/knowing/being which is always fully and freely accessible, and which will repeatedly demonstrate to me that there is no me until “me” dissolves, fades away, or is seen as irrelevant. All of this is a natural process of intelligence that is inevitable and has absolutely nothing to do with the conceptual me; there is nothing for me to do or not do, for not only is not even possible (given that there is no me), everything is complete just as it is.

  3. Posted by Margo on 04.14.09 3:17 am

    I need reality check , I am not sure if I understood something or just got more confused!
    This realization seems so simple that it confuses me and makes me think that it is not right.
    This phrase “You are not the doer” have been a mystery to me.
    I could see that there is no ‘me’ in this body-mind but it somehow did not make it clear that I was not the doer.I keep going around and around in circles not getting anywhere with this statement ; if I am not the doer then how can this body-mind organism that does not see,think or do anything be the doer? On one hand I am not the doer and on the other the body cannot be the doer,so who is the doer?
    So today I come again to the same point – but I HEARD-IT differently ;
    ” this body- mind creates experiences – body is doing ,but you the consciousness is NOT the body-mind so therefore you are not the doer”.
    It seems that I-consciousness am hypnotize by this body-mind doings, that is the dream, that is the identification that I have to wake-up from. I am not this body-mind.This body-mind-world dream appears in consciousness is consciousness but it is not real.That is why it has been said that the dream is not your business, let the dream unfold its own way as it will-just stop identifying with it.
    This seems so obvious and simple that it raises the question -how could I not understand that before, it was only pointed to ‘me’ 1000 times in 100 different ways on UGC pages.
    It seems that this body-mind is self propel ‘freak show’ that I cannot stop watching and identifying with.
    I am not sure if I have expressed my realization correctly-but something have shifted or open-up and the view is very different.It makes sense that there is nothing to do-the show will go on its own.
    Please comment on my ‘no doer’ realization if that is what it was.

  4. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.14.09 4:49 am

    Better leave before it’s too late. There is nothing left. I beg to differ even with the “I Am” versus “I Am not”. Can’t pick either of those as truth. What does it even mean? Maybe closer is a choice between “IS” and “IS NOT”; in which case “IS” would be the pick. But that still can’t grasp truth or stand as spoken. And who’s to say “ISNESS” is better than “I AM”? There is no “You” per se, as an entity, as a spiritual entity, or as awareness, or an aware-no-thing, or even as what awareness is pointing to. These pointers don’t point toward anything. What is can never be boxed up and re-packaged for seeker consumption. It can’t even be packaged as the perfect pointer because nothing points to what you are. Sounds & noises are conceptualized at a young age and a supposed identity forms. “Later on” sounds & noises happen and the identification falls away for noone. But nothing ever happened. You never appeared and you never disappeared. Freefall, Freefall…nothing to identify with, not even awareness/knowing/no-thing…Not even a concept of “Me” as one with Reality. No separation, no identity. Just THIS.

  5. Posted by dan on 04.14.09 7:14 am

    it is SO simple that ‘it’ is ABSOLUTELY no-thing whatsoever.

    the very fact that anything appears is besides the point, irrelevant, moot.

    there is no concern about the appearances… what do you care? big deal.

    absolutely nothing can happen to you
    absolutely nothing can be done by you
    absolutely nothing can be gained (because you never lost anything)
    absolutely nothing can be lost (because you never had anything to begin with)

    you haven’t moved an inch

    you are absolutely naked and open and empty

    the fact that anything happens at all is the incredible mystery

    be comfortable with free-falling into nothing

  6. Posted by gilbert on 04.14.09 9:18 am

    Mr. Gunn: Don’t get hooked on the trigger points. They appear spontaneously.
    Belief in being free of the me is useless. All challenges to that belief are valid no matter what ‘form’ that appear in.
    Response happens – or does it? Has anything ever happened?
    Cleverness is binding for the intellect. Exposing that cleverness sometimes requires all manner of ‘poking’.

    “When did space enter the house?”
    The house is built in space.
    Space never entered the house.
    All there is is the immediacy.
    The story of ‘me’ is the story of ‘building’.
    Catch this activity of ‘building’ in the immediacy.
    Where are you seeing from?
    SEEING-KNOWING is and cannot be negated.
    The pattern that appears cannot see, hear, taste or know anything whatsoever.
    There is ONLY ONE sentience.
    You are THAT.

    These are the key points.
    It is not a jigsaw puzzle.
    It is Clear and Obvious.
    Innately ‘we’ all KNOW this.

    The mind must be understood.
    Pointing happens.
    Recognition happens.
    Relief spontaneously happens.
    No one ever did anything.
    Nothing ever happened.

    No one ever ‘got it’.
    What you are is invisible – so you have never appeared.

    This program delivers the message potently 28 years after the ‘event’.
    The tapes lay around on a shelf or two for decades gathering dust.
    The ‘message’ on the tapes is from beyond the vehicle – beyond material.
    Intelligence in action transcends time and space.
    There is NO separation and time is merely a concept.
    The ‘lineage’ is LIFE itself……Eternal Life. Time and space appear to what?

    The ‘me’ is spooked by concepts yet it itself is nothing but a concept.

    “I rest my case your honor”.

  7. Posted by Chas on 04.14.09 11:17 am

    ………… BANG! Prior to Prior To Prior Eternity IS That, I AM ~ That is ALL ~ superb Gilbert! Just superb. THAT Prior to superlatives! Immersed in Peace, Being the Light ~ Prior to Consciousness…. wow

  8. Posted by gilbert on 04.14.09 11:47 am

    Intelligence in action. Take the focus off Gilbert. He is just a vehicle. He is moved to ‘do’ what needs to be done. Bringing these tapes back into LIFE is ‘a gift’ for all concerned.
    Once one has tuned into what took place in ‘that room’, then even the reading of ‘I am That’ and the other books, takes on a new dimension, a new potency.
    Whatever is necessary to bring about the recognition is valid.
    Warm regards – Gilbert.

    P.S. Just got a scathing, scolding and abusive email about charging money for the message, from someone obviously bitter about these things.
    We do not charge for these podcasts. The UGC is unique, regular programs totally devoted to the clear expressions on Non Duality.
    Behind the scenes, there are only two ‘on the job’. Sometimes only one. The programs may not meet BBC Standards or CBS standards but they are doing the job they are intended to do. A day doesn’t go by without a ‘positive’ email or two (or 3-4) confirming this.
    I find these critical emails to be radically off beam. Always from those who have MISSED the message.
    In the appearance of things, I spend hundreds of hours every year ‘doing’ all kinds of activities regarding getting the ‘message’ OUT THERE.
    I do not get paid for any of it. The fact is I actually spend money on this, eg: to have the right equipment to do this.
    That amounts to thousands of dollars over recent years.
    The internet has brought about a new dimension to broadcasting the message. The internet is not free. It is also mostly pornography and nonsense.
    Some do make donations and that is gratefully received but it falls way short of the expenses, that is a fact.
    When did I complain about any of this?
    I asked this ‘bitter person’ what have they done recently to help spread the message. The answer is undoubtedly ‘not much’.
    As Nisargadatta says: It takes many months to build a house – but it only take one match to turn it into ash on the ground (paraphrasing).
    One exception is, donations are suggested for Skype consultations- they are not compulsory. If someone has financial difficulties, the donation is not an issue.
    Seekers waste thousands of dollars on guru crap that does not work.
    The consultations are almost always effective. It is not turned into a franchise product.
    I am not a guru sitting in some inexpensive room somewhere, receiving food and gifts from devotees. I pay rent, bills, repair bills on my car and all manner of expenses. I do not ask anyone to pay these for me. I have no devotees – BECAUSE this message is brief and direct. To keep anyone ‘waiting’ for years is just not necessary. – Warm regards – Gilbert.

  9. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.14.09 1:25 pm

    There is no reference point(s) anywhere except in the dream. The “you” who is not separate from Life or Existence or I Am-ness is nowhere to be found. The first elimination round (conceptual designation of course) is being open to this stuff and eventually not being able to put it down. The second elimination round is noticing that stability that is always “there” in every experience. That Awareness that never changes; that perfect peace that you are–reflecting all manifestation but never moving/never altered. But there’s not even the reference point of being a non-reference point; as in “I am not a reference point, I am the indescribable Absolute or Awareness.” There is no You. Someone in the dream playing the game of declaring that saying “I am” or “I am not” proves that “You are” because you had to be there to say it is bogus except in the dream. There is only the knowing, that ISNESS, Life knowing itself (excuse the subject/object distortion there). The declaration that I am the knowing or I am the Awareness is that last little comfort blanket of still being an “I”. The “I” that is not separate from Awareness is totally unnecessary and non-existent. There is just Awareness or Life Itself.

  10. Posted by Sully on 04.14.09 1:42 pm

    The guy that claims you charge for the message is a total idiot who has no idea what the hell he is talking about. Just hit the delete button….but before you do… tell him to piss off!

  11. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.14.09 2:04 pm

    How do you know it was a man? Gilbert doesn’t mention gender. Maybe Gangaji or Byron Katie are upset that Gilbert is taking market share from them.

  12. Posted by gilbert on 04.14.09 2:22 pm

    As Byron Katie would suggest: “Is it true – is it really, really true?”
    That was the best thing she ever suggested. Gangaji is another story.
    The author of the email, like so many other bitter twisted forms of consciousness, goes under a fictional name. Saving Face is very popular – and a useless activity to boot. I am not a party pooper – a bit of fun is necessary but let’s not get sidetracked too often.
    As Nisargadatta points out so cuttingly: “There are no customers for this knowledge”.
    Mark West’s published book of notes from Khetwadi are an excellent document of some of the meetings during 1977. “Gleanings from Nisargadatta”. It is a low key publication and does not have the Publishing Machine behind it. It is well worth reading. He revealed to me that he had notes from the meetings. I read the three notes book and my response was immediate – we must share these notes, so the book was put together. A link for ordering it is on Bob Adamson’s website.

  13. Posted by Karl on 04.14.09 8:34 pm

    Namaste Margo :)

    “This seems so obvious and simple that it raises the question -how could I not understand that before, it was only pointed to ‘me’ 1000 times in 100 different ways on UGC pages.”

    Only 1000 times…

    A 1000 times would have saved me years:)

    You are really blessed:)


  14. Posted by Mark Ellis on 04.14.09 11:13 pm

    Ok Now,

    Am I Blessed or Not, That is the question?????
    Some would say,,, looking at the appearance of “Mark’s” life, that he is Not very Blessed. He has, in the last two months, lost his job, gone on welfare and is about to lose his wife.(Loss of WHAT??) The PAIN, LOSS and Suffering that has been “Felt” as VERY Real, has come and gone Soooooo many times, that all I see from it is that it comes and goes. There was a time last week (i believe), when my wife and i were in the middle of a good roe and the thought came through, stating… What remains when all of this falls away>>>??? That’s Who You ARE~!
    i Want To Save Years…. How in the hell do I do that?????
    Do I even care??? I put the headphones on and tune into the podcasts, at first trying to get it, then Absolutely Knowing that I can Never “Get It”>>>>>>>
    Then it is forgotten that I can’t “Get” it, so I dawn the headphones, tune into the Newest UGC, Hoping desperately that THIS TIME, something will click, be heard, be felt……. GIVE “me” RELIEF. It just NEVER “Happens” cause it cannot happen to the “ME”… Yet I still pursue, with an almost obsessive desire, the answers>>>
    OUT THERE~!~!~! Alas, this “wanting” has an addictive, comfortable resonance which this seeker probably enjoys, on some level. Babbling now.. OK Thx<

  15. Posted by billtys on 04.14.09 11:18 pm

    The imagined entity does nothing…absolutely nothing! The phantom ‘you’ does nothing. The body and mind and thoughts and everything else are all appearing in the unquantifiable yet undeniable knowing.

    The spinning planets and the bean shoot pushing through the earth are expressions of this creative intelligence…this is obvious…there is no one pulling any strings or pushing any buttons to activate the movement of the planets or the bean shoot…it is all just happening in this immediacy.

    The body/mind is not excluded from this principle. All creation is run by the intelligence and is the intelligence.

    This is the beautiful mystery…

    This endless intelligence energy…also simply illuminates what is…

  16. Posted by gilbert on 04.14.09 11:22 pm

    If you follow what is being expressed in the last 10 minutes of this program, really follow it, there is no way it can’t be seen.
    The only thing that gets in the way is conceptualizing.
    Drop all pre-conceived ideas and listen with an open mind.
    Maharaj points it out exceptionally clearly but you have to ‘hear it’.
    The analogy of the house built in space is the spot.
    There is one statement that tells it straight and true.

    Remember that the body, the world and everything is an appearance in THIS immediacy.
    I will not repeat what is said word for word. That will only rob you of the ‘hearing of it’.
    All mind content is an appearance.
    Where are you seeing from?

  17. Posted by Mark Ellis on 04.14.09 11:55 pm

    Drop all pre-conceived ideas and listen with an open mind.

    I hear this all the time, especially from you and R.F.

    HOW? ? ?

    It feels like conceptualization, thoughts, feelings, sensations JUST HAPPEN>
    Like some Auto Pilot trip>>

    What the hell Do “I” drop…. Nothing of course>> SHIT~~

    Believe It True>>> “I” REALLY want to DROP something,,, Anything, but it seems i can’t.

    I’m just going to listen again and Stop/drop and roll~!~!


  18. Posted by milton on 04.14.09 11:55 pm

    Mark: Good question: “What remains when all of this falls away?” Sounds like you found an answer, why not stay with that? Sorry for your suffering.

  19. Posted by billtys on 04.15.09 12:19 am

    If ‘you’ look at an apple or a piece of wood with a powerful microscope, ‘you’ will see wide open spaces and ultimately nothing.

    If ‘you’ look where a thought or an emotion comes from and disappears into, ‘you’ will see that all thoughts, concepts and ideas come from nowhere and disappear into nowhere. Where are yesterdays’ thoughts?

    The total appearance…thoughts, ideas, concepts, objects… which appears solid and real comes from nothingness…from ‘no thing’ that the mind can grasp. This ‘no thing’ is the natural state…the creative intelligence…the activity of knowing.

    This ‘no thing’ is not able to be ascribed any attributes… yet it is undeniable…because the seer and the seen could not appear without this natural state.

    The real, invincible and invisible you, is that natural state.

  20. Posted by billtys on 04.15.09 12:38 am

    In deep sleep awareness is of course still present…but there is ‘no play’ happening.

    However ‘the play’ starts when the dog next door starts howling or your bed creaks when you turn over. These events are happening on or in the awareness.

    Then you get up and get a glass of water and watch some TV.

    All these events are happening in awareness. These events could not happen without the Presence Awareness.

    You are the Presence Awareness.

  21. Posted by gilbert on 04.15.09 1:19 am

    Well someone left the fly door open. Some foul mouthed buzzing creature got through the filters.
    Had to delete the buzzard. This is a Family Show.
    Non dual jargon tossed around with abandon isn’t going to help anyone.
    There has to be a genuine interest in what is offered.
    If it was some subject you had a deep love for, you would pay full attention to it.
    Because of a belief in someone who is trying to get something, the whole thing turns to shit over and over.
    Angry young men who think they are above everything are obnoxious, crude and full of themselves. They shout over everyone and intimidate anyone who tries to have a say.
    It is all ‘noise’.
    The mind cannot divide awareness – because the mind is thought and time.
    Awareness is timeless. It is ‘space-like’ awareness.
    The mind builds a story of me in this space.
    Thoughts appear and disappear. The belief in ‘me’ is just a belief.
    You KNOW that you ARE – that is not a belief.
    I would guess that Jesse has some deep seated issues and needs to throw his weight around, just to give himself a boost. It isn’t all that impressive.
    P.S. Abusive, foul language will be deleted. It is unnecessary in this neighborhood.

  22. Posted by Charlie Hayes on 04.15.09 1:25 am

    A quote from Ramesh Balsekar’s tiny niece “years back”, that says it great…
    “We are all dreaming and we shall wake up when we die”
    the UGC message when it “sinks in” kills the seeker with Its infinite kindness, direct, immediate.
    Gracias, Not-Gilbert!
    Donation on the way.
    Love, Chas

  23. Posted by milton on 04.15.09 1:56 am

    Jesse: I think you are wasting your ammunition, G doesn’t offer much of a target. What’s all the anger about?

    Margo: Nice wrestling with the non-doership mystery, it continues to baffle me. “Let the dream unfold its own way” seems the way to go, thanks for that insght. Maybe there is just doing without any doer at all. One implication of non-doership that I struggle with is that if there is no doership, then I am absolved of all responsibility or accountability for my actions, so what’s to prevent me from acting in a reckless, irresponsible, or harmful manner? Also, if I am not doing, or at least thinking that I am doing, will the necessities of life and work be taken care of? Does my idea of doership have anything at all to do with the doing, or does doing take place regardless of my concepts? Is doership simply a concept superimposed on doing?

  24. Posted by gilbert on 04.15.09 1:59 am

    Jesse, you seem to be paying a lot of attention to it at the moment. What has happened, your friends gone out of town? I am not offended, just cleaning up the comments for the benefit of the readers. Most are not foul mouthed misfits like yourself.
    Forget about making any more comments. They will be deleted. Since you are above being offended, there won’t be a problem will there. See your doctor about the medication, it isn’t working.

    When the pointing gets sharp and cutting, ‘people’ get edgy and upset.

    Milton: have you been reckless and irresponsible so far? What makes you think that you will suddenly become so, just because you SEE that there is no doer?
    There is no control room dude pushing buttons.
    In the clear and empty space where seeing is happening, there is obviously no one there. Where else could ‘he’ be if not right there – obviously there in the seeing? But there isn’t someone there. Take a look.
    All this conceptualizing about a ‘doer’ is just thoughts.
    You won’t SEE this by thinking about it. It is the seeing itself.

  25. Posted by Margo on 04.15.09 2:40 am

    Milton, you are answering your own questions, but you either don’t belief it or think that it is to weird to be true.
    Your first post on this page;
    “What appears to happen is totally spontaneous and has nothing whatsoever to do with what I imagine myself to be doing” , and then “All of this is a natural process of intelligence that is inevitable and has absolutely nothing to do with the conceptual me; there is nothing for me to do or not do, for not only is not even possible (given that there is no me), everything is complete just as it is”.

    It means what it says, it is NOT some cryptic statement, it is not an anecdote or some story to elaborate on.

    W H A T – A P P E A R S – T O – H A P P E N – I S – T O T A L L Y – S P O N T A N E O U S.

    What appears to happen is totally spontaneous and has nothing whatsoever to do with what I imagine myself to be doing-there is no you in it, that is the dream! Wake-up, YOU are observing the appearances (dream),it is happening in YOU.The part about responsible behavior Gilbert already addressed.
    You already know the answer, accept it, focus on it and the words will reveal them selves to you.
    In my own experience the ‘revelation’ is like a flash of KNOWING. What were words before becomes KNOWING.It seems that I needed Gilbert’s ‘hammering’ pointing to recognize this flash of ‘unveiling’ truth.Without already focusing on that statements I might have missed the ‘flash of inside’.
    Editor: Yes that flash is the taste – it expands into ordinary awareness, without the fixation on words.

  26. Posted by milton on 04.15.09 3:37 am

    Margo you are right, I did answer my own questions, just didn’t register, thanks for point that out. I have it backwards, answer first then ask. No spacing needed it’s all one. I am spacing out enough for all of us.

    No, Gilbert, no reckless behavior as yet, the control room dude is still doing what he has always not done.

    Some gleanings:

    The seed of everything is this consciousness…be in that consciousness and that consciousness itself will tell you all that it is necessary for you to know.

    Be conscious of this consciousness…this is all the meditation that is necessary..be conscious of this consciousness which is your sole capital…Be extremely friendly with this consciousness.

    This body is the food of this consciousness when the food disappears the consciousness disappears…

    When you are in the world do your normal activities but keep your mind and attention on that which enables you to do your normal work…anything else is professional spritualism and has no meaning.

    Now understand that you are not the body. It is this knowledge (consciousness) that allows you to perceive and cognize, that is what you are so long as the body is there, but actually you are prior to the arising of this consciousness itself.

    You have not come from your prior state. Now there is space in the house…has the space outside the house come into the house?..something has been building the house..the space has not come in the house..the house has been built in the space. So this body and consciousness have appeared on your prior existence. It is merely a passing state in your changeless state…on your changeless space has come this temporary space.

  27. Posted by Robin on 04.15.09 7:55 am

    I love it so much when the translator, Ramesh starts to laugh as he hears Nisargadatta’s answers to the questions that are posed. Doesn’t that even point to how simple this is? We are so addicted to complexities, meaning, etc. that we miss IT entirely! I’m TIRED of missing it!!!

  28. Posted by Charlie Hayes on 04.15.09 8:32 am

    You can’t MISS what you already always ARE. Your BEING is always so.
    You KNOW you ARE, the Universal I AM is beyond doubt. YOU ARE and IN that knowing the brain erupts with energy forming letters-words and you believe it when IT says “I am tired of missing it”. Why not STOP with I AM? I AM. Full Stop. All else is mental noise and irrelevant, immaterial, and FALSE….
    Don’t give any energy of belief to the mental noise. That noise comes and goes. You are forever I AM and even before that, IT IS. You are the Light prior to I AM that allows you to BE and KNOW.
    “Those who know only scriptures know nothing – To know is to be“. - Nisargadatta
    Love, Charlie

  29. Posted by Robin on 04.15.09 9:17 am


    Thanks for your response…I think it would have been clearer to say “I got tired of missing IT, so here I AM!” ;)

  30. Posted by gilbert on 04.15.09 10:01 am

    I apologize to those who like to read drivel and public lavatory graffiti. This is not the place for it. As Jesse says, anger may be part of the manifestation, but we don’t need to turn it into an art-form of constant expression and expect everyone to consume it.
    I have deleted about 10 comments by Jesse (sure to be a fictional name). I am familiar with these types. They usually are ex-addicts of some hard stuff. They simply transfer the addiction of some substance to the ‘rush’ they get from being a total ass-hole. They get their ‘hits’ from most people they meet. They have a small group of friends, usually abuse addicts. Like a noisy paranoid dog, they just wont shut up till they get their pound of flesh.
    Like an uninvited guest who craps in your entertainment room, they wear off their welcome quicker than a smelly dead fish.

  31. Posted by Charlie Hayes on 04.15.09 10:03 am

    Spot On

  32. Posted by gilbert on 04.15.09 10:13 am

    I am guessing that ‘respect’ is a word that has no meaning for our fictional Jesse.
    If you cannot offer any sensible comments, they will be deleted. If you need professional help, then get it. This is not a clinic.
    These critical outbursts are so alien to what is offered through this site.
    Respect, not respect me or anyone in particular, just respect. Contemplate this if you dare. Yes I can write and I don’t need to resort to foul language to express what needs to be expressed. You should try it sometime. Now in language that you understand – F…k Off.

  33. Posted by Tim Jenkins on 04.15.09 11:00 am

    “Now in language that you understand – F…k Off.”

    I think Jesse would agree — the UGC is entertaining, controversial, innovative, and informative! This site blows EckhartTV outta the water…

  34. Posted by gilbert on 04.15.09 11:12 am

    The world as an ‘object’ has no duration whatsoever.
    “The world is passing away” – John 2:17 New Testament.
    Witness the disappearance of even a single word and your true nature is obvious.
    Ask yourself “Who am I?”
    Hold the question if you can.
    Observing the nature of the question is enough.
    The questioner and the question dissolve back into the ‘space’ where they arose from.
    Follow it.

    As for the Eckhart regime: “The meek shall inherit the (New) Earth”.
    Must be torture to pretend to be holy all the time.

  35. Posted by gilbert on 04.15.09 11:56 am

    As it so happens, I get requests from a few fairly regularly, to interview ‘their guru’ for the Urban Guru Cafe. When the request is declined, quite often some abusive replies come back, which only confirms the decision not to promote teachers who bind seekers into the appearance. It is exceptionally easy to see if a teacher is clear and genuine.
    Most of these teachers are big seekers, addicted to their ‘glory’. Some get sick from the intensity of the scene surrounding them. They put this down to ‘giving too much’ to their devotees. They are all good story tellers, that is common to them all. ‘People’ LOVE stories about enlightenment. The problem is that there is no ‘person’.
    The unswerving factor is this: The direct message is brief and potent. There is no need to be surrounded by hundreds of seekers or devotees. If you truly live in the knowing then the ‘message’ is spontaneously expressed consistently. The problem for these ‘teachers’ is that even though they have ‘had’ some experience of expanded consciousness, the traces of ‘me’ get fed by all the attention given to them. This feeds that trace of ‘me’ and it shows itself as blatant vanity. Seekers who are addicted to their ‘ego self’ see only a reflection of their projected ego in these teachers. They believe in the EGO of the teacher and aspire to be like them.
    It is all indirect nonsense. The underlying falsehood of the situation festers into obscene situations, which we have all witnessed in the past with many, many famous gurus.
    Ramana is an exception because he took no notice of the westerners who were addicted to glorifying the EGO of the guru. Even his walk around the mountain was glorified as some sort of holy ritual. It was just exercise and nothing more. Today hundreds go to Arunanchula and do ‘the walk’ full of expectation(time-bound conceptualizations). Gurus go there to pick up stray seekers. It is all rather pathetic behavior.
    When you see this kind of behavior in yourself, it is a shock well worth having.
    Reality is not hidden.

  36. Posted by Mark Ellis on 04.15.09 12:26 pm

    WOW, you guys are really funny and entertaining and this is arising for some reason that none of us can, or care to comprehend. I appreciate the comments here at UGC, AS MUCH as the programs themselves. It just takes One bad apple and the whole thing begins to smell. My wife checked out the UGC today, for the first time, and got a real kick out of Y’all. Keepin it lite feels good~
    Peace In,

  37. Posted by gilbert on 04.15.09 12:31 pm

    Glad we gave ‘the wife a good kick’. She probably needed it after hanging out with you and your obsessive search for meaning. Take her out to dinner and splash it about. She might even give you a kiss afterwards. Warm regards – G.

  38. Posted by Robin on 04.15.09 3:14 pm


    When I “try” to talk about nonduality with my husband, he falls asleep…I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

    Being drawn to THIS, can make one feel like they inhabit a very small percentage of the population. I really can see, I have no choice. Life is being lived through this “robin” character, so “I” just go with it…even if it means coming to this site every chance I get!

  39. Posted by Mark Ellis on 04.15.09 3:26 pm

    Ouch, G~

  40. Posted by gilbert on 04.15.09 3:32 pm

    What is offered is there for the taking. Some miss it altogether and complain about things that have nothing to do with this offering.
    They can’t help it because they are occupied with an habitual obsession. That obsession keeps them busy and obscures the immaculate nature of Life (for them).
    Others already resonate with life and the livingness flows through their veins undisturbed by the pre-occupations of a disturbed mind.
    Someone wrote this message to me via email. It is expressed very well. I share it with you since it demonstrates that there is life in this offering.
    “Someone on Urban Guru Cafe has already mentioned it, but I find the background sounds at
    Maharaj’s place quite beautiful and extraordinary for some reason. It is
    like every honk or hoof on the pavement is arising in the space of
    eternity. It is such a stark contrast to these “abodes of carefully
    crafted stillness” that the groups cultivate here and there in the name of
    The accents, noise and imperfections only highlight the vast
    purity of the message and bring it to life again, as if one were there
    in that loft. It is quite extraordinary that the tapes have survived and
    also what you have been able to do with the production to preserve the
    sounds as well as possible.”

    I am sure that this is so for many others.
    Even if one is clear on ‘this’ a fresh insight comes spontaneously.

  41. Posted by gilbert on 04.15.09 7:41 pm

    It may be of interest to know that the comment pages are not putting anyone off. Few actually read these pages. The number of downloads is increasing daily. The Nisargadatta programs are zooming ahead of the other programs as I expected it to. Word is spreading about these ‘old tapes’. The life in them breathes again for those who attune to them.
    I spent years as a archival audio technician and those skills have been useful and continue to be useful. Sharing these recording is the obvious thing to do. There are many more.
    Only clear passages will be selected.

  42. Posted by dan on 04.15.09 8:21 pm

    What i love about this site is that it is SO fresh! fresh pointers given freely and openly by Gilbert and others. Thanks Gilbert – 10,000 thanks!

    I second the sentiment mentioned in the email above also: all the noise rises and then dissolves back again. Even the pointers, the verbal is just ‘noise’. Nothing is excluded. It all stacks up on the shelf with equal weight, whether it be a pointer, a car horn, a bird tweeting or someone burping. I always come back to Gilbert’s description of the appearance: ephemeral. And, Nisar: “dream-like, misty, irrelevant.”

    Something I also love about these old tapes is the sound of Nisargadatta’s voice! Lovely! As well as Ramesh’s cheeky little chuckles! Its a wonderful double-act! I bet it was quite good fun working with this audio.

    As far as the ‘story’ goes, I am a studio technician/music producer and have had my fair share of experience ‘cleaning’ up audio and removing bumps, crackles and pops, so I know what this can entail sometimes, often frustrating and time-consuming. So, well done, and cheers for the continuing uploads.

  43. Posted by Mark Ellis on 04.15.09 9:14 pm

    “The essence of the message is subtle. The mind is attuned to gross concepts. In this program is a very subtle introduction to our true nature. Listen to it as often as you can. The insight that comes opens up the being-ness”.

    Thanx to all,

  44. Posted by milton on 04.16.09 12:44 am

    So This is what we are, just as it is, no preconcieved notions of how to be, subtler than space, more solid than diamond, changeless, spontaneous, ever new…it’s not so bad after all.

    Gilbert: By the way, we do appreciate your efforts, these tapes and your productions are treasures indeed. Thank you.

  45. Posted by Robin on 04.16.09 1:55 am


    In all honesty, I have to say I’m confused…It seems when someone makes a comment about what may be appearing for them in every day life, it is disregarded. Does everything that appears “in the story” automatically get discounted as irrelevant?

    I love this site and I come here because it resonates…but sometimes I have a sense of being STOPPED in my own expression of what may be happening HERE. Is it preferred that the comments just stick with the pointers?

  46. Posted by gilbert on 04.16.09 1:59 am

    What you truly are has never appeared.
    The mind translates THIS into a description.
    The WORD is never what it refers to. The word awareness is not the awareness.
    The mind is conceptualization. All it has is concepts. What is aware of these concepts?
    You take yourself to be this appearance of body and mind content.
    Thoughts are ephemeral appearances.
    Why give them so much importance?
    SEE them for what they are.
    We chase concepts, riding on the back of another concept.
    We tie ourselves up with concepts and we bind this naturally clear ‘space of knowing’ by identifying ourselves as these ‘things’.
    We are captured by their appearance and we believe them as being real. “These are MY thoughts”.
    AND……..We forget to observe the disappearance of these ‘thoughts’.
    When the ‘thinker’ is seen to be just another thought, the ice breaks.
    What is your true identity?
    Surely this should not be a mystery to YOU…..
    But it IS.
    You can negate every concept and the mind can be empty – but you cannot negate the KNOWING.
    One without a second – is ALL KNOWING.
    There is nothing outside of this KNOWING.
    Can you truly say that you do not KNOW this?

  47. Posted by Sergio on 04.16.09 3:10 am

    I have to say, (in response to a comment i read) consultations with Gilbert on Skype, WORKS.

    He needs no publicity… but he is truly a help.

    Maybe the directness of this message is not for everybody.

    And i was… a FULL TIME seeker…. wasting my time an energies with gurus, with guru´s stupid games….

    I´m infinitely grateful to “him” … also to the UGC, and the people who actively share the message… (…. Areti… Bob… )

  48. Posted by Robin on 04.16.09 6:59 am


    In your response, you said, “AND we forget to observe the disappearance of these thoughts…”
    Wow, that hit home!

    Even AFTER I typed my previous question to you, I had the thought, “this question is bullshit, the ME has just been triggered…” It’s such a habit.


  49. Posted by gilbert on 04.16.09 8:20 am

    The story of ‘me’ can be pulled apart and laid out in plain sight. What you ARE is not an appearance.
    You can pull apart an electric toaster (unplugged of course) and lay it out – all the parts are there, every piece, every screw, nut and bolt. You have the bread slices, the butter and the jam – But you can’t make toast with that toaster.
    What is missing? – the correct assemblage and the ‘power’ that runs through it.
    All concepts can be negated or discarded. The concept of separation is the ‘me’ and the ‘not me’. They dance together. If you part them and examine the membrane that separates them, the mind game is exposed. The habit of belief is severed. The KNOWING remains, with or without belief.
    Habits can be broken. CAN and ARE broken. From being a control freak, a tyrant, to being a simple word, it takes on the ‘form’ of a quiet faint background memory, the ‘me’ and its habitual ‘story of me’ is broken. It limps around for awhile usually and then it just ‘dehydrates’ into a mere shadow existence.
    Those in its grip instantly dismiss such ‘information’ as a necessary impulse to do so. This is why the ‘message’ appears to take ‘a long time’ to get through the resistance.
    All it takes is one flash of pure insight and the house of cards ‘begins’ to crumble. This can also ‘appear’ to take some time to fall completely.
    SEEING remains throughout it all. The habitual mind obstructions take on a transparent nature. Only those who have tasted this will know what I am saying.
    The word ‘me’ is still used in conversation but as a reference point it has lost its seeming power to be a tyrant.
    It only seemingly lives because it is fed by belief. Belief is not the actual.
    Be what you actually ARE.

  50. Posted by gilbert on 04.16.09 8:55 am

    Many of Rajneesh’s followers (Osho’s folk) today may understand from this recording WHY Nisargadatta (so often) asked them to leave. The particular ‘seeker’ in this recording did return that afternoon without the orange or yellow robes and so received guidance. The robes signify that ‘I am free from worldly things’ or some such thing. Obviously the robes tell a lie in such cases because intense seeking is still quite obviously active.
    One difference that may not be so obvious to many listeners and readers, is that so many teachers are very good story tellers, charismatic and jokers. Nisargadatta rarely told stories. He used every opportunity to be direct and simple. He did not charm seekers into false states of well being. He was confrontational to the believed in ‘me’. No moment was ever wasted on trivia and spiritual kinder-garden matters.

  51. Posted by Sergio on 04.16.09 10:20 am

    My “ex-gurú” had the balls to say “Nisargadatta never taught” …. like he didn’t know what is talking about…. (he translated all the Nisargadatta books onto Spanish)… how sad he himself does not know what Nisargadatta’s message is about.

    He thinks he is better than Nisargadatta…. (with his own “bullshit” teaching) but now only talks about Ramana…. his actual “guru” … (seems they change their “jacket” often…) Now he is a disciple of Ramana…. first you teach, then you become a disciple, how is that?
    So… life guided me to Bob. And I know first hand finally, Nisargadatta is totally real. I was feeling that “in my heart”.
    One really knows innately, even under the guru game.. one really know all the time.

    What a relief, life guides you through it all.

    It was a nightmare, the years of seeking… I was far better off before the seeking started…. it all started with one Spanish translated book, by this “guru” … from Nisargadatta Maharaj. Later i found that it was horribly translated.

    If one can listen or read to the original material… that is much better… translations can bring a tremendous amount of confusion , on this subject.

  52. Posted by Robin on 04.16.09 12:17 pm

    Thank you so much Gilbert…

    “All it takes is one flash of pure insight and the house of cards ‘begins’ to crumble…”

  53. Posted by gilbert on 04.16.09 2:18 pm

    Yes and the problem is that ‘we’ hear these ‘statements’ and turn it into an expectation – more conceptualizations. The statements are recognized by those who have the experienc-ing of what is being spoken of. A ‘POINTER’ is more direct……….a pointer ‘contains’ an expression ‘linked’ to the immediate experiencing in both the one ‘expressing it’ and the one ‘hearing it’. NO Separation is ‘experienced’ without a concept of being an experienc-er. This ‘flash of pure insight’ is like an ‘opening up’…..which can expand beyond all horizons.
    As that believed in ‘entity’ you can’t make this happen. As what you TRULY ARE – it is ALREADY SO.
    It is the recognition that is necessary. ‘We’ recognize it because we already KNOW it.
    This moment is inexpressible – but you KNOW it is inexpressible – because words fail.
    Those who latch onto it and turn it prematurely into ‘I am now enlightened’ – and “I know – I will teach it’ are just drawn back into the dream. This is why they are so popular.
    The dreamer is not threatened by the dream guru – they all dream together the same dream.
    ONE without a second is ALL inclusive.
    There is only ONE. You are THAT.

  54. Posted by Ste Gunn on 04.16.09 10:55 pm

    I don’t know what to write don’t know how to reply to what’s been said except here is writting some confused tumble of words squirming around, white waters stirred up by what? Trigger points? Perhaps but I don’t see them, just the white waters of thoughts thrashing about with moments of calm short lived until, until what? I don’t know, I could say questions wanting to be answered arise but I don’t know what they are. Any looking for reason seems to be answered by stories made up on the spot with no ground in anything, no facts that were there before the stories made them up. Just the confusion and the calm. Things get done, everyday life carries on without the slightest input from me and that leaves a space for thoughts to run wild telling all sorts of stories that seem so real until the ridiculousness of them shows them to be false and then back to the daily goings on, the entanglement of things going on without a doer and the awe of not knowing how. Moments of stunned silence and an awe struck smile as walking down a corridor happens all by itself. But all too soon forgotten as the clinging to thoughts return ‘What was that?’, ‘Is this IT?’, ‘Where has it gone?’. The subtle knowing that it hasn’t gone anywhere swamped by the turmoil of thoughts until not knowing is grasped and the questions turn into ‘I don’t know’s that fail as much as the questions fail. And always beyond, beyond all this nothing knows it all, but that’s just clever words with no real insight just remembered experiences and lost ‘Was that it?’s. The slow dawning that this won’t go away, a sharp contrast from the ‘I want this gone’ and the ‘don’t go’ queasy see-saw of fear and frustration overwhelmed by doubt and hopelessness. Yet another story being told but to and by who? The wanting to help those in need a reflection of the desire for help harboured here, the ‘beam’ firmly in my eye so that splinters are seen everywhere. And the trying to be clever continues with the usual ‘sorry for the nonsense’ as I try to lessen the fear of offending and annoying the imagined others who may read this. And so I’ll stop with a final despairing ‘I dont know.’

  55. Posted by Ste Gunn on 04.16.09 11:07 pm

    And how could I forget the reading and rereading of ‘my’ posts and the constant checking to see if anyone has mentioned me and my nonsense and the reading and rereading of replies in some vain hope that something will make everything all right or at the least ‘I’ have been acknowledged

  56. Posted by Lev on 04.16.09 11:33 pm

    A very clear interview with Charlie Hayes appeared on the nevernothere website…
    Charlie,thank you for “your” clear expression!

  57. Posted by gilbert on 04.17.09 12:27 am

    The ‘me’ is a thought – it is also accompanied by another belief, that this ‘me’ is running the show. Pride when things work out and shame and doubt when things go haywire.
    ‘We’ don’t recognize that thousands of activities take place without a ‘me’ thought preceding them. The ‘me’ is a belief that it is ‘doing’ something.
    What is the reason for your existence?
    When you understand what ‘reason’ is, the question will dissolve naturally.
    The last ten minutes of the Nisargadatta tape selection in this program tells everything you need to know.
    That ‘you’ dissolves into the KNOWING……this expansive presence-awareness.
    In witnessing this, the witness also dissolves.
    What more do you want?
    What more is there?
    Just THIS as it IS.
    You were always THIS.
    And what you ARE has never ever appeared.
    Your original ‘state’ is a stateless state – prior to consciousness.
    Consciousness is your only capital.
    Be extremely friendly towards this consciousness.

    and SEE that……………Doubt is only a thought. It has NO DURATION whatsoever.
    It is powerless in the face of being conscious of this consciousness.

    What is on offer here on the Urban Guru Cafe is exceedingly profound and exceedingly ordinary. Your ordinary everyday awareness is ignored by a preference for mere conceptualizing. If you go to the movies and enjoy a ‘full on’ movie, it pummels you upon every facet of your being. But as you walk home, this everyday awareness is a million times more ‘alive’ than any movie can ever be. But ‘we’ take it for granted and go searching for something bigger and better. How sad it is to be a seeker of oneself.

  58. Posted by milton on 04.17.09 12:49 am

    Ste Gunn: No offence or annoyance from this imagined other. Putting “me and my nonsense” out here gives the house of cards a chance to tumble, and the beam a chance to be splintered into nothingness. Your honesty, earnestness or whatever you want to call it is aknowledged and appreciated by this “imagined other.” It takes courage, helps me face my own beams. I too struggle with clouds of confusion. Fortunately, I am beginning to remember that the “calm” remains when the confusion disappears, as it always seems to do. I try to remember in SNM’s words: “keep quiet and all will come to you.”

  59. Posted by gilbert on 04.17.09 1:06 am

    Everything returns to non duality BECAUSE it never ever dispersed in the first instant.
    The first instant is this moment. Where are you SEEING from?
    Isn’t clear and empty?
    Is there anything in the seeing?
    Can you get behind that seeing?
    Can you find a ‘me’ there?
    Do not try to look through the eyes of another.
    SEE through your own eyes.
    Everything is Clear and Obvious.
    What the mind translates it into is only transient thought patterns.
    Have any of these transient thought patterns ever blocked this clear presence?
    Where are all those thought from yesterday?
    What conditioning is there if you do not think about it?
    Way too simple…..and the obvious is ignored, in preference for conceptualization.
    Ha. What a joke. Can you laugh about it?
    You have been tricking yourself, a trickster, a conjurer of a fantasy about ‘me’.

  60. Posted by kale on 04.17.09 2:21 am

    Clouds of confusion appear to “me”. But the “me” itself is not stable. It appears and disappears like the confusion. First, there was a someone who was being bothered by confusion; now there is a someone who is calmed at the disappearance of thought. Still the same bugbear, that wants to claim the understanding…

  61. Posted by Lev on 04.17.09 2:31 am

    what is this bugbear??…is it real??

  62. Posted by gilbert on 04.17.09 2:33 am

    It is reference points in the mind. Confusion is tension between two or more reference points. One is always the ‘me’. The habit is to claim the thoughts as MY thoughts.
    As Nisargadatta says: “You think that they are your thoughts – no. Thoughts appear on consciousness”.
    When you SEE that the thinker is just another thought, that insight melts the impulse to claim. Leaving it unaltered, unmodified and uncorrected leaves everything AS IT IS.
    What more do you want?

  63. Posted by Lev on 04.17.09 3:02 am

    The seeing that there is no doer, no controlling entity, no thinker, nothing happening is enough!

  64. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.17.09 4:46 am

    Just a quick comment on the donations tab–so what? This site is still FREE. You can donate if you like or don’t donate if you don’t want to or can’t–but why should that bother you? Who cares if Gilbert is making 1,000AUS a month? Ask yourself this, would you want to do this for 12,000AUS a year–my answer would be no and probably yours too. Also, there isn’t enough clarity around to pull off something like this anyway (myself included).

    Also, it’s true, once this sinks in; probably best to go about your business. I’d like to get into a discussion on how we throw around the phrase “you know that you are” which I still say isn’t necessarily true. But what’s the point? Still more conceptualizing in awareness. Even John Wheeler will say “you know that you are” because to say that you’re not would be nihilism (and we’re supposed to be talking solipsism here). Both nihilism and solipsism are concepts presently arising–neither is “the answer”.

    For the seeker, this “one thing you definitely know is that you know that you are and you are aware” is very dangerous. Okay, where is this “YOU” that exists and where is this “YOU” that is aware? The answer is NO-WHERE. (or know-where to be cute).
    And just because Sailor Bob always says “you know that you are” doesn’t mean it’s a good pointer. But all his devotees spout it out like pablum. If you are ONE with Reality, Truth, Awareness; whatever you want to call it, then there is NO YOU anymore and never was. If you are one with non-duality there ceases to be a you who could be one with non-duality–there is just LIFE or this ISNESS–none of this “you know that you are” baloney. “You know that you are” is still a security blanket for a spiritual entity and on the converse it’s also ridiculous to say “I am not”. Neither is true. Throw both thorns away.

  65. Posted by Lev on 04.17.09 5:05 am

    nothing is true…only Nothing is true! – and not even that is true!

  66. Posted by gilbert on 04.17.09 8:39 am

    There is No Duality is Non Duality.
    All there is is KNOWING.
    Not knowing is encompassed by knowing that not knowing. The first instant of existence is knowing. The only instant is THIS instant NOW.
    Why postulate a ‘time’ when there was no knowing? What good is it? What bad is it?
    The mind is dualistic by nature.
    The still point at the center of the cyclone is Understanding, silent, wordless, clear and immaculate.
    Where are you seeing from?
    There is only one seeing – there are many reflections.
    A Thought cannot SEE.
    The ‘I’ is a thought. Drop the thought ‘I’ and SEEING remains.
    As Nisargadatta says: “The only help I can give someone, is to take them beyond the need for further help”.
    That clearly means that the belief in being ‘someone’ dissolves in the being conscious of consciousness. Conscious Being. Knowing.
    Can you truly say that there is no knowing of this activity of knowing?
    What else is there? Postulations of some other time? Some other condition than THIS?
    For whom? You are not a ‘person’. What more is there to know?

    In the relativity of appearances and things:The podcast is free – your true nature is free. Gratitude either spontaneously appears or not. No ‘guilt trip’ is being manipulated from here. The donation tab is a newly introduced item after 12 months. In those 12 months all costs and labor were covered by two individuals. No offers of help or finance were offered during that time by anyone. Technical help was asked for from one or two and a bare minimum of technical help was received.
    In the nine years I have been into ‘this scene’, I have often asked for help on various things – almost on every occasion, the offer to help has been ignored. Excuses of inadequacy or ‘no time’ have been the response. Some probably imagine that there are lots of ‘people’ making this podcast happen. It’s all down to one or two, plus the guest speakers. Some technical assistance is provided periodically.
    As a rule, the poor are usually more generous than the rich. The rich usually finance fancy gurus who titillate their egos.
    When they finally get to the core message, either the money has all gone or they are sick of giving.
    Few are moved to donate but the opportunity is now here on the site. Either way the message is delivered – rain, hail or shine – and if the ‘telegram boy’ can’t afford to do his job any more, then someone else will take over.
    Seekers are simply an activity of self-centered-ness – they rarely think beyond their own needs and are obsessed with the erroneous search.
    This is understood. Out of hundreds of listeners, a handful donate irregularly. So don’t get the idea that a lot of cash is flowing in here.
    Far from it.

    Warm regards – Gilbert.

  67. Posted by Charlie Hayes on 04.17.09 9:33 am

    With great love and respect for all who arrive at this last house in the dream of individuality: making a small offering to Truth and the incredible gift of the radical freedom on offer here is a privilege that I suggest those who reap the benefit of the end of seeking and suffering take advantage of. You only give to your own Self.
    Even a small offering, say $33US, will be of use in the ‘practical world-appearance’ of broken vehicles needing attention and such luxuries as food and shelter!
    I invite those who have gained Nothing to join me. Gilbert makes no requests for support for this labor-intensive effort. So this is ‘My INVITATION’ and all are free to decline or accept.
    No rules, just right, as they say at “Outback steak house”.
    Love to all and to all a good night :-))

  68. Posted by gilbert on 04.17.09 9:49 am

    Thanks Charlie. Your sentiments are well meaning.
    Let’s stick to the message and not get side tracked too much. Questions and doubts can be dealt with. The back pocket nerve is a tender one for some and a history of feeling guilty can bring a barrage of abusive comments. So let’s allow this ‘money’ and ‘the ability to respond’ issue fall where it may.
    How did the interview go on “never not here”? I will take a listen soon.
    By the way folks, Charlie will make an appearance on the UGC soon.
    The irony of the situation is that if I went back into Commercial Radio, I could make 2 grand a week with less time for this work. AND…. the content on Commercial Radio would be ‘common consciousness trash’ and never touch upon these essential points that are continuously covered on the Urban Guru Cafe.

  69. Posted by Jerry Lewis on 04.17.09 10:50 am

    How about AUD50 if Charlie Hayes doesn’t make an appearance…?
    Editor: The NOT Charlie is worth a lot more than that, isn’t he?

  70. Posted by Jenny on 04.17.09 11:32 am

    Just wanted to express gratitude to the UGC and this podcast … went to the bone :)
    – Jenny

  71. Posted by Nisargadatta Says on 04.17.09 12:45 pm

    “If you continue in the realm of the intellect, you will become entangled and lost in more and more concepts.”

  72. Posted by Tazzy on 04.17.09 4:11 pm

    You were right about the recordings…they really put you there in Beedy Baba’s pad, thanks and “Can I have some more please?” luv Tazzy.

  73. Posted by mark on 04.17.09 6:19 pm

    “The back pocket nerve is a tender one for some and a history of feeling guilty can bring a barrage of abusive comments”

    It’s All well KNOWING FULL-well that “nothing is ever hurt, except FEELINGS” – H.S.

  74. Posted by dan on 04.17.09 9:30 pm

    Interesting point made by Gilbert:

    “Why postulate a ‘time’ when there was no knowing?”

    Only yesterday did a rampant investigation arise ‘here’ very similar to this sentiment. For those who simply read and/or repeat pointers I would advise going right into the heart of what is being pointed to. Make the investigation. Everything that we really take to be solid reality actually rests on very flimsy concepts and wishy-washy conclusions. It is tantamount to vacuum cleaning the front room but leaving the dust in the corners…. “that’ll do…. job done.” It is a half-finished job.

    If the idea that “I am the body” or “I am the mind” is really believed in as SOLID DIRECT EXPERIENCE then this should have some solid foundations, shouldn’t it? Where is the evidence? Where are these foundations?

    You can even play devil’s advocate for a while…. you can even ‘play’ with this! This insight alone should highlight the “false as false.” Assert the very belief that you are the body/mind…….. see how long you can maintain this for. It takes a fair amount of effort. Build up this belief like a tower so that it can be smashed right back down again:

    If the body/mind is PRIMARY and Awareness is secondary then HOW would you even know that the body/mind was there in the first instant anyway? There would be no evidence for it as the Awareness which is necessary for such a body/mind to appear would not have been present.

    What an utterly ludicrous and IMPOSSIBLE situation!!!!

    The whole point becomes moot. And harks back to Gilbert’s pointer:

    “Why postulate a ‘time’ when there was no knowing?”

    How could you?

    The whole fantasy show crumbles under its own impossible weight.

    It is obvious that the primary, essential ingredient is THAT timeless NO-THING upon which all time-bound things can then appear.

    Try to challenge this NO-THING in the same way. Any challenge rises and falls back down into that same no-thing which must be present and aware for any challenge to arise in the first place.

    It always comes back down to the changeless essence.

    It is the common factor.

    It beats ‘you’ to the punch every time.

  75. Posted by milton on 04.17.09 11:55 pm

    Why postulate at all?

    A: “Have any of these transient thought patterns ever blocked this clear presence?”

    B: “Yes, most of the time.”

    A: “Where are all those thought from yesterday?”

    B: “Lots of the recurring patterns repeat themselves, I don’t know where they go or come from.”

    A: “What conditioning is there if you do not think about it?”

    B: “I don’t know. It seems to be there before thought arises, in fact, much of what I think and feel seems to arise out of conditioning.”

    A:”Ha. What a joke. Can you laugh about it?”

    B: “Yes, all the time. Along with some crying.”

    A: “You have been tricking yourself, a trickster, a conjurer of a fantasy about ‘me’.”

    B: “Yes it is a nasty game I play with myself.”

  76. Posted by gilbert on 04.18.09 3:28 am

    Stop playing with yourself.

    It is extremely simple. (That is why everyone misses it)
    It isn’t in the conceptualizations. They are ‘post’ pure understanding.
    Understanding is word-less, concept-less.
    The mind is ‘time’, the mind is ‘me’.
    Awareness is timeless.
    The ‘me’ cannot see. How can a concept see?
    Where are you truly SEEING from? Or where is the seeing happening?
    It must be from timeless awareness.
    Whatever concept you think you have about this is simply content of mind.
    What is aware of this content.
    The content changes consistently.
    The awareness of the content is consistently present, whether ‘you’ believe it is or not.
    Doubt is a thought.
    The mind can and must be understood.
    WHY postulate anything?
    SEE and KNOW.
    Understanding is silent.
    Understanding is NOT in the mind.

  77. Posted by suki on 04.18.09 5:32 am

    Awareness is always up stream from any conceptualization – all else can be negated except this!
    Keep it simple.
    Warm rgds, suki

  78. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.18.09 10:16 am

    Thank you for not erasing those Jesse obnoxious comments. About 40% of his stuff was decent pointing. Reading his stuff can shock someone out of concepts and back to the simplicity of this stuff. All DOES appear in the knowing; the seeming moments of consistent clarity by this one, the on again/off again clear comments by this one, and the obnoxious comments by the other one. All arise in that one consciousness. Nothing ever arises or appears separate from the knowing. Also, “the one who accuses others of playing with themselves is playing with himself” (Nisargadatta/Exodus 3:14)

  79. Posted by gilbert on 04.18.09 10:34 am

    The one who ‘thinks’ he sees accusations where there is none, is playing with himself.
    The ‘one’ who ‘thinks’ he sees duality where there is no duality is post ‘a la separation’ – dualistic content of mind.
    No one ever gets shocked out of concepts. The seeming ‘someone’ is a concept.
    Concepts only appear to play with themselves.
    There is no way out of the dream – in the dream.
    What you truly are has NEVER ever appeared.
    Where are you seeing from?
    Is there a ‘you’ that is seeing?
    There is only SEEING.
    Everything appears in the seeing.

    Gilbert is just the magician stirring stick. When the pot is stirred up, many things come to the surface. They pop and merge into space, back into emptiness.

    What conditioning do ‘you’ have, of there is no thinking about it?
    What you are has never ever appeared.
    From an email response:
    Conceptualizing is the problem – belief in concepts. The mind claims what does not belong to it.
    The claim itself is a concept and what it claims is also a conceptualization of the pure functioning which is NEVER a concept.
    SEEING is clear and empty of concepts. KNOWING is clear and empty of concepts.
    Understanding is wordless and silent.
    The ‘space’ between the insight and the mind claiming it, is expanded by being conscious of consciousness.
    The mind cannot play its games while you are conscious of consciousness. ( the word ‘you’ is used simply to designate that immediate knowing)
    This is extremely simple. Everyone passes over such simplicity………
    Give it some space. I am not talking bullshit…………all there is is KNOWING………….and these words come directly out of this KNOWING.

  80. Posted by Sergio on 04.18.09 10:59 am

    I have a question :

    Do must one “person” first, be genuinely attracted to this truths ?

    I mean, one person, with the “One essence” book, for example…

    It isn´t the real interest, and real power what is this about ?

    Seems there is no real power in the books or podcasts, or whatever, it isn´t the real power the interest of the “seeker” ?

    I think so…

    I mean, without that interest, the books and etc, are useless, that is my experience in what i see, from people.

    The books or podcasts can be correct…. but what if there is no genuine interest ?

    The house crumbles… i think this is not said in the books, or in any place.

    Real interest must be present first. This is the first manifestation from our self.

    Then you can find the correct person, book, site, or whatever is needed.

  81. Posted by gilbert on 04.18.09 11:07 am

    In the appearance ‘we’ are drawn towards or repelled away.
    Start from the fact that you are that ONE without a second.
    What need of talk about any ‘person’ is there in that?
    Good will to all men may seem like an honorable thing to feel.
    What feeling can there be, without that life essence or the consciousness?
    As Nisargadatta says in this program: “Be conscious of that consciousness” – that is all one needs.
    Try it.
    You will see that the mind cannot divide anything while there is this activity of knowing present.
    Then the realization ‘comes’ that this knowing is all that there is.
    Equanimity is tasted.

  82. Posted by gilbert on 04.18.09 12:06 pm

    Extract from “The First Instant”, a book by Gilbert (2004)
    Regarding listening to ‘one who knows’ – hearing the ‘pointer’.
    “The profoundness (tasted) is the living vibration of unobstructed expression. It is expressed from immediate knowing along with a reciprocating resonance in yourself. It is not some memorized thing that he is telling you. He (or she) IS the Knowing of what he (or she) says.”
    No separation.
    Such a revelation demolishes all concepts about time, ‘years of practice’ and even the concept of some sacred transmission, darshan etc.
    POINTING is the IMMEDIACY and you are THAT.

  83. Posted by Jerry Lewis on 04.18.09 12:38 pm

    Okay, so intelligence patterns itself. The various human bodies are patterns — with liver patterns, and heart patterns appearing in them; vascular and molecular patterns within those, and subatomic patterns within those, etc.

    The mind is a pattern too, right? Why shouldn’t there be thoughts to ‘improve upon’ forms and patterns — such as “study” and “work,” even if it be in the guise of “egocentric drive.” A “me” making its “mark in the world”?

    There wouldn’t be abacuses, adding machines, or computers. Let alone these fandangled internets if it weren’t for ‘egomaniacs’ lost in the dream creating this shit for ‘militaries’ and such. There wouldn’t even be the music you pilfer for your podcasts, or the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) which you shirk if not for “egomania,” correct?

    I doubt any of this shiznazzle would be taking place if we all sat around selling smokes…

    Also, heretical as it sounds, I’d kinda rather hear you interview Jesse over Charlie Hayes.

    PS I think you need the Holy Spirit, Gilbert. REVIVAL has come to UGC!

    Anyway, half-kidding. Food for indigestion…

    Warm & moist,

  84. Posted by gilbert on 04.18.09 12:59 pm

    (In the appearance of things) When I was a kid, Jerry Lewis had me in fits of laughter, along with thousands and thousands of other kids and adults. Charlie Hayes ‘chased the flag’ and peed in a bottle at 150 miles an hour, when I was a young adult.
    The irrefutable fact is the intelligence energy is manifesting as the WHOLE.
    As Bob so simply puts it: It is “One Essence, expressing and appearing as Everything”.
    There is NO separation. It is only the mind and its conceptualizations that APPEAR to divide the indivisible.
    Where are you SEEING from?
    Seeing is prior to the minds content. Therefore the minds content is seen.
    If the mind was prior to the seeing (eg: the ME sees) then the seeing would be known as some ‘thing’ appearing in the consciousness. But no one can see the seeing.
    All you can do is be conscious of the consciousness.
    In my experience, blatant, rude and offensive language is far too provocative for clear pointing. The best it can do is shock.
    LIFE provides ALL the shocks one needs and intelligence is ‘behind’ it all.
    It is only a ‘me’ that can be offended.
    I am of the opinion that the UGC provides a fairly balanced menu. There is something here for ‘everyone’.
    I just read a note, written by a popular guru, sent out to all his devotees. Frankly it is all bullshit, all flower power and suggestive nonsense, packaged in non duality jargon.
    Once upon a time, it would have made me want to puke. Now, it just appears as it is.
    Ironically these gurus get very ill from all of their teaching activities. It sure looks like addictive behavior. They are obviously believing in the ‘savior’ mind complex.
    They die and everyone makes them into a hero. A dead guru is a safe guru. He can no longer challenge the seeker.
    However, these tapes of Nisargadatta ARE delivering a potent message 28 years after the ‘event’. It does this because where he ‘was’ coming from – is the SAME emptiness that your body appears in. The introduction to your true nature is timelessly available.
    A natural respect appears spontaneously in this direct and immediate knowing.
    ‘People’ accuse ‘me’ of all sorts of ‘things’ but they do not know who they are.
    When they know who they are, no accusations will be made.
    There is ONLY ONE self……or in other words…….there is NO self.
    I am THAT.

  85. Posted by dorothy hoffman on 04.18.09 1:10 pm

    Is there an “egomaniac” “within” an egomaniac? Is there a Jerry “within” Jerry? Is there a Gilbert “within” Gilbert? If so, try separating yourself from consciousness. Which part is the You? Isn’t it all play of one consciousness?

  86. Posted by gilbert on 04.18.09 1:16 pm

    It is all smoke and mirrors. Great show though.

  87. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.18.09 2:12 pm

    There’s room in here for all expressions–the rude guy, the satsang giver making lots of money, the non-guru guru who writes long confusing messages about something so simple, the shock jock…Bright shiny objects may appear but there’s no identification with them. That unpossessed awareness remains untouched and contains all. No appearance, no matter how slick the presentation or how crass the presentation belongs to a separate administrator of the truth or stands outside who I am. You’re talking to yourself. Answering yourself. And playing with yourself. All appears in what I Am.

  88. Posted by gilbert on 04.18.09 2:59 pm

    If you have ever been a member of a choir, you will know the ‘moment’ when the song ends. As the song disappears into the silence. To describe this moment is impossible.
    Advaita Vedanta means (as I see it) One without a second. Dvaita means 2. A-dvaita means Not Two. Vedanta means ‘The end of the Vedas’. The Rig-Veda is an ancient song.
    Written down or spoken, it appears as a poem.
    In other words: When everything is said and done, when the effort to understand fades into silence, when the song is over, One without a second reveals its ever present nature.
    To postulate ‘this moment’ as somewhere other than right here, right now, is to miss it.
    There is no last word. Spike Milligan arranged his tombstone long before he ‘passed away’.
    He was a comedian. The tombstone says: “I told you I was not well” (or something very similar). So, visitors to his grave site still get a laugh. The idea of the joke appeared in this presence. The stone mason carved the words in this presence. The visitor laughs in this presence. There is no separation. Full Stop. Yet LIFE goes on……and on…..or appears to go on. Did it ever move away from THIS?
    The tension of believing that ‘I am separate’, when seen through, often brings spontaneous laughter – a release from ‘years’ of recurring unnecessary tension.
    Everything disappears into the emptiness that it appears from. There is no duration to the appearance. This is clearly Obvious right now.
    “Yet the universe stands ever before your eyes” (as the Hsin Hsin Ming expresses).

  89. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.18.09 3:14 pm

    There’s no-one who is enlightened and conversely no-one who “isn’t there yet”. These enlightened characters, these “non-duality correct” characters who aren’t enlightened but “wink-wink” are enlightened, these suffering seeking characters–are all phenomena appearing in what you are/I am. Phenomena appears in what you are RIGHT NOW. Not after going to the best Satsangs, not after understanding everything Nisargadatta says, not after understanding all that Gilbert says…It’s all appearing in what you are right now. Why ignore this?

  90. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.18.09 3:23 pm

    Enlightenment is just a conceptual trinket in the vastness that you ALREADY ARE.

  91. Posted by gilbert on 04.18.09 4:38 pm

    It is the shaking of the box that allows the pattern to appear clearly. As a jumbled and scattered concoction of conflicting thought patterns, the obvious is seemingly obscured.
    So, the mere message that ‘You are THAT’ doesn’t register all that well for most.
    The doubts have to be cleared away. The niggling questions need to be brought out into the open. This ‘forum’ is an excellent means for this. It also is entertaining for all concerned. Why do hundreds keep coming back for more?
    Maybe because there is a lot less spiritual bullshit and mesmerizing stuff going on.
    It is easy to keep the message very simple and profound but it is rarely heard that way.
    The fish must be enticed into the net by whatever means possible.
    Once the net starts to close up and get closer than the me can stand, the net is seen for what it is. And the me is also seen for what it is.
    There is more going on here than meets the eye or mind and infinitely far less, also.
    Words are words. The cognition is irrefutable.

  92. Posted by gilbert on 04.18.09 8:25 pm

    Yes and the practice is swallowed by consciousness, the mind is dissolved in consciousness.
    Who is afraid of this?
    In the clear space of knowing, that you ARE, the mind has not even started.
    This moment has no beginning and no end.
    “I AM – the Alpha and the Omega”.
    Nisargadatta says: “Stay with that ‘I am-ness”. Not the words ‘I am’.
    Stay with that sense of presence.
    Being conscious of that consciousness is just another way of saying the same……non-thing.
    No method or practice can take you to what you already are and there is no time that you were NOT. Why postulate a time when there was no knowing?
    What consciousness is there apart from THIS?
    There is NO answer in the mind.
    Understanding is NOT in the mind.
    The mind is dualistic and cannot replicate ONE. It’s replication is always TWO.
    It is a reflection only.
    The reflection of your face in a mirror has no power to speak or move.
    Find the source of this life essence.
    You cannot get behind this Knowing.

  93. Posted by gilbert on 04.18.09 8:40 pm

    There is only ONE light. It shines from every portal in all directions without ever being located or fixed in any one place. Light appears to move but it is actually One Presence, One Omni-Radiance, unchanging and unaltered by HOW it appears.
    See if you can find yourself, or pin point the knowing presence.
    It is actually everywhere.
    YES everywhere – even in the ordinary experience – what can you SEE without this light? Darkness?
    By what light is the darkness perceived?
    It is your imagination that is the problem dearest one.
    Even in the space from where you are seeing from there is the light of consciousness. Just because it is clear and empty doesn’t mean it is a void.
    You are right there, which is ‘here’. HERE and NOW is all there IS. When did you ever leave this here and now?
    Only in the imagination.

    Try and catch a sunbeam. The ‘speed’ of light is stillness.
    Can your mind be still, enough to SEE what IS?

    Ah……….contemplate these things, dear one.

  94. Posted by gilbert on 04.19.09 1:13 am

    A bit of fun is all part of it. But silly comments and unnecessary bantering will be removed.
    We don’t expect everyone to plow through a mess of psychotic mumbo jumbo.
    The program is the topic of these comment pages. Once it strays off the track it just turns into another Non duality chat site. There are plenty of those to visit if you want. Almost all of them are ego tripping scenes and non duality jargon on toast. Disturbed minds love it to pieces. This site is fairly clean, so let’s keep it that way. Some ‘good stuff’ shows up here and many enjoy reading the various comments. It has to be managed or it soon turns to chaos. Not everyone is genuinely looking for their own true nature. Some just want to prop up their fabricated self-image. They have a couple of insights and then they believe that they are an expert on ‘the subject’. Other’s are convinced that they are an enlightened being, living amongst the ignorant population. They hide away in the hills like a hermit or are simply socially inept. Often they live in drug riddled settlements, amongst their own kind. They find an outlet on a site like this. They will be dealt with simply by deleting their rantings and ravings. They always hide behind a fabricated name and an odd sounding email address. They never have the intestinal fortitude to give their ‘real’ name. They probably can’t give their name out because too many already know that they are ‘a nutter’, so they are forced to hide behind a false name, just so they can get a little boost for their equally fabricated ego. I am not speaking of anyone in particular here. There have been quite a few. Such bravery is rewarded appropriately. This ‘scene’ has its fair share of Whacky Wombats. I say to them….”Take a Pill and have a lay down”….. “You might feel better tomorrow”.

  95. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.19.09 3:45 am

    A peculiar thing still happens nearly every morning. A rush of stories/detailed planning and a constricted identified feeling happens upon entering the waking state and then subsides in less than 20 seconds or so automatically into the clear open view (always there of course but the recognition becomes clear and obvious). Reference points happen throughout the day of course as a fully functioning responsible member of society, but the funny thing is there are times when there is a trying (like a game) to see if I can identify with something and it can’t be done. Attention can rest on the body or thoughts but no identification happens even if it’s forced. But morning comes and the “old friend” chirps away again like clockwork. Bob says he doesn’t mind the chattering. Of course thoughts happen all day long, not just in the morning, but maybe it’s because they don’t seem very obvious and seem to subside effortlessly into the knowing where they came from. Not talking strategies here or preferences for a “somebody” with assumed progress. Just reporting in layman’s terms what happens in a practical sense.

  96. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.19.09 3:58 am

    The more posts by Jesse, the more I’ll have to revise my statement that 40% of the comments could be useful to a seeker. More like “Posted by Jesse on 04.15.09 12:19 am” is the only decent post and not much else. Hey, I enjoy an equalizer as much as anybody and enjoy someone taking a few of the rough cocky edges off Gilbert once in awhile. But, all in all, he’s a really good guy and one of the most fun in the non-duality bunch. He also knows what he’s talking about most of the time so why give him too much crap?

  97. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.19.09 4:34 am

    Yeah, you’re right Sailor Jesse. Why question why the weeds grow among the flowers or among the manure? “It’s just a happening” (Using my best Ramesh impersonation there).

  98. Posted by Robin on 04.19.09 5:41 am

    What is really bugging “me” is how come (in the appearance) almost every “no one” who has had a direct experience or SEEING of what they truly are ends up with a website and/ or book? At the same time, these “sharers of the truth” claim there is “no one” there claiming anything? The irony of it all is, here I am reading ALL these websites and books. It appears to be an addiction on both sides…

  99. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.19.09 5:52 am

    Wow! That last post by Jesse gives new meaning to the phrase “nothing remains the same in the appearance”. Saw the post change at least three times by either Jesse or the editor. The first iteration wasn’t too bad except that questioning motives is like a Russian wooden doll where you open one and another is inside. Stating that it’s all appearing in the knowing is spot on–but Jesse’s harassment of Gilbert and my standing up for Gilbert BOTH arise in the knowing. There’s not a harassment of Gilbert that goes excused “because it’s happening in the knowing” and then an error on Kimo’s part for calling him on that. The harassment and the correcting BOTH arise in the knowing. Hey, this is a little like non-duality on toast. Time to stop!

  100. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.19.09 6:14 am

    It is a lofty ideal appearing in consciousness. But it’s pointing to reality. You’ve mentioned it yourself more than once. That freaking knowing is the constant. Amazing how we talk about it at length and Gilbert is so patient mentioning it over and over and over and in so many different ways. Everything is appearing and disappearing in the knowing. Always that way. Saying that there’s no entity doing this and KNOWING that this is true is profound but yet simple. The knowing never gets enlightened. The seeker never knew anything. The knowing is ever-present. Anyone reading this–don’t think spirituality, don’t think non-duality correctness, don’t think this is a slick con-job by Sailor Bob INC. or anybody else. The knowing is the most obvious “thing” and it’s always been that way. If you realize there is knowing or “awareness” but you don’t feel “cooked all the way”–have heart; just stick with it and “you’ll” see the simplicity of it.

  101. Posted by mark on 04.19.09 6:20 am

    Hey Jesse, your chronic flatulence might explain your lack of intestinal fortitude ;-)
    And thinking that your comments are an expression of your Love for Gilbert is a turn-around even Byron Katie won’t get her head around !

  102. Posted by Robin on 04.19.09 6:48 am


    I’ll know I’m “cooked all the way” when every single nondual book that I’ve purchased is gone for good! It’s like what Nisargadatta said regarding the most you can do for someone is to get them to stop seeking…A “true teacher” would be one who knows he has “done his job” when NO ONE is in the room waiting to here anything! Silence…

    Is it obvious I want to be done with this? And my prayer (ha-ha) is that I NEVER write a book or set up a website!

  103. Posted by Sully on 04.19.09 7:14 am

    Jesse..it’s evident that you only write all your crap while Gilbert is sleeping because you know he will delete all of it…you’re a coward!

    And…No surprise that you know all about “that salty taste on the back of your tongue”!!!!

  104. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.19.09 7:47 am

    Gilbert already asked me about a year ago for an interview and I respectfully declined due to lack of adequate internet resources where I lived in the world at the time. Gilbert and all these guys who say they have no patience for seekers have a lot more patience than most. What would be the point in constant coaxing and talking to myself (which is yourself) about non-duality (whether on an interview or in a book–writing on this website is enough for now). Where one seeker disappears another arises in its place. The manifestation is amazing in the way it all appears–every need arising to meet another need–isn’t it extraordinary all of the roles/characters/activity being played in this knowingness?

  105. Posted by milton on 04.19.09 7:58 am

    “It is easy to keep the message very simple and profound but it is rarely heard that way.”

    There may be more who like it that way than you think. G- thanks for saving the plow blade some time and sharpening. However, you may have missed some of the mess.

  106. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.19.09 8:05 am

    BTW, the crackhead who dabbles in non-duality with the few insights, the misguided person who found enlightenment, the crazy enlightenment guy who lives in solitude and drug infested communities, the guy who writes non-duality books and is horrible at it, the guy who writes non-duality and is great at it, the guy who writes everything Gilbert ordains as something worthwhile to say, the seeker, the dreamer who never started seeking….. None of those are who you are. If you’re one of those “done good” types there’s no resting in enlightenment either. That wakefulness never changes and never went from unenlightened to enlightened status. Nothing that appears in it can be claimed as an identity or as a resting place. Make your spouse happy today / upset her tomorrow. Hear Sailor Bob call you a sage today and a crackpot tomorrow. Who cares? That knowing THAT CONTAINS IT ALL–did it ever change?

  107. Posted by Robin on 04.19.09 8:16 am


    Yes, I agree, Gilbert has tremendous patience…more patience than I even have for myself!

    If, in say, 10 years time, I am STILL reading these words: “Where are you SEEING from?”, I’m jumping off a bridge…

    The true guru is OneSelf…you already are what you seek! Thank God!!!

  108. Posted by gilbert on 04.19.09 9:15 am

    “Actung. Today, Ve have some good news und some bad news. Ze Good news is that everyone vill get a change of underveer. Group A will change vith gr………
    Crackle, crackle……tune, tune…..
    Sorry, we seem to have lost communication for a moment. Apparently the Dial is slipping and the Radio goes off beam and the UGC gets replaced by U Get Stuffed.
    It is a national problem. They made a movie about it years ago, remember, “One Flew Over the Kookoo Nest”.
    “Jesse or is that Pedro, can you come to the treatment room please. The behavior is a little off color today. Just a little shock treatment this morning for ya – thank you”.
    “Psst, Kimo, Where is that pillow I had earlier”. Smiling at Jesse, “That’s it, just through here, you can go play in the garden later. Yes, I know, its All One. We have purchase a ‘little block of land for you out back. You’ll like it there. It’s a bit frosty in the mornings but you will be snug as a bug in a rug (or box). Now, we will just put these little metal clips on various parts of the body.”

    Thank you everyone for putting up with these misfits, they deserve to have a place in the scheme of things. Unfortunately most of those places were closed by the Government some years ago. So they wander around with the rest of us. The medication is also very expensive these days. And the best news is this……You don’t have to read the comment pages.
    It is funny though, isn’t it. These ones who speak as if they have the total understanding and continuously get pissed off at Gilbert’s or someone else’s ‘ego display’ are exceptionally entertaining. Yet rather boring after a couple of comments.
    Substance abuse is involuntary and behavior is spontaneous.
    What a wonderful dream, what a wonderful virtual reality this is. And it is FREE…..wow.

  109. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.19.09 9:19 am

    ‘Where are you seeing from?’ – That’s not a bad pointer, but we don’t really need to say in unison “from no-where” or “it’s empty–that cognizing emptiness”. Put all the non-duality jargon aside and all the little buzz words you’re supposed to think of in being an aspirant. Can you deny existence of a “perceiving core”? Isn’t that perceiving core here as a condition for anything else that’s arising? Including the thoughts that come on-board of being a body-mind? You must already be there as a “perceiving core” for any appearance to register or for any appearance to be mistakenly identified with. Nothing can be found that’s doing the knowing, but plenty seems to be arising and disappearing in the knowing. When you go to the bathroom, do you frantically dive into the toilet bowl after you’re done to grab the excrement because you’re identified with it as who you are since it arose from the body? I doubt it! Same thing with the knowing that you are. All these body-minds arise within it. Undoubtedly, the body deserves to be treated with respect but will suffer the same fate as that excrement–arises then turns to dust. Why are you frantically grabbing on to something (your body/thoughts) that you pooped out of consciousness?

  110. Posted by Charlie Hayes on 04.19.09 9:19 am

    Hi Robin,
    Here and Now, where are you? Here and Now You ARE. Thank GOD? OK, that’s thanking your Self.
    That’s the Peace that is prior to what appears.
    Try to not BE here now.
    That shows what you ARE is always.
    So what? So Nothing … have the courage to BE No Thing.
    No Guru needed.
    Nothing special.

    This Is IT.
    Love it or leave it.

  111. Posted by gilbert on 04.19.09 9:41 am

    New Header Graphic on the UGC. Hit the refresh button and see it.

  112. Posted by Josef on 04.19.09 11:46 am

    Good Morning Gilbert,

    i am a little confused when i hear the tapes of nisargadatta or read his books. I have problems with words like “consciousness” an “prior to consciousness” and “before consciousness” and so on. Perhaps my translation is wrong and a reason for not understanding this.

    The main problem is probably caused by trying to understand it. Then I am caught up in the mind game again. This is the wrong direcion. Thoughts are the wrong tool.

    I recently was reading writings of Jean-Pierre Gomez. He keeps it very simple and uses only common words. He wrote:

    “The ultimate Truth is so simple that it is laughable. Have a look at your own existence. Look at your own being. You are alive right now. You are aware of being. That is IT. It is awareness of being. ‘I’ exist right here and now is the Sought-after Truth.”

    “I” understand, what Mr. Gomez is writing. “I” dont´t mean a intellectual understanding, it is realy known and very obvious. And “I” don´t speak of the words “I am”. I am speaking of this knowing, this spacious presence, without words or thoughts.

    Without thinking, existence is. Its obvious. No seperation, not time, and very ordinary.

    But sometimes in hearing Nisargadatta it sounds complicated to me. Or for example Charlie Hayes wrote in a comment a bit above:

    “Don’t give any energy of belief to the mental noise. That noise comes and goes. You are forever I AM and even before that, IT IS. You are the Light prior to I AM that allows you to BE and KNOW.”

    I read quite the same on John Wheelers Website.

    Then questions come up, like: “What does he mean by the Light prior to I am?”

    I don´t know what that means.

    And while writing this “I” realize that I am caught up in the mind game again. Only thoughts.

    Without thinking and without the words “I am” or “prior to I am”, being is indisputable.

    But although I want to ask: What do Charlie or John or Nisargadatta want to say, when they are speaking of “prior to I am” or “prior to consciousness”?

    Are they speaking of this ordinary certainty of being? Or are they talking about something “deeper”?

    In my investigation there is no way to get deeper. Being is the fact, with or without thoughts there is this indisputable fact of existence.

    Is this meant by prior to consciousness or prior to I am. Or do “I” miss something?

    Warm regards


  113. Posted by Josef on 04.19.09 12:02 pm

    I must concretize:

    Existence is. No seperation. No thoughts required. How is it possible to go deeper or somewhere else? It is not possible. I would have to use thoughts in order to search for something “deeper”.

    Without getting caught up in thoughts the only thing that is undeniable for me is the fact of existence, or presence, or being, or this space in which everything is contained – call it what you want.

    What is befor “being”? Or what is the “light” before being? In my opinion this questions can´t be answered. They questions itself are only appareances in being.

    Please correct me, if I wrote bullshit.

    Warm regards


  114. Posted by Steven Witt on 04.19.09 1:12 pm

    Drop it ALL and just drink this in.

    It is a PURE tribute to Gilbert and Areti….

    A voice of an angel and words to match…sung in Sydney no less not long ago.

    Google search youtube, K D Lang and Infinite – a beautiful song.

    love Steve

  115. Posted by Mike in SF on 04.19.09 2:36 pm

    Any chance of blocking Jesse’s ip address?
    Editor: I have assigned him or her to the spam folder ages ago – but as with many ‘pests’ they can crawl through the smallest aperture.

  116. Posted by gilbert on 04.19.09 2:57 pm

    Deeper is volume, space. Space is an appearance and time cannot be separated from space. They appear together. Can you grasp space? Can you grasp time or duration?
    With what will you grasp them?
    It is a favorite thing for ‘special gurus and teachers’ to advise the seeker to go deeper, deeper to find the truth. It is total crap and a mind game, sure to keep the seeker bound in never finding what they are looking for. It is ignorance parading as special knowledge. It is a sickness, and these chaps do get sick. They make the sickness into something holy. “Don’t worry, I will be with you” is often sprouted from these deluded souls.
    The direct message is brief and simple. No psychotropic nonsense to it. It is simple yet few ‘hear it’ or they hear it and instantly dismiss it, due to the addiction to conceptualizing everything. So, keep it simple.
    Can you find a self-center with any substance?
    What will you grasp it with?
    Who is grasping what?
    START from the only FACT that you are certain of – the fact of your own existence – being.
    The only ‘thing’ you can ‘do’ this with is the KNOWING.
    Nothing appears outside of the knowing.
    The appearance of a ‘knower’ and the ‘known’ are both composed of space and time.
    The KNOWING is prior to space and time.
    How do I know this? It is obvious, clear and present, before thought comes in with its habitual ideas about ‘things’. All these appearances are equal and connot be separated from the knowing essence that you are.
    There is no answer in the conceptualizing.
    The constant conceptualizing is whirling around a false sense of self.
    Drop the idea of being a ‘self’ and SEE.
    The small baby has no idea about a ‘me’. The natural state is functioning without psychological suffering. That only arrives with the learned words and ideas of, ‘me’ and ‘other than me’. Experience fortifies these ideas of separation and the ‘I am-ness’ is added with a story, more words. This gives the sense of separation some fabricated sensations of being separate. This activity is maintained repeatedly, decade after decade. Until the NEWS arrives that maybe it is not real. So it is questioned.
    It cannot stand up to this investigation, because it isn’t real.
    The essence of what you are has NEVER appeared as something separate.
    Remove the belief and the whole story loses its sting.
    These points are expressed over and over. Why is it not recognized?
    Because the subtle evidence is not a gross sensation and the mind is worn out by addiction to grossness – the ‘me’ is not expanded and examined.
    Nothing is more subtle than this activity ‘knowing’. The most subtle fabric and the most subtle concepts ‘appear’ on this activity of ‘knowing’.
    The resistance and the inability to making this investigation is the ‘me’, a dead weight that dulls the reception.
    Like a gross humm on the Radio signal, you can’t hear the refined sounds that are actually there.
    You are not that habitual mind noise, ‘me’. It is a ‘representative’ of no thing.
    Your no thing-ness is what all this appearance appears out of.
    There is no duration to the appearance. Every appearance disappears.
    Someone dies and the concept of death haunts you. You don’t want to not exist.
    You LOVE to BE. SO……..then……..LOVE it and stop complaining.
    Someone at the funeral says “Life goes on”.
    LIFE is all there is. It knows nothing of death.
    Insisting on being this little ‘me’, excludes the obvious cosmic nature of awareness.
    The message sinks in……..and unexpectedly intelligence acts with an irreversible intent.
    WHO is waiting for that ‘event’?
    It is here now, but you ignore it in favor of this ridiculous story of ME.
    Stop thought and SEE if there truly are any problems HERE and NOW.

  117. Posted by gilbert on 04.19.09 5:56 pm

    The Urban Guru Cafe is offering some of the clearest ‘pointing’ that is happening anywhere. There will always be the ‘spoil sports’ who want to express their grievances.
    There is nothing more ‘selfish’ and bitter than a gross mind stuck in its own excrement.
    It stinks from afar and has already alienated ‘that one’ from everyone, except for its own kind. There is no ‘entity’ anywhere – it is all appearances.
    There is no answer in any amount of conceptualization.
    The thing is that it is all too simple. Everyone overlooks it, they focus ‘out there’ with an ‘in here’. The ‘screen’ is filled with irrelevant details and the clear and obvious is missed, over and over and over again. What is offered here is a constant ‘pointing’ in a thousand ways to the ONE basic factor.
    All ‘pointers’ are pointing at it.
    Taking yourself to be a separate individual, limits the view and the message slips by over and over.
    ‘At some point’ some small living expression ‘touches’ ‘something’ in us and an unexpected response arises. This response is what we call a resonance in being.
    The view changes in a most subtle and expansive manner. The mind of habit misses it – why? – because it is already preoccupied.
    SEEING is not passing through the mind’s ‘me’ before the registration of impressions happens. Naming things is always ‘after’ the impressions have ‘landed’.
    As my first teacher once said:
    “The only time your need patience, is when there is impatience”.

  118. Posted by tomvds on 04.19.09 8:12 pm

    Hi Jozef,

    Consider this clear pointer from Randall:

    “So YOU do not appear. You are the invisible subjectivity in which all objects (body, mind and world) appear. Isn’t this the case in direct experience? Isn’t this pure subjectivity what we really mean by “I”? This open space, this pure activity of knowing?

    Doesn’t this describe perfectly THAT which we “call” awareness?

    So awareness is like the mirror, reflecting the world, body and mind. Ever-present, never changing. Pure experiencing itself. Like a presence – knowing itself.

    The “I AM” is the identification in beliefs – identifying with something as a separate “thing” – object – body-mind or awareness. Awareness precedes the “one” who could identify.”

  119. Posted by Mary on 04.19.09 9:34 pm

    Wow, Nisargadatta was so laser-sharp clear- fantastic. Felt like I was there. Beautiful music as always. Thank you Gilbert and Areti for sharing these recordings, what a gift. Gilbert, do you know if Nisargadatta understood English? It seemed sometimes that he knew the meaning of the speaker without translation. Just curious.

  120. Posted by Fenn on 04.19.09 10:00 pm


    From the Upanishads through to Ramana, Consciousness is a synonym for Awareness, Self, Brahman, Oneness.

    If there was a priorness to Brahman, it would have to be Brahman.

    Consciousness as used in the Jean Dunn books seems to refer to the conscious mind (as opposed to subconscious mind or unconsciousness.)

    So, in this context, yes, it might be said that prior to consciousness (mind/perceptions) there is Awareness (Consciousness.)

    The mind and perceptions appear in/on Awareness/Consciousness.

    In other words, Awareness/Consciousness is the ‘substance’ of the mind and perceptions.

    So really there is no ‘prior’.

    Consciousness/Awareness is the case RIGHT NOW!

  121. Posted by gilbert on 04.19.09 10:01 pm

    There is no duality in Non Duality. No time, no space, no separation. The KNOWING is not in the pattern. The patterns of Ramana, Nisargadatta, Christ and Buddha were appearances of the ONE Essence…..just as yourself is an expression of that Singular Expression. There is no need to worship any guru – just realize that you are THAT ‘one without a second’. The ‘moment’ of realizing this is One Moment of Eternal realization. This is IT.
    The expression is uninterrupted………
    Some expressions are ‘advised’ by this understanding and other expressions not so. The expression is in all its diversity – all inclusive.
    On the question of whether Nisargadatta understood English:
    Yes, I hear that he understood quite a lot but he refused to speak English, except for a few words. I think this was an intelligent thing to do actually. Some of the translators were excellent with English. Ramesh did a good job as a translator and his first book is his best book in my opinion – “Pointers from Nisargadatta”. This tape is from 1981 and Maharaj was unable to speak so much because of his condition. A book from this period is called “Consciousness and the Absolute”. It is a very potent book. He was also able to SEE where someone was coming from, without the aid of language. In a way language gets in the way, even though it is necessary. One realizes that there is something else going on, something that we cannot put into words. It is wonderful to see these tapes ‘touching’ so many, 28 years after they were recorded. This is why I chose the name “Across Space and Time”. It is ONE Presence. In a certain way, when you feel that you are in that room, you ARE in that room. Presence is not a concept.
    Warm regards – Gilbert.

  122. Posted by Soul on 04.19.09 11:46 pm

    “How can there be a higher self
    and a lower self?… Self is Self”…

    “This higher self and lower self… what kind of
    colour or design does it have?”…


    and…….. “on this changeless state has come this temporary phase”.
    Thanks for these Gilbert. – Soul

  123. Posted by tomvds on 04.20.09 12:19 am

    Following is a translation of an interesting conversation that was captured on tape by Jozef Nauwelaerts from (Where I live) Belgium :

    Nisargadatta: “Every human being looks for support to depend upon. Never depend on anything! One should try and be independent. Only then can you analyse what you are.”
    Translator: “It is for your existence, you don’t depend on anything. Without depending on anything, try to find out yourself what you are.”
    Translator: “He’s pointing to you Mr. Paul”
    Nisargadatta: “Can you analyse yourself, if you are seeking support from others? How can you stop your mind from thinking about yourself? To think about something else that’s not you. How would you think? You become thought free when you’re not thinking about yourself. If there’s nobody to help you, you seek support from “ISHWARA” i.e. “God”. “ISHWARA” is a word apart from you and you can think over. But again, you’re seeking God’s support. The question is whether you can think by yourself.”
    Translator: “He said whenever you want to think, you ponder over something which you are not. Something other, to think on something else, not you. Then how to think on yourself? You cannot think. You become thought free.”
    Translator: “Whenever you want to think, you think of something else, which is not you. Even you may bring a very noble thought “ISHWARA”. “ISHWARA” is a word apart from you, and you want to think over that. But can you think on your own self? That’s the question!”

  124. Posted by gilbert on 04.20.09 2:41 am

    “Be conscious of the consciousness – that is all you need” – paraphrasing Nisargadatta.
    I suggest that you try this. Really try it.
    The mind cannot divide while there is a being conscious of the consciousness.
    Conscious Being.
    It is not about holding concepts in the mind or dwelling on some idea.
    Be conscious of the consciousness.
    It is extremely simple and thought free. Thoughts may come and go but they are free of the reference point called ‘me’.

  125. Posted by Robin on 04.20.09 4:35 am

    This pointer, “be conscious of being consciousness” is truly remarkable. It’s evident that it stops the mind and allows your true nature to be SEEN.

    Thanks Gilbert for continuing to highlight this pointer!

  126. Posted by dan on 04.20.09 6:38 am

    “just realize that you are THAT ‘one without a second’. The ‘moment’ of realizing this is One Moment of Eternal realization.”

  127. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.20.09 7:43 am

    Quote from a young John Wheeler “You are present and aware. That is what you are. Everything else simply arises and sets in this presence, which is ever-present and clear as that knowingness that knows and, therefore, transcends all appearances. That is it in a nutshell”

    $4,000 plane ticket–not required

    Imagining “you” “are in” a special room with hen house smells, honking horns, cigar smoke, and transmission oil smells”–not required

    Fawning over the latest guru who amazingly understands english even though he speaks marathi (whoop-de-dooo)–not required

    Reading above John Wheeler quote and seeing–FREE

    Of course, the first 3 options are still available if staying in the spin cycle appeals to you

  128. Posted by Kimo (Jim) on 04.20.09 9:03 am

    That Consciousness in which everything arises and sets.
    It’s here right now.
    You always knew it.

    So long for awhile.

  129. Posted by Sully on 04.20.09 9:10 am


    Do thoughts have anything to do with what’s going on? Are we to just ignore thoughts all together. I know my thoughts are what torment me.

  130. Posted by gilbert on 04.20.09 10:15 am

    Who is this ‘me’ that is bothered by thoughts?
    Isn’t it just another thought?
    Thoughts are vibrations, ripples in the Pattern. The body is an expression of the SAME LIVING Expression.
    It is ALL One Pattern – One Appearance’.
    Where is this appearance registering?
    Where are you SEEING from?

    Misleading comments and smart ass comments – not required.
    Comments like “It’s here right now.
    You always knew it.” may sound correct by they are subtly misleading. For whom? – you may ask.
    For that one who believes it is a separate entity, that’s who.
    It is incorrect because – there is no one that ‘always knew it’.
    That is imagination at play with a mind projecting a ‘past’ and while imagination is at play, subtle evidence of presence-awareness is missed.
    IS-ness…….there is no ‘was-ing’.
    Direct pointing delivers the mind into ‘no mind’.

    So, there is no offense intended to anyone. Revelations may open up. Whatever it takes to ‘bring about’ the recognition is VALID.
    There is no need to preserve any ‘self-image’ or protect some ‘reputation’.

    All there truly is is Knowing.

    Everything appears in that knowing, including imagination.
    The ‘idea’ that ‘you always knew it’ is just an idea.
    It implies a ‘past’.
    This PRESENCE is ‘all time’, ‘all inclusive’ and excludes nothing and is actually No Thing.

    There is a lot less to Presence than you ‘think’ and there is a lot more to Presence than ‘you’ presently ‘feel’.
    All in takes is a little expansion of consciousness and the limitation of ‘me’ is left behind.
    Being conscious of consciousness is that expansion. The intellectually bound will not know what this means – and that brings annoyance.

    Entertaining, Controversial, Innovative and highly informative.
    The Urban Guru Cafe – a FREE podcast. Spreading ripples throughout the globe.
    The impressions registering right now, right there, are such ‘ripples’.
    What the mind ‘makes’ from these is neither good nor bad.
    It is ALL Consciousness.
    P.S. Hit the refresh button and see the new graphics ‘header’ for the Urban Guru Cafe.

  131. Posted by Jerry Lewis on 04.20.09 12:29 pm

    Gilbert, we know you’ve asked for technical help in the past… However, if anyone’s reading your comment, the latest UGC graphic will already be PRESENT — in awareness happening NOW.

    Conceptually refreshing is only an unnecessary doing. Let’s try to keep this site relatively clean in its pointing towards new UGC graphics.

    But, seriously…

    “Who is this ‘me’ that is bothered by thoughts?”

    That’s really my question as well. I too am annoyed when it’s presented as a Non-Dual answer.

    The “I” is just this presence-awareness? Not the I thought ego-machine… There’s something real here, processing the stimulus.

    -Jerry’s Kid

  132. Posted by gilbert on 04.20.09 1:09 pm

    The ‘Who is this ‘me’ that is bothered by thoughts’? is not an answer and is not presented as an answer.
    It is a directive.
    The mind must be understood.
    The process is not the real. The apparent process is the unfolding of phenomena (time).
    Where you are seeing from is timeless.
    Such pointing is only disturbing for the mind held beliefs.
    Who owns the beliefs and why are they being held onto?
    The ‘weed’ must be cut at the root.
    Otherwise it sprouts new branches, new beliefs.
    If you have not read the free e-book “Everything is Clear and Obvious”, I suggest that you do. Just read the first two or three pages, at least. It is not like the average spiritual book. The e-book is on my website – shining through the mind top right hand side.
    What is on offer here is far beyond the average ‘stuff’ – yet it would seem that few have the capacity to open to it. The resistance is called ‘me’.
    There are no royalties coming in from my books because they don’t sell.
    The ‘reader’ disappears. Publishers don’t want their ‘paying’ readers disappearing.
    Like a magician that makes his audience disappear, the show has a limited season – you soon run out of new patrons. Who wants to be No thing?

  133. Posted by milton on 04.21.09 12:36 am

    G- The new header is nice, but I had become somewhat attached to the old one, liked the colors. Oh well, such is the life in appearances.

    “Be concscious of consciousness.” That’s a good strong cup. Thanks. When is the next Nisargadatta train coming in? Soon I hope.

    This resistance called “me” seems to be crumbling at times, however, it seems quite adept at playing dead only to reemerge at the most inopportune times disturbing the new “meless me” terribly. It doesn’t believe in fairplay at all.

  134. Posted by gilbert on 04.21.09 1:11 am

    The habit pattern may still appear appear no matter what. Just because you discover that the sky is not blue, that it only appears to be blue, does not mean that the sky will stop appearing to be blue. These habitual stories about disturbances and the ‘me’ coming back are just stories. Cut to the core of it in the immediacy – right now. See that right now, there is no story, while being conscious of consciousness. This razors edge is always present. The mind’s stories about the future and the past never touch the razors edge.
    This is the immediacy – this is what you are.
    It is just a metaphor. The razors edge is actually the expansive nature of Presence.
    Presence is KNOWING – it is the being conscious of consciousness. It is NOT ‘personal’.
    The mind translates everything into ‘something personal’.
    There is no fair play or unfair play, except in the imagination and the story of me.
    The pattern appears to ‘crumble’ as the habit of belief is cut away.
    At such moments be vigilant and SEE that these habits just appear. Do not believe in them. SEE them for what they are.
    Get this clear: The ‘me’ is neither dead nor alive. It only seems to have a life because it is believed in. What you ARE is the energy – cut off the supply to the ‘me’ and it can no longer ‘trick’ you.
    What is on offer here is radical. Few may take delivery of the message but some do and the ‘result’ is obvious. Dozens that I know of in the recent weeks have obviously been ‘touched’ by the directness of these pointers. This is not trifling matter.
    It may be ‘sour grapes’ for those struggling to understand but they still do not HEAR the pointer that ‘The answer is NOT in the mind’.
    Clear understanding is present but the mind must be understood. No one can do it for you. it appears that I and some others do our very best to get it across.
    Yet the recognition comes unexpectedly without warning.
    The information is shared most willingly. Some appreciate this but appreciation is not enough. The recognition must rise up and free the pure cognition from ‘the story of me’.
    As for more of the Nisargadatta programs: I have to make them first. And there hasn’t been all that much feedback from the hundreds who have downloaded them. I get masses of emails to answer. My policy has always been to answer them all the same day. In the appearance of things, I do my best. I know my stuff and these programs are excellent. I will make sure it stays that way. Listen to the programs again and again.
    There are potential insight in them. The first listening may not ‘do the trick’.
    Get familiar with them. The accents and the traffic sounds take on a less obscuring nature once you start hearing what is being shared in these tapes.

  135. Posted by kale on 04.21.09 1:26 am

    Nisargadatta tapes are very direct, clear and concise. They leave no room for the mind to maneuver. It appears that this pointing / teaching gets simpler and simpler by the minute and at the end of it (hypothetically speaking) you are just left with yourself. Thanks so much….

  136. Posted by milton on 04.21.09 2:25 am

    Thanks G- the statement: “The ‘me’ is neither dead nor alive” does the trick for me; whether the rascal is alive or not doesn’t really matter anymore. Let dead dogs lie.

    Also: “The answer is NOT in the mind’.” Will stop looking there, finally got that.

    The tapes are well worth reviewing and waiting for. Just can’t help anticipation of new arrivals. Exciting stuff.

    I find myself peeking around corners for the “recognition that comes without warning.” Doesn’t make much sense to do so.

  137. Posted by dorothy hoffman on 04.21.09 4:38 am

    The expectation keeps the mind in turmoil. It’s almost like it knows what it’s looking for. And whatever it is looking for or whatever it seemingly finds is not it. It’s just another notion or idea arising in this space. The “looking” itself is prior to the first thought of anticipation arising. Check to see if there is a “some one” actually looking. In not finding that one…is the looking altered in any way. What can this phantom character find? When the character itself is not stable…

  138. Posted by gilbert on 04.21.09 9:49 am

    In the appearance of ‘things’ it sure looks like the brain is a pattern recognition instrument. The development of ‘Face recognition’ software is a good example of this.
    You can pick out a familiar face in a large crowd without any trouble. Yet the details of that face may be at quite a ‘distance’ and the recognition is ‘instant’, prior to ‘thinking’.
    The mind/body pattern appears ‘to have a wish’ to protect itself. You love to be. Those who threaten their own life energy ‘do so’ because of a belief in an idea of ‘who’ they ‘think’ they are. It is only a ‘me’ that can suffer. They hear this and dismiss it as being false information. Such is the nature of belief. Belief is NOT the actual.
    None of the pattern has any life or function APART from the ‘Living Energy’ that animates it – that is IS.
    NO SEPARATION. Be what you ARE, not what you imagine that you are.
    In ancient ‘times’ they called this life energy ‘God’. ‘Today’ it seems that ‘God’ is a dirty word – or that ‘God is Dead’ or some other absurdity that only ‘seems’ to make sense to a disturbed mind. At one ‘time’ man worshiped the Sun. We may scoff at that now but it actually makes more sense that worshiping technology or the latest football game. ‘I, me, me, mine’. ‘My football team is better than yours’ etc.
    In the overall scheme of ‘things’, where would you be without the Sun?
    This living energy in Hindu is called ‘Ishwara’. If you worship that, totally, ‘you’ will dissolve into that living energy – the concept of separation will dissolve and a merging will appear to happen. (example: “Be conscious of that consciousness”)
    Without a ‘story’ all experiences dissolve into pure experiencing, which is uninterrupted. Everything ‘returns’ to ONE.
    The ‘irony’ is that, that ‘you’ longs ‘to be’ and it ‘already is’ and if not then it never will BE. The ‘me’ is a fleeting ephemeral image or thought.
    It is time………..BEING is NOT in time.
    The dream has NO WAY OUT in the dream and the dream is time. “Once upon a time…..”
    The irony of it all is that what you truly ARE, already IS, just as it is.
    “One Essence expressing and ‘appearing’ AS Everything”. (a profound and direct ‘pointer’ from Bob Adamson) Bob Adamson is the ‘Real McCoy’. One of the ‘signs’ of a ‘real McCoy’ is that the majority ignores them. Thousands walked past Nisargadatta’s place every day and did not even know he was there. Others came from across the Globe ‘to be in that room’. Some of those ‘heard the message’ and ‘reaped the benefits’. Others missed the message and so they missed the harvest.
    You can do the maths yourself. The harvest continues – but YOU must till the soil yourself first. No one can do it for you.

  139. Posted by Jeremy on 04.21.09 10:03 am

    Thanks Gilbert for sharing this stuff. There may well be many others like myself who have simply been too stunned by the directness of what is on offer here to offer much feedback at all.

  140. Posted by gilbert on 04.21.09 10:11 am

    Thank you Jeremy. The Harvest is a joyful time. Let them join in the celebration.
    Sharing is what this is all about. The more expressions of genuine recognition happening, the better. All inclusive is the nature of Non Duality.

  141. Posted by suki on 04.21.09 11:36 am

    There was a time when i would of moved heaven and earth to be in the company of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj! A profound sadness stirred in the heart here on the news of his passing.

    The light was rekindled when authentic pointers by Bob and his fellow companions who have shared there insight into overcoming the darkness of self ignorance.

    eternamente agradecido

  142. Posted by big john on 04.21.09 9:56 pm

    These tapes are great, thank you Gilbert.

    Instead of listening to the english translation listen only to Nisargaddatta’s voice. In doing so it may be realised that not one word is understood. Of course the mind will come up with the concept that its not my native language how could it be understood, it may as well be gobbledegook. Now apply that to the english translation and realise it sounds exactly the same.

    Remember its not found in the words, words are useless in Knowing This. Yet we listen to the english translation and expect to understand, to “get it” because we understand english.

    What is known about This is revealed in Nisargaddatta’s words which are not making any sense. This is-ness is already Known but not in words. Let the words fall away….what remains………

    This is the jewel that points within these tapes.

    What search….. more words, a thought. Search ends Now.

  143. Posted by milton on 04.21.09 11:26 pm

    “The expectation keeps the mind in turmoil.” You are quite right, Thanks Dorothy. What will this phantom character find? Just more phantoms.

    Chasing butterflies of the mind is an endless process, as soon as I catch one, I have to go after the next. In the field of expectations all that can be gained is more concepts, all equally empty.

    Yes, G, we must till the soil, not soil ourselves.

  144. Posted by gilbert on 04.22.09 2:04 am

    There is only one seeing happening. It is not ‘personal’. The phantom, as you call it, cannot see so it won’t find anything, let alone other phantoms.
    All these ideas about the ‘me’ having some sort of ability to see, hear, taste and do, is just more ideas appearing.
    SEE them for what they ARE.
    The clearest advice is to try and find anything with any substance that you can call ‘me’.
    This is advised over and over and over again.
    All these erroneous concepts about the ‘me’ cannot be just re-arranged to achieve some convincing story about being free of it.
    It must be recognized clearly.
    You are the SEEING, not as a ‘you’, not as a pattern of the appearance.
    Seeing is seeing and seeing is also knowing.
    You cannot separate these because they are one and the same.
    Ideas only appear and disappear.
    The only way out of the mind is full stop.
    The subtle bliss of being is silent, wordless.
    You will never find it in the mind.
    The mind is simply conceptualization, memory and images.

  145. Posted by Blind Lemon Jefferson on 04.22.09 2:41 am

    Hello, I was born blind. I listen to your podcasts and follow the comments section via text-to-speech software.

    My question: could you please come up with some new pointers? All these damn “seeing” references are just flat out maddening…

    Peace and Love,

    P.S. Gilbert, the constant capitalization of words comes across as much shouting — a little like that earlier Steven Wingate podcast, although this quite possibly may be your intent.
    Editor: I like a good joke. If this is a serious comment from someone who is actually blind: The SEEING that is pointed to is not limited to the eyes. The impressions from all the senses register in the SEEING. There is no separation between hearing and seeing or any of the senses. Where do they register? Upon what does the world rest?
    There is pure cognition happening. Stay with that without talking to yourself about it. Then see what is what.

  146. Posted by milton on 04.22.09 3:22 am

    “All these erroneous concepts about the ‘me’ cannot be just re-arranged to achieve some convincing story about being free of it.”

    Certainly hasn’t been convincing so far, but maybe with a little tweaking….ok, ok, the love affair with the me has got to go. As far as finding any substance to it, can’t find one iota. This being so, don’t I deserve an epiphany to write a book about– where are the visions, lights, etc.?… and I still act and appear so ordinary, not even the faintest aura of holiness, omniscience, omnipotence, omnipresence, or omnianything. In fact, I am hardly noticeable or distinguishable, with the exception of a penchant for inane blundering. I guess subtle bliss will have to do.

  147. Posted by dan on 04.22.09 8:11 am

    A wonderful ‘moment’ of recognition is when it is seen that even these tapes are simply patterns of the appearance. And the listening of these tapes is just another appearance. At that ‘point’ you could be listening to anything, at that ‘point’ it doesn’t matter anymore. You could be listening to the Spice Girls. Same difference. Same relevance, same value.

    Whilst Gilbert is busy putting together the next tapes, how about a bit of Nisargadatta to keep us going? From Page 432 of I Am That:

    “Do understand that you cannot ask a valid question about yourself, because you do not know whom you are asking about. In the question ‘Who am I?’ the ‘I’ is not known and the question can be worded as: “I do not know what I mean by ‘I’.” What you are, you must find out. I can only tell you what you are not. You are not of the world, you are not even in the world. The world is not, you alone are. You create the world in your imagination like a dream. As you cannot separate the dream from yourself, so you cannot have an outer world independent of yourself. You are independent, not the world. Don’t be afraid of a world you yourself have created. Cease looking for happiness and reality in a dream and you will wake up. You need not know all the ‘why’ and ‘how’, there is no end to questions. Abandon all desires, keep your mind silent and you shall discover.”

  148. Posted by Nisargadatta Says on 04.22.09 10:16 am

    “The acceptance of the unreal as real is the obstacle; to see the false as false and abandon the false brings reality into being”.

  149. Posted by gilbert. on 04.22.09 11:10 am

    There is pure cognition happening. Stay with that without talking to yourself about it. Then see what is what.

    So often we take the translating mind to be the understanding or reality. It is not the understanding. The understanding remains untouched by whatever the mind is translating.
    The believed in ‘entity’ is mind content and it has NO understanding at all – it is just a mechanical wind up machine, predictable and quite dead compared to pure intuition – In-tuition or In-sight, In-Seeing.
    What is on offer here is not to do with the world and worldly ‘things’. It is beyond space and time. The revelation of your true nature ‘arrives’ unexpectedly and the translating mind is left in a state of poverty, because it can’t reduce this Immediacy to a bunch of concepts.
    In the worldly sense you may exchange ‘your time and energy’ for a wage, so that ‘you can survive’. You may waste your wage on all manner of entertainment and psychotropic mind enhancement drugs or give tithings to you guru or church. Of all these things, which one has directed you to your true nature? What is the delay, why is it such a mystery or why is it so difficult?
    These programs are consistently directing you to look into the place where seeing is happening. No one is asking for anything from you. No church on Sunday, no guru sava, no chanting and no rituals of any sort. Anyone at all can walk in the park with an ipod or any mp3 player and HEAR the direct message, over and over in a hundred different ways. The obstacles are pointed out and they need to be investigated. No one can do it for you. Whatever brings about the required recognition is valid.
    We stir up the pot and ‘stuff’ comes to the surface. At every point in so-called time, there is an opportunity to SEE what is what.
    I am not so sure that many notice that there is no one asking you to BELIEVE in anything here. No one is really asking anything from you. It is all pointing – pointing to the pure cognition that you are. Gratitude spontaneously arises unexpectedly. Relief from carrying a heavy burden (me) comes naturally – there is NO point in pretending to be free – that is just another burden and one that needs constant attention to maintain.
    Are you not awake?

  150. Posted by Soul on 04.22.09 6:06 pm

    “At every point in so-called time, there is an opportunity to SEE what is what”… (Gilbert wrote)
    Yes, and see what is NOT.. who or what we are…
    doesn’t define us…
    all this that comes and goes doesn’t define me…
    I am undefinable….


  151. Posted by Mike in SF on 04.22.09 6:35 pm

    The intensity or “earnestness” of the inquiry seems to come in waves. During these periods, there is lots of questioning and lots of peaceful presence and bliss. Then I’ll pursue other things for a while, like getting into running, or conquering a fear, or focusing on getting my relationships sorted out. There is always the sense during these periods that I’m sort of wasting my time and I’m not really 100% into it.

    Right now I’m in an “earnest” phase. I notice fear often stops the inquiry. I was just brushing my teeth before going to bed and questioning where the thoughts were arising. I looked in the mirror and saw my face and wondered, are they arising in the brain? I had kind of a Douglas Harding moment and realized what I looked like in the mirror was different than what I looked like over here. I saw the toothbrush disappearing into nothing. Where are the thoughts arising from? And fear came up and made me want to just not think about these kinds of things. That it’s somehow dangerous. This has happened quite a few times before, usually with a similar line of inquiry. I definitely feel like I’m in the final stretch of this thing though. It’s been a while. Any thoughts?

  152. Posted by Soul on 04.22.09 7:03 pm

    “I definitely feel like I’m in the final stretch of this thing though. It’s been a while. Any thoughts?” (Mike )

    There is the trap of getting caught in the thought, believing the thought/idea that there is an “I” that has somewhere to get to.. that it is almost there.. all part of the body/mind conditioning/concepts… not your true nature, in which all these thoughts/ideas merely arise and pass…

    enjoy :)

  153. Posted by nathan on 04.22.09 7:41 pm

    how incredible to see this “I” come out of nowhere…

    thoughts always think something has been found….ah hah!

    but just like salmon desperately trying to make it upstream,

    all that they are able to create are themselves

    thought must be limited….
    what is conscious of that limitation?
    “where are you seeing from?” as Gilbert so rightly asks…

    “SEEING disorder IS ORDER” one once said…

    thoughts come and go…. consciousness comes and goes

    but without thinking about it…..was there ever a time when you were not?

    “the present moment has no duration” w.w.w.

  154. Posted by gilbert. on 04.22.09 8:17 pm

    The new program is almost finished. It will appear in due course.

    As Nisargadatta says: “This consciousness is hard to bare”.
    Being conscious of this consciousness stops the mind dividing. It brings the attention out of the dualistic nature of mind. This is actually effortless yet it can appear to require great effort due to the habit of mind of slipping back into the habit of referring everything to ‘the me of memory’.
    Inattention is noticed from a ‘point of attention’.
    Automatic behavior is noticed from beyond the automatic ‘processes’.
    Bondage is noticed from a ‘place’ of freedom.
    Everything appears in the SEEING. The seeing itself never appears. It is ACTUALLY forever beyond the appearance of ‘things’.
    This Seeing does not belong to any individual – and this is even logical because ALL the so-called individuals ‘appears’ in the seeing and nowhere else.
    All ‘we’ have is the appearance of ‘things’. We make our judgments according to the appearance – and ‘we’ forget the pure nature of seeing-knowing.
    The habitual mind cannot understand anything, let alone THIS.
    The ‘me’ cannot bare to be exposed at the core of its roots.
    No one can sever the tap root except yourself.
    There cannot be anything to fear in your own authentic nature.
    As Nisargadatta says: “Nothing can harm you except in your own imagination”.
    ‘We’ carry an unnecessary heavy burden made of concepts and ideas. ‘We’ beat ourselves up with ideas about ‘who I am’.
    It is all added onto the naked sense of presence, the ‘I am-ness’.
    Without a thought, naked awareness has a subtle blissful nature – but it needs to be tasted a few times, before it e x p a n d s.
    One of the biggest ‘problems’ is that ‘certain people’ promote this state called ‘enlightenment’ and pretend to HAVE it.
    No appearance HAS anything whatsoever. So, ‘we’ get an idea about some possible state and we try to attain it, using all the descriptions perpetrated by these ‘certain special individuals’. Only those who point directly are not misleading the seekers. The methods don’t work. This INSTANT is all there is and there is no time or duration to it. It is only the habits of mind that cloud the view.
    Genuine recognition is thoughtless and ‘happens’ unexpectedly.
    No amount of mind contrivance will bring it on. In fact the more you try, the less it is likely to ‘happen’.

    In the appearance of things: Even though only a handful venture to make comments, the download activity is soaring higher each day. Email you friends about it. Join the UGC Face-book friends if you have a FB account. There are only a few members at present.

  155. Posted by milton on 04.23.09 12:00 am

    Mike, the final stretch tends to stretch on forever if it’s a stretch of the imagination. For me, I’ve given up on final stretches, too frustrating. As Gilbert so ruthless hammers home (no mercy at all): “This INSTANT is all there is.” Who or what is in danger with your inquiry? Surely not your true nature.

    “There is NO point in pretending to be free – that is just another burden and one that needs constant attention to maintain..No amount of mind contrivance will bring it on…Stay with that without talking to yourself about it.” G- hey, you are not giving us much wiggle room, here, you are not a very sporting bloke are you?… I am flat out of ideas…whatever am I to do?

  156. Posted by kale on 04.23.09 12:15 am

    Do nothing….in doing nothing, what are you? How can an idea take you to what you are? “What am i to do?” you ask. Where is this YOU that can do something? Take a look; what can a mental construct possibly do? In seeing that it is a mental construct, all struggles fall away…

  157. Posted by gilbert. on 04.23.09 12:17 am

    Are ‘you’ willing to drop all your ideas? Even for a moment?

  158. Posted by Robin on 04.23.09 4:40 am

    I have to say, I am amazed when the “me” shows up and acts like it’s running the show! It is such a desperate cry baby wanting to have it’s way…yet SEEMINGLY has so much power. The bugger fooled me today…I only noticed how ridiculous it was after the DRAMA was over.

    “Be conscious of the consciousness…no one can do it for you!”

  159. Posted by gilbert. on 04.23.09 5:25 am

    Who was fooled by what? SEEING is happening, prior to any ‘event’ – during any ‘event’ and after any ‘event’. Expand this consciousness and know that presence is here, no matter what appears to take place. You can actually recall all the impressions of that ‘drama’. The story about it, or anything, is just a story. It has no power except what ‘you’ seemingly give it. It is invalid as a representative of reality.
    In this seeing, right now, see that ‘the future’ never actually is HERE except as a mind projection. The past is never HERE, except as a memory. Right HERE, right NOW, there is NO future and NO past. All movement is registering in THIS immediacy. ‘Things’ don’t arrive or leave THIS.
    They simply ‘appear’ and ‘disappear’. Get a stop watch and choose some expected appearance. Time it from the instant of its appearance until the instant of its departure.
    Can’t choose an appearance? Well time the duration of a thought. They appear and disappear.
    So, now, can the finger hit the stopwatch button ‘in time’ or ‘outside of time’?
    Where does the ‘instruction’ to start the stopwatch come from? Did you time that thought? What duration was it?
    This exercise can be quite illuminating, since ‘we’ believe that thoughts are so powerful. So, what is a thought? What thought can represent itself 100%?
    You see it is all stories. “Once upon a TIME……….”
    What is the investment about – the investment in ‘me’?
    It only ’causes’ a lot of trouble so why be so attached to it? Life goes on quite well without that tyrant.
    The immediacy is like ‘the Razor’s Edge’. The closer the ‘me of memory’ is brought to this razors edge, the more transparent it is.
    Trans-Parent. Beyond parent. No parent – no origins. Just THIS immediacy.
    In the ACTUALITY of this immediacy there is NO ‘me’ whatsoever.
    It is so simple. Why don’t you stay HERE? Now.
    The postulation that there ever was a ‘me’ is a complete fiction.
    Be conscious of this consciousness and ‘watch the mind’ and its habits. It ALL appears in the seeing.
    It is like you think the house is clean and tidy but the house is over run with mice.
    The mice will wreck the whole house but as soon as ‘the cat’ walks in the door things are already clearing up. A schoolroom gone haywire after the teacher leaves the room. As soon as the teacher walks in, order is restored.
    In other words, be conscious of the consciousness. This is not some conceptual trick.
    You are the consciousness – so BE IT Knowingly.
    The ‘story of me’ will take a back seat and cease to be a tyrant.
    This is NOT psychology, so don’t grab ‘the wrong end of the stick’.
    It is rather odd because THIS is so wonderfully simple it is actually indescribable. Yet descriptions happen spontaneously. The relative fades into reality and reality disperses into the relative, all according to the knowing presence and the degree of being conscious of this consciousness. There is no ‘entity’ to it and yet the appearance and belief in being an ‘entity’ appears and disappears.
    Your original state is no state at all. Without this knowing and the appearance of a body and a world, what would you know? Emptiness?
    Where are you seeing from?

  160. Posted by nathan on 04.23.09 6:12 am

    Wherever light shines, it can NEVER find darkness….awareness is like a flood light in the mind….turn on the flood lights! is there even a mind to be seen apart from thought?

    Editor: Awareness is like nothing. All concepts about what awareness is are invalid.

  161. Posted by Ron Marson on 04.23.09 7:43 am

    Here I sit in a 64 year old body staring wide-eyed and astonished at this world like a newborn baby. I didn’t know what anything was when I emerged from my mother’s womb. Then I learned what everything was by copying outside teachers. Now I know, beyond ANY shadow of a doubt, that I don’t know what anything is! And in this knowledge (non-conceptual being) I truly see!

    ‘Something’ IS obviously here, but I can’t say ‘what’. To say ‘what’, is to instantly create a whole world between my ears with ‘me’ as the central character. To say ‘what’ is to overlook the Divine matrix in which forms and movements arise. Right now my mind is defining world view #3,000,000,001. Oh, there goes that version, and here comes thought #3,000,000,002. Endless mind translating is the only way ‘me’ survives. I plan ‘my’ day and drive on ‘my’ side of the road — of necessity. But I just can’t believe in ‘me’ like I used to. What a relief!

    Some people don’t believe in ‘God’, but can’t seem to get entirely free of the concept. I don’t believe in ‘me’, but can’t seem to get entirely free of the concept. ‘Me’ and ‘God’ as concepts, are both virtual images dancing in this timeless ‘mirror’ of being. I stare into this universal ‘mirror’ and see my mind reflecting back to me as the whole world. I see this as clearly as I see my own face reflecting back in the bathroom mirror. The reflections in both mirrors are NOT what they appear to be.

    Can there be doubt in non-conceptual being? Where is there room for doubt or belief in don’t-know mind? God (I am) simply is; immediate and direct to human BEINGS; conceptual and theoretical to human EXPLANATIONS.

    God plays hide-and-SEE with Himself: Hiding happens as ‘me’ and ‘other’ arise together in thought; SEEING happens as thinking dissolves back into simple, natural, silent being. Duality (time) arises out of non-duality (now). My mind keeps getting this backwards. It tries to get to Non-duality from duality, to arrive at Reality from illusion. This is how Being plays plays hide-and-SEE with Itself.

    I know THAT I am. I just can’t say WHAT I am. Saying WHAT, creates 2 (self and other) then 3 (multiplicity). The ‘way back’ is already back. Mission eternally accomplished. Nothing to achieve. Simpler than dirt.

    So let’s all turn away from our simple, common, untouchable, essential being and keep our egos alive by trying ever harder. How else can God hide in plain sight?

  162. Posted by Robin on 04.23.09 8:26 am

    “The postulation that there ever was a ‘me’ is a complete fiction…”

    So what is REALLY happening when a non-existent me APPEARS to claim some reference point? It’s just “an appearance and disappearance” that is registered in or on what I truly am. Just like when a car drives by my front window…gone in seconds (in the appearance.) So ALL there is is THIS, presence awareness. Right NOW, I can’t find a me anywhere. What I truly am does NOT “appear and disappear”. And, as Gilbert says, “what I truly am NEVER appears…”

  163. Posted by gilbert. on 04.23.09 8:53 am

    Ultimately it makes NO difference. Reality is undifferentiated.
    There is only ‘one seeing’ happening. There is only one reality.
    What did ‘you’ have to ‘do’ to bring this seeing into play? Has it ever not been there? Seeing is knowing. It isn’t limited to the eyes.
    The claim of a reference point as ‘property’, is like a fraudulent claim made by a ghost in a Gold mining town, a claim on a new gold mine that has no gold and no mine.
    It is all smoke and mirrors.
    The smoke and the mirrors appear in the seeing.
    Who is fooled by what?

  164. Posted by Robin on 04.24.09 1:14 am


    Thanks for bringing it back to…”who is fooled by what?” That is the ultimate question!

  165. Posted by Arianalock on 05.14.09 12:36 am

    I will leave a reply as soon as I try it Thank you

  166. Posted by Ronna on 05.23.10 9:09 am

    Self-definition or self-discovery what an excellent pointer! :)